Elizabeth Looks Way Different in BioShock Infinite’s Rapture DLC

Kotaku - Two weeks ago, we found out that BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC will be bringing protagonists Booker and Elizabeth to the undersea city of Rapture from BioShock 1. Now we’re getting a closer look at how the noir variant of Columbia’s savior child will look. She seems less… innocent.

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Need4Game1751d ago

She look less Moe, but with bigger chest. Hope there's mod to bring back her Cute face.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1750d ago

I think she looks perfect with her 1950's noir look. Why would you want to use a mod to ruin what Irrationals artists and Ken Levine wanted her to look like in their vision of pre downfall Rapture?.

Thatguy-3101751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

She's resembling more like a femme fatal type of character from the film noir movies. Think what made her so appealing in infinite was the vulnerable look that she had which made you feel that you had to protect her. In this Universe she looks more sophisticated with a stronger presence and it looks like she'll be able to protect herself.

dcj05241750d ago

Yeah. She looks like she can handle herself.

DigitalRaptor1750d ago

I want to know how the story will justify Elizabeth being this way, and acting this way. And I also want to see Levine justify how all this is happening based on the ending of Infinite. Should be awesome.

Kevlar0091750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

If you notice she resembles more of a Bioshock 1 female than anything, a lot of them had that hairstyle in the first game, not to mention the pale skin of being underwater constantly. She looks like she's from Rapture originally, or at least has been there for a long time

ironfist921750d ago

Who said thats the Elizabeth we were used to?

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