Creative Assembly's Aliens Game Not Cancelled

Dealspwn writes: In 2011, Sega and Creative Assembly announced they were working on an Aliens title and bar one blurry monitor screenshot from a team photo at the CA studio, we've seen nothing of it since.

However, in an MCV [print edition] interview, Sega's European boss Jurgen Post said, "Aliens is still one of our pillars. In May 2011 we announced that Creative Assembly is doing something with that brand - we've said nothing else so you have to read between the lines there."

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zeal0us1530d ago

Well I hope Creative Assembly paid attention to what happen to Gearbox and A:CM.

jimbobwahey1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The Alien franchise has been utterly butchered. After the horrific mess that was Prometheus and the abomination that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I've since given up on anything good coming from it ever again.

If you want to play a good 'Aliens' game, go play the original Dead Space. Just make sure you don't touch any of the sequels.

SpideySpeakz1530d ago

Prometheus was utter garbage. I don't consider it apart of the Alien universe since the movie wasn't about the Xenomorphs at all. Ridley Scott wanted to make a Space Jesus movie, and he used the Alien franchise as a hype booster.
AvP was even worst. Now we have Aliens: Colonial Marines, another failure in the franchise.

Aliens just needs to die already. It needs to rest.

N2NOther1530d ago

Aliens doesn't need to die. It needs to be handled by someone who actually cares about it and wants to make something quality.

SnotyTheRocket1530d ago

Don't know what movie you watched, but Prometheus was awesome. Don't whine because it's not the same as Alien or Aliens.

ifritAlkhemyst1530d ago

You have no idea just how much Dead Space owes to the Alien franchise unless you read all the Dark Horse comics and even dabbled in the novels.

Unitology is lifted almost straight from those. There exists a cult-like church that worships the xenomorph and who believe that implantation by a facehugger = ascension.

The main character even has a psychic connection with an Alien queen, which acts much the same way a typical Marker does in the DS games.

CrossingEden1530d ago

Prometheus was a great movie with top notch acting and a good sense of mystery, you are an elitist

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zerocrossing1530d ago

The potential for a decent Alien's game is there, Creative Assembly just needs pay respect to the source material.

Anthotis1530d ago

Colonial Marines: A Realm Reborn

poppatron1530d ago

This will be more of a strategy game, its the creative assembly, look at their portfolio of games. why any one ever thought this was cancelled confuses me. they're still taking on QA testers for it as we speak.

mydyingparadiselost1530d ago

PLEASE be good, I fail to understand how no one can make a decent Aliens ANYTHING anymore, this game will be the last chance I give Aliens for another decade or so.
Kinda off topic but how about a Predator game that doesn't increase the national suicide rate as well, I may be asking for too much but just one great game is all I'm looking for. At least throw one in a Batman game or something...

ifritAlkhemyst1530d ago

Nobody makes a decent Aliens game because nobody seems to want to explore it outside of the Colonial Marines.

BABY-JEDI1530d ago

Alien colonial marines should have been a brilliant game. With the original/proposed character classes & required skill bases for survival. Sadly to say Gearbox did not do their job & they took on a strategy of clearly lying to the consumer base. End result. Big pile of pants!

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