Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots: What’s Happening to Our Patriots?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots was announced way back in 2011, but it still hasn’t been released. Ubisoft hadn’t let the public know much about the game’s development until E3 2013, where they announced that Rainbow 6: Patriots will be released on next generation platforms as well as the current gen consoles it was confirmed for in 2011.

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Majin-vegeta1750d ago

Why do i have a gut feeling this game is now what we know as "The Division".??

HolyDuck1750d ago

There was talk about Rainbow Six: Patriots @ E3 this year, so I don't think they've turned it into "The Division"

Murad1750d ago

Nah, there's actually game footage for this title and a great deal of talk. Also, the Division looks very different than this game, so much so that it's almost inherently impossible to state that it could transcend from the same thing.

QuantumWake1750d ago

Ubisoft definitely need to shed more light on Patriots. My friend and I were reminiscing just the other day about all the fun we had playing Rainbow Six 3 for the original Xbox. We both picked up Vegas 2, completed the campaign, and are now moving on to play some terrorist hunt.

The Rainbow Six franchise is still imo one of the best tactical shooters ever. And with the reports of Patriots now becoming a next-gen title, I can't wait to see where Ubisoft takes the franchise. Show us something! D:

tokugawa1750d ago

r6 black arrow on the xbox was incredible. total conquest was a superb mode.

i would love to see r6 return to its former glory. the problem is that it is a bit too slow and tactical for the majority now..

still day one for me. i just hope that they throw in dedicated server support

mark134uk1750d ago

amen,black arrow was the best fps ever hands down - xlink kai

GusHasGas1750d ago

C'mon Ubisoft, finish up the game.
It shouldn't take you that long.
After all, you're Ubisoft, not Square Enix...

AceBlazer131750d ago

Why the random square insult though?

GusHasGas1750d ago

Because they take forever with their games.
Hitman Absolution took forever and it was meh
It took them a while to even announce a new FF VS game.
They announced that KH3 won't be coming in 2014.

Face it, they take forever with their games.

sephiroth4201750d ago

wow i totally forgot about this, i really miss the rainbow 6 series, i hope they make a comeback soon and this isnt a canceled project, i kinda agree with you Majin Vegeta, it very well could have been turned into the division, and it does look great xD

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1750d ago

Its called H-Hour:Worlds Elite

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The story is too old to be commented.