Hooked Gamers: Wii Fit Preview

Since experiencing immense success with the DS, the rulers of Nintendo-land have become obsessed with providing innovation to the rest of the gaming world. The Wii, with its motion-sensing controller, lovingly dubbed the Wii-mote, has been touted for getting gamers physically involved in the action through titles such as Wii Sports.

That, however, wasn't enough for the man behind Mario; Shigeru Miyamoto decided to step things up a notch by envisioning one of the wackiest peripherals in video gaming history. The Wii Balance Board is a unique peripheral, shaped like your standard bathroom scales that can calculate weight, center of gravity and BMI (after inputting your height). Yes, this sounds like a piece of equipment tailor-made for a gym. But then again, Nintendo's first outing is aiming to provide a similar experience with Wii Fit, the first title to make use of the new peripheral.

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