Metal Gear Solid 5: Snake's Voice Acting Possibly Finished

Snake's voice actor moves onto other projects.

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jc485731778d ago

that was pretty quick.

NovusTerminus1777d ago

Well, it doesnt take long to do the VA and Mocap work, what takes forever is making th rest of the game, plus its been in the works for a while now... But I hope a 2014 release happens.

ABeastNamedTariq1777d ago

Wow. That's fast, if true. Can't wait till this bad boy drops, it's one of the reasons I preordered a next gen console. MGS is my favorite franchise, and MGS 4 is my favorite game ever. The anticipation is almost... Palpable.

Kurylo3d1777d ago

mgs4 was the worst one in the series though...

dcj05241777d ago

Metal gear 2 and metal gear solid 3 are the best. Mgs 2 and4 was refinment. Metal gear 2 and mgs 3 was innovation.

ABeastNamedTariq1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


"My" opinion is that it was "my" favorite. Don't act like your opinion is fact.

My_Outer_Heaven1777d ago

In terms of which one's are my favourtite it goes... MGS1, MGS3, MGS4, MGS2.

MGS1 was the game that birthed a lot stealth games after it. MGS1 was the game that got me hooked into the series to begin with and also introduced me to a games that have a rich story driven motive. I hope Kojima allows for a FOX engine remake of MGS1, even MGS3 deserves a remake.

Kurylo3d1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


take the stick out of your ass lol.. iwas just stating my opinion. Stop assuming im telling you facts. If you want facts look at the statistics to see that mgs4 sold the least lol. But mgs4 was just 2 min of gameplay then 20 min cutscene... unlike a game like mgs3 where you were running around a lot. Like literally mgs4 was 1 or 2 rooms to sneak through then a cutscene. 1 or 2 rooms in my opinion is just not enough.. then theres the glaring dumb parts of the story that you have to just try to remove your disbeleif in order to enjoy... like raiden stabbing himself in the foot.. to hold back a giant ship... even though hes standing on a wooden dock... what was the purpose of it lol.

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1777d ago
EXVirtual1777d ago

2014 release? I'll watch the tootsie roll to that.

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