Avid Gamer: SEGA Superstars Tennis Review

Avid Gamer writes:

"SEGA It's a sound effect that brings us nostalgic warmth. When the mega-drive was at its prime, every game began with the pinnacle SEGA chime and a logo which was unique to the specific game. Sadly those days have long passed and they're unlikely ever to return. Moving swiftly on and we arrive at Sega Superstars Tennis, the latest title from SEGA which provides a nudge back to its roots. It's a tennis game, completely focussed on arcade representation rather than the realism of Top Spin and features most of SEGA's back catalogue's characters. Set firmly in an aesthetic form, we've got brightly coloured arenas, over the top special shots and cartoon graphics. Does SEGA Superstars Tennis serve an ace or does it end up double faulting?"

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