The PS4 open world games that’ll change everything. ‘Big’ is just the start

OPM: With the age of PlayStation 4 almost upon us, things are going to be changing. We round up the open world PS4 games that are going to redefine free roaming action forever. Incredible scale, new ideas or just really pretty – this lot are going to blow your tiny little minds.

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TheLyonKing1719d ago

Big is good but I also want:

Every house explorable
A lot more misc stuff destroyable or able to use
More variation if the ai and npc
More freedom of the character

Gimmemorebubblez1719d ago

Thats my problem with games like Just Cause 2, a beautiful big wonderful game, where you are able to do so many crazy things, but the NPC's are wooden, interiors are non-explorable and destructibility is on a minor scale.

Need4Game1719d ago

Filling the World takes a lots of People, Time, Energy, Money.

But there's another way,
Player Created Contents in Open World Games, similar to Skyrim mod-community, with it such detail world is highly possible.

minimur121719d ago

Isn't this just a list of all of the open world games coming to PS4 now?

And is destiny even an open world game??

Thehyph1719d ago

Completely agree. A few of these touches would have made Just Cause 2 a far better game. That said, I still loved it, and to this day it's my only platinum trophy.

inveni01719d ago

Yes, procedural generation of interiors (like apartment buildings and such) would push games like GTA to the next level. Imagine escaping the cops and being able to kick open doors and run through any apartment you want, with people inside screaming, passing through the front room to the bedroom, out the window, down/up the fire escape.

That would truly be next gen.

Plus, we could experiment with breaking into a random apartment and killing people in their sleep. *evil grin*

malokevi1719d ago

I hate these articles. Eight separate pages for boring, rehashed information that PSMO has published a million times already.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31718d ago

"Big is good but I also want:

Every house explorable
A lot more misc stuff destroyable or able to use
More variation if the ai and npc
More freedom of the character"

Dead Rising 3 says hello.

Gimmemorebubblez1717d ago


I'll see it when I believe it.

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thehitman1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

What your asking for requires a shit ton of work with the every house explorable and I dont think its even necessary just sounds good. I rather developers focus on story and gameplay than making every house being able to walk-in and out. Even in GTA that is really unnecessary. Everything else though you said I would like more of.

kneon1719d ago

It's not really as hard as you'd think. They would only need a couple of dozen different pieces of furniture plus a few dozen other household items. The furniture layout and item placement can be randomly generated when you open a door for the first time and saved to your hard drive.

They already have to design each building, laying out internal walls and designating rooms types isn't that much more work.

This approach would result in less diversity in the look of interiors than we get today but I'm ok with that if it means I can climb in any accessible window and open unlocked doors.

Bigpappy1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

have you ever heard of Elder scrolls? Ever home sewer and cave is explorable.

thehitman1719d ago

@bighappy I am talking about cities not caves and dungeons.

GameSpawn1719d ago

Making everything explorable does take a lot of work when the scale of the game begins to hit a certain size. Plus if everything was explorable in games the size of JC2 or others you run the risk of glitchy behavior (something not remotely foreign to Skyrim and other Bethesda games) or lots of interiors that look the same because of set pieces being reused over and over and over again (something that occurred with a lot of areas in the Fallout games from Bethesda).

I only bring up Bethesda as Elder Scrolls was mentioned, but other open world games fall prey to these two problems in varying degrees as well.

I don't mind the "cookie cutter-ness" of Elder Scrolls and Fallout's interiors because the rest of the games' fun factors make up for it.

On a side-note I'm really pumped for Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4. I'm happy with AC4 that they are going back to the simpler notoriety system of pre-AC3 games; with AC3 at times you had no option but to fight and stealthing was much more cumbersome and difficult in comparison to previous titles. I'll admit the original you could hold down blend and stealth your way through 90% of the game and guards were none the wiser - AC2 was close enough to being balanced so that you could whore the blend to aid in stealth all the time.

Let's just hope at the last minute Ubi doesn't screw the pooch and turn Assassins Creed into Ubi's version of Call of Duty.

GameSpawn1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

*couldn't whore the blend

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JunioRS1011719d ago

I completely agree,

but imagine how difficult it must be to program all of that into enjoyable, playable interactions lol

Like, damn... I'm glad I'm a gamer and not a game developer.

blueberry1719d ago


What good is a big world with lots of options, when none of the achievemnets feels worth it, or important, or even earned?

My main issue with the Assassins creed series.

STILL- I´ve never had such high hopes for a game - EVER.

Come on, Witcher 3, don´t let me down.

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kneon1719d ago

She was talking about your beer belly ;)

thehitman1719d ago

I am hoping more mmo experience make their way to consoles. I hope they are not done like how blizzard is doing diablo with dividing the console and PC communities but more like how SE does FF and cross platform plays them.

showtimefolks1719d ago

I want getaway 3 reboot

I want eight days

Give me Sony give me

mic_cala1719d ago

getaway 3 would be awesome !!!

webeblazing1719d ago

i second sinba said up top but doing all that stuff will definitely take time. i truthfully dont care as long as the game is fun so more power to them and i cant wait to play them. i feel like imma miss out on division and destiny, yall definitely got some gems there.

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