The Last of Us' flamethrower is powerful because Naughty Dog ran out of time

For the most part, The Last of Us is meticulously balanced to keep resources scarce and build tension. Some of that tension goes away when you find the flamethrower, which toasts zombies with relative ease. Why include such a powerful weapon? Apparently, Naughty Dog ran out of time.

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Thatguy-3101744d ago

It is over powered but the ammo runs out quick and is pretty scarce. Its best to use it wisely. *last face off with all the infected, clickers and bloaters under the highway*

Lovable1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Or stealth the whole area without killing anything.


You don't need to be gaming god to do that. It's nerve wracking for sure having two big mamas just a few inches away from you, but man was it satisfying getting pass that section.

GraveLord1744d ago

Unfortunately many of us aren't gaming gods.

RytGear1744d ago

It wasnt all THAT difficult and I played on Hard for my first playthrough. I am seriously not looking forward to that area on survivor though, or that goddamn basement generator! That part ALWAYS scares the living shit out of me.

ziggurcat1744d ago

@ RytGear

it's no more difficult on survivor than it is on hard.

also, basement generator: as soon as you turn it on, run for the door, and avoid the enemies.

MonChiChi1744d ago

threw a couple bottles, and I was on my way.

KUV19771744d ago

I thought that section was super-easy, even in survivor... if you didn't waste your molotovs before that is. Just throw a bottle to one of the bloaters when the other is near and have them gather in one spot. Throw 2 molotovs and you're good to go without any real risk.

mt1744d ago

I have phobia in games like the last of us, I don't feel comfortable till I kill every last one of them.

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Nuggie1744d ago

Did everyone just kill all the infected there? I just sneaked past them. I went down that hallway with the runners and killed them all with a crossbow, then I threw a bottle to get the one clicker and runner out of the way and crouched to the other side of the highway. Then I killed the clicker and the runner blocking my path to the bus with a crossbow, boosted Ellie up, and she pulled me up and that was that.

BeardedPriest1744d ago

Its just a Bow and arrows. Not a crossbow with bolts. Just letting you know. A crossbow was the thing you find in Uncharted 2.

Cam9771744d ago

I tackled that section by using guerrilla tactics to kill them all. I threw bottles, choked them all out and got them all on Hard mode with ease and no scratches were taken. I stayed stealthy too.

Dark_Vendetta1744d ago

I played the game on normal and never ran out of flamethrower ammo because you got new ammo most of the time (well of course not always, but it was pretty frequently) when you killed an infected with it.
The weapon is waaay to powerful especially on that scene under the highway. First I thought about being stealthy, but seriously the FT makes it so easy. Just one fire burst is enough to kill one of those big guys.
Actually how effective is the weapon against human soldiers? Never really tried it

sprinterboy1744d ago

You can stealth that part without being noticed on survivor plus

Lord_Sloth1744d ago

I only really use it against Bloaters.

kingmushroom1744d ago

i stealth mode under the high way like a boss, no need to use any weapon.

lilbrat231744d ago

I wish I could have kept this weapon when replaying it. :-/

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RedSoakedSponge1744d ago

well it definitely isnt the case in multiplayer lol.

Lovable1744d ago

Wahahahaha yeah. It's terrible in MP specially with the points you need to equip it.

RedSoakedSponge1744d ago

really? i got a disagree? please teach us all your l33t skills mr phantom disagreer lol.

DarkBlood1744d ago

eh i wouldnt put too much emphasis on disagrees its not a political thing where it effects values lol

Knushwood Butt1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I haven't used it in MP myself but I did see someone use it to wipe out at least 3 members of my team (myself included) in a confined space...

It was probably one of those, '1 in 1000', moments though.

Kiddcarter1744d ago

I have a load out with the flamethrower in it and what you described is definitely a once in a blue-moon moment.

Williamson1744d ago

SPOILERS*** Last time I used the flamethrower was on 2 of the doctors during then end...yes I know im evil.

Cam9771744d ago

I saw him pull out a knife so just spilled his brain all over the floor. I was PO'd from the part beforehand and furious at what they'd done to Ellie so wasn't in the mood for anymore resistance. That was the accumulation of anger and hate. He deserved that revolver bullet that sits firmly in the wall right now.

That felt really good.

HammadTheBeast1744d ago

Your only a real monster if you kill the other one not doing anything lol.

Ezz20131744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

i killed them all in my first playthrough
so that make me a monster :)

CrisisOne1744d ago

I killed all three of them....after i realized i killed two perfectly good doctors the world may need...oops.

DigitalRaptor1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I don't know how anyone could have killed all 3 for a good reason.

The first surgeon threatened you with a knife, and so was a risk that could not be avoided easily. The other two were just sat/stood against the wall trembling for their lives. What the hell? Maybe they were all bad people though.

There are so many grey areas in this game as far as characters, their history and their intentions go, even for those people we don't even know, such as the hunters and infected. The hunters might have been evil, but they also were just trying to survive. The clickers had no choice in the matter, the fungus told their brains to kill. You can see the runners' struggle, as they are slowly losing their humanity. They see you as a threat, not because they're evil.

I know i'm getting off point, but I love discussing it almost as much as I love playing it.

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MrDead1744d ago

Ever throw a mushroom in the fire, it burns pretty quick. I would say the flamethrower is quite true to life.

Hufandpuf1744d ago

yes, but this is a game.

MrDead1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

True, I guess the only way we can get an answer for this predicament is to find every game with cookable or burnable CG fungi and record the time it takes to burn. Then with our recorded data we could find and average fungi burn time and see if it's comparable to TLOU flamethrower.

I'm drawing the graphs though, I just got me a 4 colour biro and I'm itching to use it.

Tei7771744d ago

And it works well in context of the game. You don't get it till near the and there are still plenty of situation where it can be used, like when guys are shooting you from afar.

kingmushroom1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

How could you !!!! you monster!!!

MrDead1744d ago

Hang on..... you could sort out this entire issue!

How long would you take to burn kingmushroom, has TLOU got it right?

kingmushroom1744d ago

yes the last of us has it very right, the living are the real monster, lol.

Cam9771744d ago

I've just imagined Dark Souls' baby mushrooms on fire wiggling around.

Jury1744d ago

I've rarely seen it in multiplayer. Nice to have in single player.

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