Latest gamer hater: Wired Magazine!?

Gamertell is taking offense for all Gamers in reaction to a page in Wired Magazine's April 2008 issue.

A one-page article and photo page, titled "The Geekster Handbook: A field guide to the identification of unique species in the nerd underground" by contributing writer Try Brownfield, depicts six types of "Geeks" wearing stereotypical clothes. Each Geek is also outlined with a brief description that, Gamertell argues, perpetuates negative stereotypes.

The Gamertell article points out that the Wired page is likely to offend Gamers who are likely readers of the publication and even offers a retaliatory description of the stereotypical Wired writer.

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Fishy Fingers3903d ago

LOL... the real geeks are the one's that take offense, it's just a bit of fun, you think the guy who wrote this isn't a geek, wired magazine.

mariusmal3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

what about mine ? you forgot the normal guy, that likes rockabilly music, maried, with kids and that plays any kind of game that is good.

ps - my friend pointed that it already exists.. the irony filled gaming existencialist

ps 2 - he is even more ironic than me

creeping judas3903d ago

you lost me at rockabilly!!!!

mariusmal3902d ago

it's not my fault you don't the genre

SL1M DADDY3903d ago

Proves the reader to be a true geek. Sorry, but it's a rag and should be taken as a simple minded opinion. Stereotypes can be fun sometimes...