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The Gaming Industry Isn’t Sexist

Gamers-Association editor Ridge doesn't think the gaming industry is as sexist as people complain it is. (Dead Island Riptide, Dragon Crown, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

3-4-5  +   634d ago
Exactly, the portrayal of Men on Women's TV shows is just as bad as women shown on shows for men or games mostly for guys.

It goes both ways.

I'm not a fan of the huge unreal oversize boobs in video games but I wouldn't hate on Dragon Crown's entire Art Style, because the way they game uses colors in game is amazing.

The reason I used TV show for example, is because there are more Women Focused TV shows than video games.
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cyguration  +   634d ago
"When I watch My Little Pony with my daughter I’m not offended when I see a commercial for a Barbie or Easy Bake Oven. I know it makes sense for that show’s audience and I continue my life. Is the makeup industry sexist for primarily targeting women? Are Spike TV or OWN sexist for knowing their target audience?"

THIS times a thousands.

Target demographics.

The gaming industry also has them. Anyone played a Facebook or casual game? Guess who the target demographic is because guess who the majority of social gamers are? WOMEN!

Ever played anything from Her Interactive? All targeted to young females. It's like if a dude was like "There's not enough explosions in my Nancy Drew and the guys don't look badass enough, this is sexist because all the guys are too sappy!"

If more women want more mainstream characters/stories/concepts geared toward them then BUY THOSE GAMES and let the companies know you bought them. If a game like Remember Me or Wet flops big time then of course most people see it as people not really being interested in these characters or their stories.

If a game has good mechanics, a decent story and likeable characters, you have to support these products or else companies won't continue to make them. It's not sexist it's called being fiscally responsible to their company and their investment. No one in their right mind will keep throwing $40 million at a brand/character/franchise when no one buys the game.

Simple as this: Female gamers complaining about better representation need to BUY the games they feel best represent their taste and buy it enough to make companies see that you're a demographic that matters, otherwise it's just My Little Ponies, Bejeweled and Nancy Drew all day long.
rextraordinaire  +   634d ago
Yes. That.

I think it's somehow wrong when people hate on a game because it targets a demographic they are not in.

As for Dragon's Crown. Yes, the art style is pretty much an imitation of old sleaze comics like Heavy Metal and co. This kind of art usually targets the male demographic. And not only 13 yo teen boys like one reviewer seems to believe. I know many adults, me included, that lead respectable lives, with steady jobs and a clean house and all that, that do enjoy this kind of material.
AznGaara  +   634d ago
The "gaming industry" isn't a single entity with a single "view" on things. Its comprised of many different people from many different cultures. In some cultures they just don't see things as a problem like others do. A lot of "sexist" talk gets thrown around when a Japanese game gets localized in the west. Is it actually sexist? When Australia bans a US game that it finds "too violent" but we think its okay, is it really too violent?
Wni0  +   634d ago
Ive only played one game with a major supporting character girl who was not attractive, that was condemned criminal origins, and in condemned 2 they made her prettier. Ofc videogames and gamers are sexist, but there have been recent steps forward.
rextraordinaire  +   634d ago
How is it sexism to design characters as attractive?

If it's discriminatory against a group of person, it's only against "ugly" or "unattractive" persons. Gender has nothing to do with that. Most games also feature hyper muscular males. Is that sexism? No. That's fantasy. Same goes for girls.

Now if girls want ugly lead females, let them design such games.
And if some fat men want chubby leads; Let them design such games.
Wni0  +   634d ago
I was simply stating an interesting point. Until games show a lead girl from Tomb Raider that looks like Theron from Monster IMO this will always be a thorn for this issue.
cyguration  +   634d ago
I think the better question is:

Would people buy these games with these characters?

The argument from most feminist is that big, blockbuster mainstream games are sexist. However, are there five million+ female gamers up and ready to pay $60 for a game with a lead character like Charlize was in Monster?

Because the main thing that publishers look at is money, and if a main character doesn't seem like they'll sell (male or female) they're not going to have them included in the game.

You could make the exact same argument for Hollywood blockbusters, where they always aim for "pretty" actors for leading roles.

There are indie games with non-attractive lead females like The Cat Lady or The Kite... just like indie movies like Monster.
Wni0  +   634d ago
good points. but i do not like the argument that /// "artistic liberty" gives games the ability to just solely objectify women, for the sake of it.
SoulMikeY  +   634d ago
If people really have time b**** about s*** like this, go make video game for yourself. The gaming industry is just fine without you, and it has been for 20+ years.

Every non-pretentious female I know that plays video games, hate playing as females anyway. Only sexist people complain about it. Like some of them black dudes on the news saying everyone is racist. They are the only racist ones. We have people in the U.S. dying every day, and these people want to b**** about this?
imXify  +   634d ago
"I’d like to explore her temple, and she could work on my pipe any day…"

CrossingEden  +   632d ago
Yup, totally not sexist, the majority of 16 year old obviously look like this
also, remember how witches were thought to be old and crusty, nope, now they wear their hair as clothes and have huge badonkadonks
remember how succubi are supposed to look like horrible creatures that disguise themselves as beautiful women, not anymore, now all succubi indefinitely are always sexy
sure kratos from god of war may be really buff and manly, but then again, he's a spartan/god, there isn't this female mentality that every guy who's buff is instantly attractive, unless you found this guy to be the epitome of sexy
or this
t=1268164478 http://www.gamestop.com/gs/...
or this
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