Top Ten Most Wanted Wii U Games (2013 Edition)

SuperPhillip Central writes, "If you have owned a Wii U since launch, then you're probably used to the waiting game. Most Wii U owners have been more than patient enough for a downpour of new software rather than the trickles we've received over the past nine months. Finally the drought is over with the release of Pikmin 3, and finally the release schedule has beefed up. There are a lot of exciting Wii U games coming forth this fall, this holiday season and next year. This list provides our readers with the titles that we want most that are coming to Nintendo's eighth generation system."

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darthv721780d ago

All of those are certainly worth waiting for but one i am getting impatient is 90's arcade racer. I need my old school sega style arcade racing fix dag-nab-it.

manaxknight11780d ago

blue blue skiessss blue blue skiiesss i see

1779d ago
Spurg1780d ago

2 exclusive Platinum games...I'm jealous.

BOWZER351780d ago

After playing Pikmin 3, I know that these can save the Wii U.

gusgusjr1780d ago

Looking good right now for the Wii U in terms of incoming software. I was very impressed with the Wonderful 101 demo. I purchased Pikmin 3, but haven't played it yet. Work work work.

ABizzel11780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

1. Mario Kart
2. Smash Bros.
3. True 3D Mario (not 3D SNES version, even though it's going to be good)
4. Pokemon MMO
5. Zelda HD
6. Metroid HD
7. Xeno
8. Bayonetta 2
9. Sonic Trilogy (3 exclusive sonic games)
10. New IP

The_Truth_24_71780d ago

Lol! It's not April 1st!
Nice joke on the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.