Level-Up Systems Need Drastic Change

In the seventh generation of game consoles, gamers have seen the rise of online play, HD graphics, expanded AI, and vast open worlds. Another aspect that has permeated almost every genre of gaming this gen is the level-up system.

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Wni01684d ago

Can we PLEASE stop leveling up the enemies when YOU level up! If I am a LVL 60 from Borderlands and I go back to the starting level, only to face LVL 60 little skags whats the point??????? Are you not supposed to feel like a badass? Just have sections of the map which has way higher level than you and you cant beat those till you level up. Its not rocket science.

Pintheshadows1684d ago

That was very much the traditional approach in that you would always have areas that you would enter, and then have to leave very quickly. I miss that. I actually like grinding as well. I know not everyone feels the same though.

SlapHappyJesus1684d ago

Enemy/Item scaling is a terrible thing.

One of my major issues with current Bethesda releases.

3-4-51684d ago

The best leveling system is already out there.

It just has been full realized yet. It's most likely a mix of a lot of our favorite games.

Enemies scaling with you is just not as intelligent as it could be in terms of game design and how it effects the game.

It's lazy. A lvl 5 enemy should ALWAYS be lvl 5, otherwise you've turned the cool little starting area into an end game area.

Pintheshadows1684d ago

I think that unless you add something worthwhile from a leveling perspective into an action game they are entirely pointless. The Last of Us seemed to understand this and I actually didn't mind it in both Prototype, Infamous (both unlocking powers steadily) and Saints Row 3 although the game itself was pretty weak.

PS3Freak1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

More games need to use similar level up systems to what Skyrim uses.

ifritAlkhemyst1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Let's hope they take a cue from Dark Souls and The Witcher series instead.

Shadowrun Returns had a pretty good leveling up system for that kind of game too.

BootHammer1684d ago

Great points and very interesting. I agree that with everything else evolving in the gaming world, the leveling up systems could benefit from some innovation as well.