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“The First Half” of BioShock Infinite’s ‘Burial at Sea’ Part 1 DLC Won’t Feature Combat

Since the announcement of the Burial at Sea DLC for BioShock Infinite, we’ve let you know of quite a few details regarding the upcoming content, and now we’re here to bring you another. - PSLS (BioShock: Infinite, PS3, Xbox 360)

sobotz  +   335d ago
I don't mind if half of it has no combat. I'm looking forward into it's story though. I hope I can take Liz to Paris this time
TrendyGamers  +   335d ago
Ragthorn  +   335d ago
Thx for saying that, I was about to read it until I saw your comment with one word which intrigued me. I just saw "I don't mind if half of it has no combat", hate it when people don't say spoiler alert.
Neixus  +   335d ago
That's nice, more storytelling is allways good :D
The combat in infinite wasn't it's best card anyways, can't wait!
shadow18spirit  +   335d ago
I was hoping it would be more of a story than gameplay
TryMe  +   335d ago
Would've preferred if the game had no combat whatsoever.

Playing as some noir detective, and just beautifully investigating the various parts of raptures, and interviewing it's citizens (like sander cohen, or dr. stienman)would've been gaming nirvana to me.
pyramidshead  +   335d ago
Jovanian  +   335d ago
i really don't care for this departure from what made the 'shock' games good, exploration and combat and survival
ame22  +   335d ago
Rhezin  +   335d ago
I actually don't mind, I spend awhile just looking at the amazing environments in the Bioshock games anyway. Can't wait to go back to Rapture! I'm guessing we'll get the next DLC maybe October/November?
Wni0  +   335d ago
Hell, its about time
Zeniix  +   335d ago
I'm personally someone who looks for a good story in games so I don't mind this.
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thelaughingwiseman  +   334d ago
I still don't like the Rapture idea. There have already been 2 games about Rapture... Why not another place on Columbia; there were still many places that can be added to that sky island. Or another new territory. I really like the noire style they're going for but I just don't like that it's rapture again and that it's being split up in to 2 pieces. Well, I have the season pass, so might as well wait for it and then play the shit out of it for good measure.
alejandroelputo  +   334d ago
Clash in the clouds had enough combat. Storytelling is what we are getting now :D

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