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Why Fallout 4 Doesn't Need Online Interaction

Why is it that every time single player games succeed and sequels are made, people demand a co-op? Isn't the point of the single player genre to play by yourself? Go play Call of Duty if you can't live without someone else's mic making static noises through your TV.

The biggest argument in favor of co-op/online interaction is "if you don't like it , don't use it." Yeah, just have a developer add a few lines of code so you can fart around with your buddy and sell all his stuff when he's not around. (Fallout 4, PS4, Xbox One)

cl1983  +   756d ago
Lets also look at how much fun it would be to have a friend with you where one person gets a pack of deathclaws chasing you while they try to snipe them. Another fun concept would if one faction was angry at your friend and happy with your character how they would interact with you.
snipab8t  +   756d ago
Waiting for players to go through long sections of dialogue would be a nightmare!
cl1983  +   756d ago
Would it be any worse then wow.
Eldyraen  +   755d ago

Probably not as a lot MMO players simply skip reading and then complain when they have no clue what they're supposed to do ;)
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Gster  +   755d ago
I don't see any harm in having co-op in Fallout as being something optional. Like Borderlands, you could play the entire campaign on your tod and the next playthrough with friends. Or just hop in and out of co-op, whatever your mood fancies.

With next gens, games would be able to adapt to these situations with ease. This is evident with a lot of the next gen titles having social integration and seamless traversal between multiplayer and single player. So yeah, why not? Just keep it optional.
Bolts  +   755d ago
You guys are making it sounds like the addition of coop play is a push button affair. It isn't. The additional time developing and balancing online play will come at the expense of the single player experience.
Nicaragua  +   755d ago
Why does it take anything away from the single player ? That's total speculation.

You think they drag away the single player script writers to start writing multiplayer network code? Maybe they hire a dedicated group of people to work on the multiplayer completely financed by the projected sales of multiplayer DLC?

All this whining about multiplayer ruining single player is kinda pathetic.
Kryptix  +   755d ago
Maybe an online auction house for the "wastelanders," just in case there's certain items that are rare to find and you can put them in the auction house for other players to buy in their own world. That's the only online component I can find acceptable and fun to browse around in. This can help with Fallout's current crafting system and parts for schematics. Then Bethesda can add rare loot/weapon drops similar to other games to put more stuff into the auction house. It would add more variety. And of course, anyone can still play the whole game without it, no problem...just my idea.
gaffyh  +   755d ago
Why does it take anything away from single player? Because the developer has to spend 6 months on tacked on co-op or multiplayer that could have been used to polish singleplayer. Although as long as the single player campaign is good, I don't really care.
SchwoererBear  +   755d ago
Fallout games are my favorite, I hope they don't change the formula too much. give me better graphics, smoother gameplay, a larger world and more quests and I will be good to go. I can't imagine having someone play with you and they mess up everything for your character. The fallout series doesn't need online to succeed!
porkChop  +   755d ago
I don't want traditional multiplayer, but I'd absolutely want 2 player coop. That would be awesome.
MRMagoo123  +   755d ago
I want single player games that are meant to be single player left as single player, not everything needs multiplayer, most of my favourite gaming moments have been in single player games. Plus if these guys had to concentrate on single player and multiplayer imagine how buggy the games would be then lol.
MizTv  +   755d ago
I agree
They make real fun games but so many bugs
showtimefolks  +   755d ago
if they can think of something cool than i am all for it, but i wouldn't count on FO4 MP, the developers for Oblivion and Fallout don't do a lot of game with MP

just this time around please no bugs/glitches and we don't need current gen version, just do next gen only and do it right

be more like FO3 than new vegas
Rodent85  +   755d ago
fallout is a great game and i dont wanna play it with some random guy
FanboyCrusher  +   755d ago
Nobody said you had to. Just because Visceral sold out, and Bioware sold out, and tons of others who tacked on co-op modes, and multiplayer games doesn't mean that Bethesda would just throw it in and leave it. If anything they would be the ones to get it right.

Just because it has co-op doesn't mean it's forced. Do you feel forced to play co-op in Halo? No? Didn't think so. Bethesda are the ones to get it right, it's up in the air if they did do it, but they would be the ones to do it.

If and RPG like Diablo 2 can be phenomenal with co-op, so can others, especially Bethesda games.
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Nicaragua  +   755d ago
This is a very small minded article written from a blinkered viewpoint.

Actually calling it an article is a bit of a stretch, I've seen more words written to summarise a movie on the back of a DVD box.
clouds5  +   755d ago
Its kinda funny. As a PC gamer I already have my coop/MMO experiences behind me. Consoles are just late to the party because the 360/ps3 couldnt really handle it (and i still cant imagine playing one without keyboard).
It gets old after a while. There was about a 2 year period where i only played MMOs and Co-op games and then it stopped. It consumes way too much time and I missed stories in games. You can't do stories the same way in mmo games. That's a huge problem imho.

The only game who got it absolutely right with online and coop was Diablo II in my opinion (not Diablo3!).
Mr-SellJack  +   755d ago
GTFO for those people that still want to live in the past-
This is the future people,every game should have online even rpgs!
A 4 player coop would be beast,they should make it like the division,borderlands and dark souls
Mr_Pinky  +   755d ago
How is that living in the past, multiplayer obsessed people such as yourself are the cancer of single player games these days. Your the ones who end up ruining single player games.

So YOU...GTFO and go back to Borderlands or Two Worlds
KonsoruMasuta  +   755d ago
No, not every games should have online. An online mode wouldn't even fit into most single player RPGs.
MiasmaDodo  +   755d ago
Agree with this title.

Fall Out 4 should be a solo affair. I do not want random people popping up in my "world".
gigoran  +   755d ago
Or, or how about make it an option. You know? An option. Which means that it is there, you don't HAVE to use it, but for the people that want to they can. Wouldn't that be great? An option that is good for both the people that want to play alone and those that want some kind of online interaction. Amazing! both people win, instead of just YOU. But YOU wouldn't be that shallow and selfish to just demand it to cater to you, right? Right?
Mr_Pinky  +   755d ago
But that "option" would take away greater experiences single players could of have because Bethesda would be too busy working out all the kinks and stuff for co-op while the single player suffers in quality. We all know Bethesda can't do a single player game without a ton of bugs imagine if co-op was added, you would have more single player bugs and co-op ones, then after launch they would be too busy working out the bugs for the co-op ones instead of the single player ones.

So no both people wouldn't win...only co-op lovers would win, you know people who would go on it for a little while then jump onto a new game like Battlefield or COD...or maybe a game like Borderlands which is a game that has been built up around co-op

If you can't appreciate the single player experience of Fallout or even Elder scrolls then you must not like them for what they are...
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gigoran  +   754d ago
And all of this is fact because....? Oh it isn't fact? Just your opinion? As negative as you opinion may be, you are still entitled to it. But your personal opinion isn't a reason for them to remove the option of online functionality. Their games have bugs? NEWS FLASH! A very high percentage of games have bugs that need to be attended to after launch! OMG! I guess they should all just quit trying to add new and fun options for us gamers. Internet? Pfffft.... overrated, right?
Mr_Pinky  +   754d ago

Take a look around man, you can see that more people don't want co-op rather then people like you who do. So it's not really just my "opinion" now is it.

and lol, how is that negative because I (and many others) don't want to ruin a single player games with crappy co-op which people won't even go on that much. Yeah ok then...sure

The point is their games will have MORE bugs and nobody wants that so don't try and spin it like that

Look if you don't like the franchise for what it is then stop playing it. Simples. I'm sick of people like you trying to change a game into something you'll like instead of looking for another game which will give you the experience you so desire.
fractured74  +   755d ago
I am all for co op areas,like say 100 areas for single player and like 30-40 for mp,single player played of disk and servers for mp and co op.We all no that fallout 4 has the potential to be the best game of all time,i can not wait for it,i might even give 3 a run through again while i wait.
FanboyCrusher  +   755d ago
I'm all for co-op, people agianst it have no argument. Adding something as simple as split screen (a whole new person you have to take care of in hardcore mode! That's adding depth.) would be a great addition. People are making this out like a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. It's entirely different. It's just split screen, and making sure you could do it over the internet is just that. And you know what? It's optional! And because it's one of the easier things to program it wouldn't mess up the core game. Better yet, when has Bethesda sacrificed single player? Ever? They don't, they would be the prime candidates to show other developers how to add co-op into a single player experience. I am all for Fallout 4 with co-op, it would add a whole new level of complexity in hard mode.

Split screen/campaign co-op is not equal to a tacked on multiplayer, and that seems to be what you guys are confusing it with. Don't let being blind due to the fact developers that sold out couldn't do it properly, leave it to Bethesda to incorporate it into an RPG the proper way.
FanboyCrusher  +   754d ago
Are the butt hurt stealth trolls going to tell me why I'm wrong? Or are you just going to keep on throwing the disagrees on because you're mad? Bethesda could pull it off, easily. It's the only company I'd want to even attempt it.
Mr_Pinky  +   754d ago
No one is butt hurt, people are disagreeing because your wrong. Bethesda could NOT pull it off especially when they can't even do a single player game without it's faults and bugs, hell even to get another platform version to work properly and this game just doesn't need it.

As I've said above just because it's "optional" doesn't mean it's ok to do it. People like you have no idea about programming or what goes on in development. You can't just add co-op with the snap of your fingers.

Stop trying to ruin single player games for us, go and play on a game built up around co-op. You don't see anyone go "Oh Borderlands should have a bigger focus on single player because Gearbox can do it" or "Valve should make a better single player story in L4D".
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gobluesamg  +   754d ago
Who the hell are you. I see you post on here and you are so damn immature and self involved. Maybe people just don't agree with you. I don't want to play Fallout with anybody else. I want to play at my own pace and open every drawer. Crush yourself!
MiasmaDodo  +   754d ago
1. Your wrong as hell...
2. People do not comment because you troll all day.
3. Butt hurt? its a video game discussion, nothing that important to get mad over lol.
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Pintheshadows  +   755d ago
But I like feeling lonely in Fallout. In New Vegas I never bothered with companions. The sense of isolation is important to me. And I sneak everywhere. The last thing I want is some idiot ruining that by charging in guns ablaze.
Nekroo91  +   755d ago
as long as bethesda doesent create a fallout MMO im okay . fallout should be played alone co op is pointless in a game like this
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Tru_Blu  +   754d ago
No online for Fallout!! For gods sake it's one of the handful of good single player games left. No need to ruin it with multiplayer. If it has to be done do it like ES and have FO:online as a stand alone game.
CourierSix  +   747d ago
Online for Fallout? Hell no! You're a survivor in the Wasteland! Alone! I mean, what if FO3 had coop? Couldn't exactly be called the Lone Wanderer then could we? And why ruin a great single player experience with coop?

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