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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots: What’s Happening to Our Patriots?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots was announced way back in 2011, but it still hasn’t been released. Ubisoft hadn’t let the public know much about the game’s development until E3 2013, where they announced that Rainbow 6: Patriots will be released on next generation platforms as well as the current gen consoles it was confirmed for in 2011. (PC, PS3, PS4, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   694d ago
Why do i have a gut feeling this game is now what we know as "The Division".??
HolyDuck  +   693d ago
There was talk about Rainbow Six: Patriots @ E3 this year, so I don't think they've turned it into "The Division"
Murad  +   693d ago
Nah, there's actually game footage for this title and a great deal of talk. Also, the Division looks very different than this game, so much so that it's almost inherently impossible to state that it could transcend from the same thing.
QuantumWake  +   693d ago
Ubisoft definitely need to shed more light on Patriots. My friend and I were reminiscing just the other day about all the fun we had playing Rainbow Six 3 for the original Xbox. We both picked up Vegas 2, completed the campaign, and are now moving on to play some terrorist hunt.

The Rainbow Six franchise is still imo one of the best tactical shooters ever. And with the reports of Patriots now becoming a next-gen title, I can't wait to see where Ubisoft takes the franchise. Show us something! D:
tokugawa  +   693d ago
r6 black arrow on the xbox was incredible. total conquest was a superb mode.

i would love to see r6 return to its former glory. the problem is that it is a bit too slow and tactical for the majority now..

still day one for me. i just hope that they throw in dedicated server support
mark134uk  +   693d ago
amen,black arrow was the best fps ever hands down - xlink kai
GusHasGas  +   693d ago
C'mon Ubisoft, finish up the game.
It shouldn't take you that long.
After all, you're Ubisoft, not Square Enix...
AceBlazer13  +   693d ago
Why the random square insult though?
GusHasGas  +   693d ago
Because they take forever with their games.
Hitman Absolution took forever and it was meh
It took them a while to even announce a new FF VS game.
They announced that KH3 won't be coming in 2014.

Face it, they take forever with their games.
sephiroth420  +   693d ago
wow i totally forgot about this, i really miss the rainbow 6 series, i hope they make a comeback soon and this isnt a canceled project, i kinda agree with you Majin Vegeta, it very well could have been turned into the division, and it does look great xD
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   693d ago
Its called H-Hour:Worlds Elite
ChipChipperson  +   693d ago
LA LI LU LE, oh, those Patriots. Either way, I can't believe how long it's been since we saw the teaser for this game. How about they put this much effort into this game like they do with the Assassin's Creed series.
BiggCMan  +   693d ago
They got killed by Solid Snake and Otacon. Silly people forget these things to quickly!
Salooh  +   693d ago
Come on !! Show it to us ! The division is crap compared to rainbow !! lol , just expressing how i feel , Division have it's own unique feeling and i'm looking forward to it too :P ..
tigertron  +   693d ago
They were probably in mid development then decided to make this for the PS4 and Xbox One instead of the PS3 and 360.
HugoDrax  +   693d ago
My favorite series from Clancy, I'm certain this will release for the XB1 & PS4 now. I still need to finish the last mission in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, any volunteers to help lol? Playing on realistic difficulty is tough by yourself, one shot, dead, mission restart.
DeFFeR  +   693d ago
"I'm certain this will release for the XB1 & PS4 now"

Really? Because it doesn't say exactly that in the blurb up top now, does it?
HugoDrax  +   693d ago
Regardless of what it stated in the blurb, I didn't have to read the article to come to the conclusion it would release for next gen. It was announced back at E3 2011 for crying out loud, common sense would tell you it would be a next gen release.
desertpunk86  +   693d ago
the reason why the game disappeared from the radar was because it got hit with controversy you see the theme of the game is american guerilla(terrorist)vs american government if you watched the trailer and read the huge preview of the game in gameinformer it gives you a look into what the game was supposed to be but because of controversy the theme has changed and some dev top team members were removed from the project.

patriots-stayed-under-the-rad ar


gameheadz next time do a better job getting your info.
jdiggitty  +   693d ago
If they would have taken the 5 seconds to google the game they would have seen it got caught between console cycles and moved to next gen.
KillrateOmega  +   693d ago
The Rainbow Six franchise has always been one of my favorite tactical shooters. Can't wait to see it come to next-gen :)
Mkai28  +   693d ago
Most common since tactical shooter ever.. You get shot in this game you die. Bullets fly over head, you take cover. (You don't run out in the open an take hits hoping to get a kill) Don't like your multiplayer character, customized from head to toe, even put your ugly mug on the character.. Best tactical shooter series to date..

If only Battle Field, and COD would take this approach..
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thehitman  +   693d ago
I always wondered what happen to this franchise. Thought ubisoft put it on the back burner to churn out AC. They made like 1 Rainbow Six then that was it this gen.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   693d ago
In the meantime they could re-release rainbow six or black arrow on the marketplace. Add a fresh coat of paint, maybe some new modes and charge twenty bucks. It would sell like hotcakes.
MonChiChi  +   693d ago
I can possibly see them renaming the name if it takes too long. Love me some rainbow six though, loved Co-op on Vegas 2.
obelix77  +   693d ago
You know what I like about the Rainbow 6 games? Their for adults. Its a shooter that makes you think. This is definitely one of the best franchises around. Can't wait for this.
sovietsoldier  +   693d ago
raven shield =classic! raven shield was nothing more then a anti terrorist swat shooter that had all the basics need to be a classic. no fancy gadgets or guns just good tactics/planning and a solid aim and you win the game just that simple.

sadly now its all about 007 style gadgets/guns and themes.
bmuny101  +   692d ago
I think Ubisoft , had to take a step backa see what they could do differently. Right now the FPS genre is controlled by COD and with so many people playing COD a lot of companies have tried to follow that same mold. Ghost Recon got burried among other shooters even though it was one of the best. Ubi doesnt want that to happen again and I can understand that. If they can set the bar on how fps will be played during the next gen then that could be huge for them. They say its coming so we will see what comes of it within the next year or so.

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