GR Radio 84: Plants Vs Jay And Silent Bob - Do games have to have shooting to be highly profitable?

GR: "This week's music is from Plants Vs Zombies.

"Talking Points: Movie theater bully - Plants Vs Jay & Silent Bob - Paying for enthusiast emoticons - Mini-me gamer - Get hyped for Call of Duty - Do games have to have shooting to be highly profitable - Every Xbox One comes with a Mini Xbox One - Reader mail from Bras and reiandcoke"

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Hufandpuf1719d ago

There are plenty of other games to play.

SolidStoner1719d ago

yeah.. other games with other guns :D

Pancit_Canton1719d ago

or maybe just being a good game? See (Journey,Minecraft,Candy Crush, Temple Run, Angry Bird, Little Big planet, flower and much more)

shadowmist131719d ago

Actually it has to have a good mp,thats why cod and battlefield sell so well,3 of my friends spent over 100 hours in cod black ops 2 and havnt even touched singleplayer lol.