Uwe Boll's Postal Movie Is Funny, Apparently

Preview screenings of Uwe Boll's upcoming Postal movie (based on the videogame by the same name) have created genuine buzz regarding the film's May 23rd rollout.

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Iamback3899d ago

I had a chance to watch it and if you like Borat than you will like this. Actually this is better because it feels like a movie. Very funny and refreshing. Could be sleeper hit.
BTW- has nothing to do with postal game, but that is Uwe i guess, but this time he made low budget funny movie. He should stick to this and get read of game names in his movies.

Silellak3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

It would make sense, if you think about it.

He ruins the movies for games that have decent plots and makes a good movie out of a game that has absolutely no plot whatsoever.

It's clear he thrives on destroying the source material of whatever he's adapting for the screen. For good games, that means destroying them. For bad games, that means, ironically, converting them into good movies.

P4KY B3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

...Fusion Frenzy 2

Yi-Long3898d ago he IS a misunderstood genius(!)

Fux4Bux3898d ago

Haha we'll see.... Might just be funny in the way me and my friends were laughing at House of the Dead when you could easily see spring boards in plain view under the flying zombies. That movie was such a piece of crap.

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