Shadowruns & Lots of Guns Game Out Loud Podcast

This week Rob, Colin, and Jordan discuss Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns, as well as Saints Row: The Third, Postal 2. Plus, Colin gets sucked back into Skyrim.
After that, they stretch their memories and discuss the weapons that have made an impact on them over the years.


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ryandebraal1779d ago

I was really hoping this was going to be a lot better. I Kickstarter this game and got a cheap XCOM game

Bolts1779d ago

The strength of this game is in its editor.

caseh1779d ago

I wouldn't give up on it just yet, the community are barely getting to grips with the editor. You can expect to see a ton of mods for that game.

Jagged Alliance had people creating mods over 10 years down the line simply because the devs gave them the tools to do it.

Rhezin1779d ago

Shadowrun was THE most fun game back in the day. I think I had it for 360 and there was cross platform play? Can't remember, but damn was it addicting. Loved the teleportation..