Xbox One vs PS4

Andrew Williams: "The Xbox One and PS4 are almost here. Before the year is out, both consoles will be out. And what shoes they have to fill. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have both sold over 75 million units, and have been around for the best part of a decade. The Xbox One and PS4 will define the future of home console gaming. But which one should you pre-order? We've compared the two consoles to help you make the right decision."

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FrigidDARKNESS1745d ago

The x1 has so many features over its competition that it has more to offer.

zeal0us1745d ago

Boy do I get the feeling you will get hit massive amount of disagrees if this ever reaches over 100 degrees.
It depends on who you ask. Some people might say the Xbox One is better while some people might say the PS4 is better.

ShugaCane1745d ago

Then it's all about the arguments you're going to choose. Does the X1 has more to offer because it has more features ? That's very debatable. The PS4 is a more powerful console (fact), many devs have praised it (fact), Sony supports Indie gaming (fact), the games (revealed and to be revealed) are more appealing (opinion), the PS+ is a much better service (factual opinion). I think both are great systems, but I've made my choice for those reasons.

p0tat0stix1745d ago

Why do I get the feeling this was written by a PS fan? Oh yeah, because the entire article was 1-sided.

Please rename this article to "PS4, and some Xbox One tidbits"

mattdillahunty1745d ago

i think the title was one big typo, and it meant to say 'flamebat for the n4g crowd to feast on'.

NatureOfLogic1745d ago

Look at the Xbox fanboys running to non gaming features as the reason Xbox One is better. I can watch my tv through Xbox, so what, and all of these "features" that most Xbox fanboys are touting are behind a paywall. Meaning you have a internet connection and buy xbl gold before Xbox One is even relevant compared to PS4. When it comes to games, hardware and value, PS4 smash Xbox One. MS tried to screw you and then changed their entire vision for Xbox because of Sony. Xbox One is a big joke to me. They're still revealing key things about Xbox One months before release due to the massive 180 had to pull.

Divine1745d ago

@zeal0us agreed . i personally think the ps4 is superior . but not saying the xb1 is garbage because its a next gen console

Sayai jin1745d ago

At the end of the day, get what consoles you want for what ever reason you want...or get both consoles. It's your money.

tokugawa1745d ago

just what n4g needed... another vs blog

BitbyDeath1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

PS4 has more features, not sure how you think One does.

Gaming1011745d ago

It certainly does depend on who you ask. If they're a sheep who blindly follows whatever Microsoft does out of sheer fanboy mentality, they're buying the X-bone.

If they're anyone else, they're buying a PS4.

YNWA961745d ago

@ gaming101. I choose both. Your comment in very insulting, but your probably a pro-activ kid right now who cannot stop masturbating. So I give you a pass this time. X1 has features that will please a lot of people, and will also play amazing next gen games. PS4 will play amazing next gen games, that will also have plenty of great features too. I also guess you will miss out on great games. As for sheep, to be honest, Sony fanboy sheep here easily out number everyone else....

Outside_ofthe_Box1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

lmao @ 'factual opinion' xD

Oxymorons can be funny at times.

yalltrippin1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

they're both the same fucking system with different exclusives. can u dumb fucks not see that. the one is better/no the ps4 is better , neither has been released but sides have been taken like religion. i have good news, there is a god but he is not made of circuits n plastic!

Gameratheart1744d ago

@gman.... Your post was hilarious, and so very true.... Bubble up! But, even tho Sony fanboys outnumber Xbox fanboys on this site, 99% of all who come here are huge fanboys.....

CRAIG6671744d ago

@ShugaCane WRONG! It's a a matter of personal preference pure and simple

Gekko361744d ago

@yalltrippin Totally agree with what you said, all except the references to there being a god. Best leave references to the book of spells (bible) off here. Too many atheists

ProjectVulcan1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Games matter the most. Its that simple.

PS2 became the biggest selling console of all time because it had more of the best games. Having DVD playback contributed a little, but Xbox had that. Price helped a little, but PS2 was not always the cheapest console either, Dreamcast and Gamecube were cheaper, Xbox cost the same after 6 months or so.

No, it wasn't the media features or gimmicks or the price, it was simply the games. PS2 sold way faster than PS3 and 360.

If one machine has more of the best games and multis, it'll be the one to get first.

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noctis_lumia1745d ago

in the long term games is what matters
and for that i know AAA first party studios of sony will own for another generation

ppl know which console is the most powerful and will offer the best games in the end....ps4


H0RSE1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

But even still, this is largely opinion, seeing that X1 will also have exclusive titles. Furthermore, many players care little for exclusives, with their decision for purchasing a console being for other reasons.

Choosing a console for games and choosing a console for exclusive games, are not the same thing. For many people, removing the exclusives from both consoles, would have little to no effect on their gaming activity, so in this regard, the question of which console offers the "best" games, isn't even a deciding factor.

Cable2kx1745d ago


If that was the case wouldn't be a console war. Everything you said is the exact opposite.

H0RSE1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


I'm not really seeing what you're saying. The exact opposite would imply that many choose which console to buy based on the exclusives they offer, and if that is what you are saying, I'm not denying that. Yes, people do this, but it isn't a case of "one or the other," since both scenarios exist.

As for the basis of having a "console war," there are a multitude of reasons, one of them being really no reason at all. Just the act of choosing one thing over the other, regardless of any real justification or not, is enough to make a person defend their decision. Why do people have wars in general? Well, without getting into the political and financial implications, it basically comes down to disagreements and difference in opinion/beliefs.

People will defend anything - blue is better than red, chocolate is better than vanilla, etc. it really doesn't matter how important or trivial the subject is or the reasons for defending it, people will do so out of pride, ego, and even ignorance.

They don't want to feel as though their choice is the "wrong" or "inferior" one, and become emotionally involved in heir decision/opinion, sometimes to the point where they are more concerned with how others view their opinions and choice(s), than how they view their own.

AllroundGamer1745d ago

FrigidDARKNESS mean like watching tv and being a water cooler? also the power brick is a nice feature...

UnHoly_One1745d ago

Are we still hung up on the effing power brick???

Serious question:


Why in the world does that power brick matter to anyone at all? I just don't understand the logic of making that a negative against the system.

It's something you'll plug into an outlet and never touch again, what difference does it make?

I don't understand you people, I really just don't. If it was the size of a suitcase I might see a problem, but Jesus Christ it's a little 6 inch long box that you can hide behind the console and never see again.

The stupidity on this website makes me insane.

EverydayGuy1745d ago

The power brick is a nice feature , since I game on my monitor, the power brick keep my feet warm and toasty during those cold winter nights.

kickerz1745d ago

@ everyday guy. Lol that comment was awesome. My gf kept me warm last night. She's like one big power brick(don't tell her I said that) lol
Serious now, people who think power bricks are a concern make no sense. They sit behind the TV cabinet with heaps of other cables. Don't even notice it.

Cyanide851745d ago

@UnHoly_One he's right you could hide the power brick behind the console, hell you could hide your entire TV behind that thing :-)

YNWA961745d ago

I like your girlfriend kickerz.... I will not say nothing either. The power brick complaining is for the anal fools. Considering they will probably never get X1, they complain about it..... God these fools are worse than old italian mother in laws......

kickerz1745d ago

haha thanks gman. i guess not many people are finding my jokes funny today.

ShwankyShpanky1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Since you apparently are incapable of comprehending why anyone would consider the brick as a negative...

My issues with the power bricks:

1) I game in three rooms at home: living room, bedroom, office/studio with projector. Oh, and my conversion van (not much room for extra bricks in those van compartments either). Since the PS3 uses a standard non-proprietary power cord, I can leave power cords plugged in in each room, and I don't have to dig behind furniture to unplug from the wall when I want to move my console. (bonus: PS4 uses the same power cord as the PS3 slims)

2) I take my console with me on business trips. Would rather not have to pack along another brick (neither PSU nor Kinect) as well.

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DinoNYC1745d ago

Checking my espn stats on screen as opposed to my iphone is not selling me on spending an extra $100.

kickerz1745d ago

What about superior online gaming?

Cyanide851745d ago

@kickerz I'm not so sure XBL is gonna be such a superior online experience next gen.

Granted it was better (by better I mean more reliable in terms of stable online connection) on the 360 than the PS3 but the PS plus has given more value in terms of free games than XBL gold has, for me at least.

kickerz1745d ago

I agree Cyanide85 ps plus does offer alot of free games.To be fair we wont know which console has the superior online till they both have been out a year or so.. so I will admit im wrong. But mircosoft has spent billions on their network so im just putting 2 and 2 together.

Death1744d ago

PS+ needed to give away games to gain subscriptions. How many here would subsctibe if it weren't for those free downloads? With a requirement that 100% of gamers that wish to play online pay for plus, what is the incentive now to gain subscriptions? What games will we get for the PS4 with plus? People are assuming way too much next gen. The only thing we know for sure is Sony placed online gaming behind a paywall. We have no idea what plus will be on the PS4. Giving away games early in the lifecycle is suicide for a company that needs these software sales to offset hardware losses with a small user base.

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DigitalRaptor1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

And when 95% of those features (free on every other platform) that the PS4 also has (Sony has all this media/non-gaming functionality too you realise?), are locked behind a yearly pay-gate, how is the XB1 relevant to any self-respecting gamer?

Then you get the disingenuousness of this company:

Why are Microsoft forcing you to have the Kinect camera connected and always-listening for the console to even function? This is a console that can be turned on without the Kinect and can be navigated without the Kinect. So why does it HAVE to be plugged in? Hmm I wonder why?

Why can they not ship the Xbox One console without the DRM attached, that requires a day-one Internet enabled patch? They can upgrade the GPU before launch, and they can work on the OS before launch. But they can't take out the DRM before launch? Hmmm. I wonder why?

Why can't they just be upfront about these things? Is there something they don't want us to know that we are actually required to figure out for ourselves?

However things go, if you choose to support this company yet again, you're going to learn the hard way, I can tell you that.

p0tat0stix1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


Exactly what is it that we're going to learn "the hard way"?

Really though, who's buying a next gen console with the sole intent of playing offline or split screen multiplayer?

And oh my, the camera. People might be watching me stare at my tv. Lol.

Stop kicking this poor dead horse already.

GraveLord1745d ago

I think people are buying Xbox One purely on how much they enjoyed the 360. That's a mistake. Also if you haven't noticed Microsoft has taken this Kinect thing way too far.

p0tat0stix1745d ago


Some surely, but not all. I myself was seriously considering going with PS4 until MS reversed their always-on policy. That put the two consoles back on a level playing field.

But sure, if the original Xbox followed by the 360 were so great, why wouldn't I assume the new one would be any different?

As for the Kinect, MS is allowing developers the finally experiment with a technology by guaranteeing it's use. If they had backtracked and mimicked the PS4, the tech would have most certainly been put on the backburner until the next generation. They are making a huge investment in the future of gaming, and if it's successful, PS will have had nothing to do with it.

kickerz1745d ago

Well said potato stick. All Microsoft has ever done for me is offer me great gaming experiences. Fun online gaming too. Xbox one day one for me. But I have respect for Sony gamers too. PS4 looks like an amazing powerful console and i know you guys will have a hell of alot of fun. If I had time to commit to both I would.

Benchm4rk1745d ago

I am too puzzled as to why it can't be shipped without it. Surely they could include it on a disc that way people with no access to the net can install it. Me and my bro are both getting one at launch but he will have to bring it past my house when he picks it up to use my internet to download the patch. Not a huge fuss but still seems unnecessary

Consoldtobots1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I remember warning people on here around the start of this current gen that they would be sorry for giving MS a foothold in this industry much less put them in a dominant position. The ironic thing is these fools showed the consumer their true colors before they ever reached that point of market dominance. People reacted like MS was the kid at school who just dropped a load in his shorts in the lunchroom and scattered in every direction. I will say it again, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS COMPANY WITH ITS CLAWS IN A FUN PAST-TIME LIKE GAMING because they will do everything they can to ruin it and completely obliterate gaming as we know it. I still remember the days when the thought of paying for multiplayer would be considered absurd and a rip-off yet look at where we are now. Paying for functionality that was considered a NORMAL part of the purchase price of a game is now an added expense. What will it be tomorrow?

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jessupj1745d ago

Can to enlighten me of these feature you're referring to?

I don't really care about TV. I prefer the much more powerful console that will be supported with quality exclusives the whole generation.

I could list many many more reasons, but a lot of people of this sight have proven they don't care about games and keep defending a company that will pursue money at the expense of customers so I'm not going to bother.

H0RSE1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

First off, the "naysayers" are approaching the TV integration form the wrong perspective. Xbox fans aren't boasting about the TV feature yet PS fans always bring it like they are. For many, it isn't so much about wanting to watch TV on your console vs not, it is more about it being a nice feature - of a convenience rather than a deciding factor or marketing point, and regardless if you are interested in the feature or not, I think we can agree on the convenient factor.

And even in the case where people are looking forward to it in the way anti-MS fans seem to imply, so what? Are they not "true" gamers for seeing it this way? Are they not "hardcore" enough for you? The fact that *you* don't realy care about TV, doesn't mean jack to people that may.

Second, just drop the "more powerful console" line. Unless system specs and hardware performance was your deciding factor, then don't even bother. Using this line implies that if xbox was sporting the more powerful hardware, (on paper only mind you) than many of you would have chosen that console, but that isn't the case, since if xbox was powered by a supercomputer powered by cold fusion, many of you would still choose PS4.

If system specs or the "more powerful console" reason/excuse held as much merit as some of you imply, you would all be choosing PC over both consoles. The line is just used to taunt and gloat.

Finally, the "quality" exclusives's entirely opinion, but yeah, nice touch to fan the flames...

fermcr1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

This should be a opinion piece.

BABY-JEDI1745d ago

Like Paywall this. Paywall that. Paywall what ever you will give me.

MysticStrummer1745d ago

"The x1 has so many features over its competition that it has more to offer."

Doesn't that depend on what kind of features a person wants?

I haven't watched traditional TV in years and don't plan on going back to it, so a huge chunk of One's features are useless to me. As a guy who uses his big screen for games and movies, and has no interest in having a cam on his console, PS4 is clearly the way to go for me. The decision is easy even without taking into account that I prefer Sony's exclusives over MS's.

FrigidDARKNESS1745d ago

The hdmi input is not just for cable/sat boxes it can be used wiyh any other devices that has an hdmi out such as desktop pc, laptop or videogane systems.

MysticStrummer1745d ago

"The hdmi input is not just for cable/sat boxes it can be used wiyh any other devices that has an hdmi out such as desktop pc, laptop or videogane systems."

That's fine, but that wasn't really what I was talking about and I don't have anything I want to hook up to my console anyway. My desktop has a huge screen and I mainly use it for running Pro Tools and related software so running that though my TV would be useless.

If I want to do some basic web surfing I'll use the PS4's web browser, which is usable without paying anything extra unlike One's... at least that's what I read not long ago, but I've been offline and visiting family for about a week so maybe things have changed.

As for hooking another console to my PS4, I don't care about that either. My PS3 will go in my bedroom and probably not get used much. I don't generally look back and play games from a previous generation once a new gen starts.

SpideySpeakz1745d ago

According to this -->

Those same features will be behind a paywall. Why pay a $100 more for inferior specs, same features? I don't know, you tell me, Frigid.

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Silly gameAr1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

We don't even know what other features the PS4 has, so don't you think that your comment is pretty much your opinion right now? Might want to wait until everything is known about both consoles before you state an opinion as a fact.

Same goes for the games. People seem to think that the X1 has a crazy amount of must have games, but honestly, I don't see many that I must have to sway me in MS's corner that won't be on another console eventually.

d3nworth11745d ago

how many of those features are hidden behind a pay wall?

Xyle1744d ago

Yeah it sucks but n4g might as well be called n4g: playstation fanboy haven.

isarai1744d ago

Don't see how you came to that conclusion really, i'd say they're about but they each have a few features of their own the other doesn't

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KillrateOmega1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

'Xbox One vs PS4' article #16,780,392

pyramidshead1745d ago

lol indeed. A bit tiresome after the 9000th one.

the_hitman30001745d ago

It's over 9000!!

I'm lame I know

Majin-vegeta1745d ago

@Hitman you took my line no fair :(.

from the beach1745d ago

Imagine what it'll be like when the consoles are actually out!

dedicatedtogamers1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I think we're going to have a very lopsided generation this time around, which is actually the norm.

There are only two times in the 35+ year history of console gaming that a generation has NOT been lopsided. The first time was SNES vs Genesis (SNES won, but not by a huge margin). The second time was last gen when no one console dominated by a huge margin.

But other than those two instances, there is a console that dominates by a very large amount, and I think we'll see that again this time around, too.

ArthurJKlarke1745d ago

Hey how do you have so many bubbles?

No_Limit1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

"Hey how do you have so many bubbles? "


tokugawa1745d ago

just read some of the nonsense this guy writes for the sony fanboys, to understasnd his bubble count.

some pure gems have come from this guy.

like, xbo using blu-ray, means that sony will see more cross-gen titles... lol pure nonsense, but the sort of nonsense that sony fanboys will give a "well said" to

No_Limit1745d ago

The only thing lopsided is the amount of fanboys on Forum these days.

Mark my word, both consoles will be successful and will be close enough that it won't matter. I am sure PS4 will sell more worldwide but the day of PS2 domination are over.

thrust1745d ago

Agree, but n4g believe the net is the majority but in fact it the other way around.

sync901745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I think the ps4 will dominate in europe like the ps2 did.