Pokémon X & Y - Mega Pokémon Revealed - Trailer

Yesterday scans appeared online from Japanese magazine CoroCoro showing 'mega' Pokemon evolutions and today Nintendo has officially confirmed the changes with a new trailer.

Mewtwo, Lucario, Blaziken are among the Pokemon who have received mega evolutions for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Pokemon don't evolve naturally to their mega forms and instead you need a Mega Stone which acts similarly to any other stone and other such evolutionary items in past games. Interestingly, Mega Evolution is only possible during battle and it's not clear if Pokemon revert to their normal state after the battle ends. It's also unclear if every Pokemon has a mega form.

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Ripsta7th1926d ago

I think it will be just a battle boost ? Hmm sorta reminds me of digimon now o.o

DestinyHeroDoomlord1926d ago

This is probably gonna be the new leftovers. ..