GamePro and videogaming247 plagiarising Gamasutra

Hm, faithful GameSetWatch readers, it's time to admit something rather naughty. GameSetWatch played a little practical joke on IDG's, because GameSetWatch noticed them 'borrowing' some data from them without crediting.

The following is a cautionary tale about plagiarism and factchecking. If you are a professional journalist, please avert your eyes. If you're at all tickled by 'things game journos do to amuse themselves', please continue reading, forthwith.

(Contributor's note: a quick check reveals that videogaming247 -- who are posting a lot of news on N4G -- also plagiarised Gamasutra. For evidence see the attached images and the first two alternative sources below.)

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TnS3903d ago

That's pretty lame, videogaming247 (and GamePro)...
Do you have anything to say, Mike Bowden? :)

decapitator3903d ago

I tried to warn you Mike, I really did...:(

Mike Bowden3903d ago

Wow! Didn't realise that. Just an oversight in our part really. We've always credited gama as you can see here, http://www.videogaming247.c...

Dunno what what the big fuss is about. Some people obviously don't have anything better to do.

gamesR4fun3903d ago

at least take it like a man...
besides their just having fun with it I mean they could've been a lot more brutal...

Clinton5143903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

but I won't do it. Some of you know who they are. Notorious for jacking news and images without crediting their sources properly if at all.

edit: At least the dudes from GamePro were classy enough to apologize.

Dark General3903d ago

I Love how they point out GamePro using their list for one of their "games this week" articles then having a commenter pointing out they did the exact same thing a year or so ago. How humorous.