The Russian invasion: Meet the man bringing free-to-play to Xbox

EuroGamer: "For Kislyi the video game business is war. It's war at every level, in fact, from the virtual battlefields upon which players skirmish daily in his company's most successful game, World of Tanks, to this, the grim theatre of E3, the video game convention where we meet in a stuffy, branded bunker. For the past three years Kislyi has commanded the campaign to many victories. This much is evident in the numbers: today his game boasts 60 million registered players on PC. But officers like Kislyi are never satisfied unless gaining new ground. Now he is ready to take the war to a new front as World of Tanks prepares to invade a console."

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dazzrazz1777d ago

I highly doubt M$ will allow you to play any game without paying sub fee

darthv721776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

"I highly doubt M$ will allow you to play any online multi-player game without paying sub fee."

All fixed for ya.

AngelicIceDiamond1776d ago

@Dazz Welcome to 2002 wait a minute?

zeal0us1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Its Free After Pay.

Yes its a contradiction

Honestly why can't MS let you play these games just XBL Silver?

darthv721776d ago

The new model of F2P is Free to Paying customers.

Roper3161776d ago

free 2 play after you pay for XBL, what a joke

theWB271776d ago

F2p multiplayer is free on PS4. That's good...but you're telling me you're only going to play F2P games?

Sony may not put anything behind a paywall, but they did put the most important aspect behind it. Multiplayer for all other games. No one is going to to buy a PS4 just to watch Netflix for free.

Most people upgrading will be gamers, thus they'll want to play multiplayer, thus they'll have to pay, thus making everything not being behind a paywall moot. But keep hanging on to that...

MonChiChi1776d ago

You act as if Netflix is the only thing PS4 has.

Roper3161776d ago

I am currently a PS+ member because Sony proved the value of the service before adding the MP to it. And no matter how you try to manipulate it at the end of the day MS is making you pay for something that is free and you try to justify it for them. I kind of feel sorry for you with that way of thinking.

1lawrence1776d ago

keyword MOST that means not all so those few can enjoy even if they have no intrest in ps plus so everybody wins if u want ps plus or not n i like that about sony

HammadTheBeast1776d ago

For at least a couple months after launch I'm not playing MP, I'm just playing single-player, PLANETSIDE 2, DCUO, Blacklight, I might even check out Warframe.

So it's great that Netflix and other apps, as well as cross-game chat are free of charge.

WeedyOne1776d ago

Would be nice if I didn't have to pay for live to view Netflix. I would have continued to use my 360 next gen as a dvd player/Netflix player for one of my non-gaming televisions.

However I cannot use Netflix without paying for live so now it will sit in a closet and instead my Ps3 gets the privilege to still be relevant for many years as my non gaming 3d bluRay/ DVD / Netflix player!

dazzrazz1775d ago

As a xbl subscriber for the past 6 years I see PS+ as a better deal anyway. $10 cheaper, you get "free" game(s)each month and some other goodies like store discount. You know what M$ offered me for all those years as a valued customer ? 20 msp for my birthday, 1% discount and Crackdown game this month that I could get for a dollar...

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dark_1011776d ago

You are paying for the service, not for the game

christocolus1776d ago

How else would you play an online multipayer game without xbox live? Isn't sony doing the same thing?....smh.

AnteCash1776d ago

Youn dont need to have Plus to play F2P games online on ps4, its the same as on pc , you download and start playing.

Kayant1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

The only problem is that it's not really F2P on Xbox like Lukree puts it. It's Pay-for-F2P.

sovietsoldier1776d ago

world of tanks sucks! play war thunder much better.

HammadTheBeast1776d ago

Well it will be once they add tanks in.

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