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Submitted by Prcko 841d ago | news

Xbox One Ditches One Of Xbox Live's More Annoying Limitations

Good news: Microsoft's Xbox Live online service is going to undergo some noteworthy changes for the Xbox One, and will do away with at least one of the current system's more annoying limitations. (PC, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

GraveLord  +   841d ago
Finally some good news with no strings attached.
Maddens Raiders  +   841d ago
Meh... let me know when they kill the requirement for Kinect (absurd) and subscriptions for watching something you already pay for like Netflix. That's the real travesty and ripoff here.

This is just a smokescreen so a few low info 'Merricans in Wal-Mart can say, "oh would you look at that..."
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buynit  +   841d ago
Kinect is what makes it different from the ps4.. If you want 2 ps4's then buy 2 ps4's..

Smoke screen... Boy shut up you are the smoke in front of the screen..
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Commandar_Shepard  +   841d ago
I don't get why having Netflix behind a paywall is such a deal breaker for many people. If you want to access it for free, just use your computer, smartphone, PS3, etc. Netflix isn't the only thing you're paying for and you shouldn't be spending $500 on a console just to watch Netflix.

On the topic of Xbox Live Gold features, I really hope that MS brings back 1 vs 100 or something of that equivalent.
mouzone  +   841d ago

i have been wanting them to bring that back for years, never made it past being a crown member but i saw some of the funniest shit when that was out
StoutBEER  +   841d ago
1 vs 100 was awesome! Man it was my family game night! Really miss it.
JokesOnYou  +   841d ago
Good stuff:

"Microsoft's spokesperson confirmed that won't be the case. "Gold features will stay active on your home Xbox One console even if you roam and login to use your Gold features elsewhere," the spokesperson said".

-So with this ^^^^ and this vvvvv

At a Friend’s House with Xbox One

"On Xbox One if you are an Xbox Live Gold member, you will be able to go to a friend’s house and play co-op multiplayer– even if your friend is not a Gold subscriber. Once you log in with your Xbox Live Gold account, everyone using that console can access multiplayer and entertainment apps for as long as you are logged in."
*quote is from but site won't let me post the link*

-I can essentially use my 1 Home Gold membership to access my game and multiplayer on a friends console and still game with another family member at my house with only one gold account. Sweet!
CRAIG667  +   841d ago
@ lots of you, I totally forgot about 1vs100, I loved that, I was shocked they axed it, it seemed extremely popular and was always fun/funny!
Ritsujun  +   841d ago
Rhinoceros  +   841d ago
Don't condescend to people who see a future in motion and voice control, asshole. A lot of people put a lot of work into creating that magnificent piece of tech. It's a fascinating thing to navigate a UI with your hands!

The Kinect will sell systems, yes. Does that mean that consumers are DUMB for buying an X1? Absolutely not. Troll harder, idiot.
CrimsonStar  +   841d ago
Finally? There has been plenty of good news for the xbox1 for the past month , just some people don't want to accept it .
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mcstorm  +   841d ago
Tbh this site has just turned anti Xbox. I can't wait to get my one as the end of this year is a great time to be a gamer and for me its all about forza 5, ryse, Mario 3rd, sonic, dk, Pokemon x, Zelda windwaker hd and pikmin 3
gaelic_laoch  +   841d ago
You should be asking yourself why Xbox Fans have had to wait so long to start getting "Good News"
CerebralAssassin  +   841d ago
@gaelic theres been a lot of good new. Im waiting for sony to take point on any topic and say something BEFORE microsoft does. How about sony take pride in that beast of a ps4 and tell us something ms hasnt said already. Or something not related to ms in anyway.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   840d ago
No not "some people" let's keep it 100...Sony trolls won't accept it.
DragonKnight  +   841d ago
Who plays Games for Windows Live games?
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IanVanCheese  +   841d ago
Not very often, but it adds to your gamerscore so if you can you might as well.
zeal0us  +   841d ago
Too bad Gamerscore really don't have any real value other than boasting
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IanVanCheese  +   841d ago
Who needs more than boasting? I'm a bit of an achievement whore so every little helps.
Murad  +   841d ago
I need more, ha ha. Games used to be so much more than boasting, they actually used to be fun and you could talk to your friends about your journey through a game rather than trying to make them feel inferior all the time.
LAWSON72  +   841d ago
It may surprise you but some people enjoy doing challenges it helps add to the value of a game. For example in Halo 3 I got all achievements for an armour unlock but when I think about it I had some of my best times trying to get some campaign achievements that would not have happened without them.
RytGear  +   841d ago
I have only ever gotten one or two GFWL games working and the rest wouldn't even load, I personally have found it to be a troublesome service especially with the better alternative of Steam.
CRAIG667  +   841d ago
I am obviously in the minority but I like GFWL, I play SF4 on 360 and PC, I find it amusing having the same achievement twice. But back to the point, I have had no issues whatsoever with the system, I have been lucky I guess because as you say lots of people do/have had problems with it....
Stsonic  +   841d ago
You are forced to login to windows live games even when playing on steam with certain titles. Batman AC is one.

Why this crap was implemented in the first place I don't know. Xbox live gold is a joke.
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GameSpawn  +   841d ago
Yeap and for games that do that I will try to use a GFWL-removal "patch" when I can. Many GFWL-enabled Steam games have them available. GFWL is broken and annoying and tends to be the reasons for most games' instability in Windows.

Note I put "patch" in quotes, for those that are naive and can't read between the lines "patch" also means "crack". I'm not going to condone anything illegal, but if you have legitimately obtained your game and stripping GFWL out of it makes the game more stable I see no ethical concern.
SniperControl  +   841d ago
Fortunately you can set up a local account for most games on GFWL and not need to login.
Unfortunately some games like Dirt 3 for some stupid reason require to log into GFWL to play single player local games (looking at the douches at codemasters), luckily that game cost me next to nothing so I can take a hit on it and not play it again.
urwifeminder  +   841d ago
Me I own nearly all of them still collecting them love adding to my Gamerscore even playing ones I have finished on xbox 360 just to play again PM me if you want to catch up for a game.
XboxFun  +   841d ago
"...that you can assign your Gold account to your "home" Xbox One, letting anyone who uses it access your Gold features, even if they use a different login."

Now that is some very good news.
aiBreeze  +   841d ago
Something they should have done a long time ago.
XboxFun  +   841d ago
But they are doing it now, very good news.
CrimsonStar  +   841d ago
lol never satisfied are . lol if the xbox one cured cancer you would probably still complain .
AceBlazer13  +   841d ago
If Microsoft cured cancer they'd ask for your soul as payment.
aiBreeze  +   841d ago
Well Xbox could cure cancer but they'd probably restrict it to gold members.
marison  +   841d ago
A person with cancer will pay $60 a year for a cure in no time.

His/her life is at serious risk.

What a bad joke at fanboy service...
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thehitman  +   841d ago
Lol thats quite horrible how they had that setup. Only MS would do something dumb as that glad they changed it for those it annoyed.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   841d ago
I'm not mad at you MS......!! Good Job!
NatureOfLogic  +   841d ago
Wow, so many great news for MS. let me run out and preorder Xbox One now./s I know what MS is trying to accomplish. I won't forget what they attempted and copying the competition won't win me over MS.
Saddam_hussein  +   841d ago
Like trophies.
Or a headset this time.
Or paying for online.
Or Sony all starts battle.
MELMAN26  +   841d ago

Stop cannot say those type of things here, eeetis forbidden.
No_Limit  +   841d ago
I don't see the logic in your statement, NatureOfLogic.

Copying is good and create competition just like PSN copies Achievement, cross-game chat.
blackthorn5  +   840d ago
@ NatureOfLogic

so you won't forget what MS attempted, But You will forgive PS? :

the difference is sony either never delivered on some of their pre-launched promised features or ended up taking them away.

FACT X1 has not launched yet.

If you didn't like the drm policy its fixed.

If you wanted more indie support its fixed.

If you wanted a headset included its fixed.

There was no outcry or consumerism on ps fans part or even the same type of media scrutiny when sony sold you a $600 console, no headset, no HD cables in the box, no 2 HDMI slots as originally announced, no cross game chat, no 120 fps games as Ken Kutaragi talked about during the ps3 reveal, no dual screen capability, no HOME as it was promised to be next online gaming revolution, they took away linux, took out usb ports, criticized micro initial lack of backwards compatibility then they took it away, said CGI KZ2 was gameplay, and these are just the things they NEVER FIXED, lets not forget about flip flops on rumble, multiple sku's and adding trophys, etc but hey none of you *sony consumers* complained and all these things were promised to you upfront, they either never happened or were taken away making the ps3 less than initially promised while micro has either added or taken away policies due negative feedback for the X1, these are all positive signs BEFORE LAUNCH unlike sony who stuck you with negative changes/failed promises after launch. lol, but hey who's counting right....because you love your stripped down ps3 slim, right? So essentially X1 gets better, you complain, if sony doesn't deliver as advertised or follows micro by making you pay for online "its all good. (as posted by Jokesonyou )
threefootwang  +   841d ago
This should've been their from day one.
Stryfeno2  +   841d ago
Day one? They are...They're doing it on Xbox One Day One.
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Razputin  +   841d ago
This isn't good news. I love Games For Windows Live, but for the simple fact that Microsoft got rid of that DRM engine makes this pretty much null and void.

For the 18 people that still play GFWL titles this may be good, but really....

This seriously isn't all that great.

How about MS revitalizes GFWL with a better interface, features, and a better overall experience and then allow people to use the account simultaneously on the PC and Xbox360/One.

Don't take this as a negative this is simply the truth. I actually preferred GFWL above all DRMs/Online platforms, even more so than the theft machine that is Steam.
CRAIG667  +   841d ago
Ok I too prefer GFWL but I also use steam alot, care to elaborate on why its a "theft machine" ???
Razputin  +   841d ago
Online trading cards. And the sales

But really it was a joke. There should be a sarcasm smiley or button people can press. Don't get why I received any Disagrees lol.
Nicholasgliss  +   841d ago
Crap. Shouldn't have ever been that way. *off topic..sort of*Now, since GameStop and ms are in bed together they both offer up crap that people fall for and think is so great. Idiots outnumber savvy all day.
CaulkSlap  +   841d ago
Microsoft's user account DRM is just unbearable. Try tying a Windows phone to your XBL account. Just getting it to work requires a ridiculous work around involving making a new dummy account and waiting 30 days to transfer it (which can only be done on a 360). It has been so infuriating...
CuddlyREDRUM  +   841d ago
Slow gaming news week.
arbitor365  +   841d ago
microsoft doing things that they should have done from the beginning, which sony already does, for free.

im going to spare the applause
cesuf  +   840d ago
Except that sony isn't free anymore with mandatory paid online in ps4. Guess the tables are turning.
arbitor365  +   840d ago
accessing downloaded titles and apps through users on the same console is not going away. pretty much the only thing that requires payment is to play online.

microsoft is the one with everything behind the paywall. you cant deny facts
cell989  +   841d ago
On Ps3 you can log in multiple accounts at the same time to play online games
cesuf  +   840d ago
but not ps4, so your point is irrelevant sir.
cell989  +   840d ago
I'm sure it'll be the same for PS4
KontryBoy706  +   841d ago
How about getting rid of XBL limitions like needing XBL to use services like

Amazon Instant Videos

..... you know... all those services you ALREADY PAY FOR OR ARE FREE????? Guess that's asking too much
fractured74  +   841d ago
this site is shite
Rhinoceros  +   841d ago
Sony defines sophistication in gaming by what a system DOESNT do, and I have a problem with that. They're turning gamers into Calvinists so they can sell hardware without the bells and whistles.
cesuf  +   840d ago
I have no idea what just said you just said and I doubt your really know either.
Goldenarmz  +   841d ago
This is why Netflix and all apps should be accessible outside of Gold. Ill never fully grasp why they make it this way.

My only thing, lets say i cancel xbox live, and its the ONLY device i can stream Netflix to. But i still keep my netflix, this means i cant even stream Netflix to my tv anymore. It makes no sense.

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