So sexist that people want to vomit

Aftonbladet, a swedish newspaper is reviewing Project x Zone

Hoping to earn some quick money from desperate fanboys have Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega decided to press hundreds of their characters in a role-playing game. The result is hideous

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Need4Game1590d ago

Misogynist Critics just don't like the existences of Female Characters in Videogames.

wishingW3L1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

he's complaining that women in this game have very skimpy outfits.

Anthotis1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Which is great.

Sweden is about the most pussified country in the west, and is full to the brim with your typical self loathing white liberal beta males.

These prudish femnazi articles are a dime a dozen in that sad gynocentric hell.

3-4-51589d ago

I'm sure he's fine with the skimpy stuff on tv, and in real life, but god forbid it be in something fake like a video game.

_FantasmA_1590d ago

Well you won't see women complaining about all these ripped guys with their shirts off. Chicks love muscles, and guys love big breasts and butts. Get over it. We live in a superficial world. Why do we need to only feel sorry for one gender. That is not equality.

cleft51590d ago

Very true. If people took issue with the discrepancies that both genders face that would be one thing, but this one sided focus on an issue like this is just wrong.

_FantasmA_1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


The sad part that many men will feel like they have to be feminists because they think they will get laid that way. Why is that men will let women walk all over them? Sexism is still a problem, I won't deny it, but being a misandriest is not the way to fix it. Women need to be taken off the pedestal that they think they are on and get down and dirty with the guys. And guys need to stop acting like badasses because there is always someone bigger and badder that will kick your ass. Most of the time its the quiet guys that can knock you out instead of those aggressive meatheads. Men also need stop doubting women because they can do almost everything men can do. Gender is like age, it doesn't matter. If age is just a number, then gender is just an organ.

Williamson1589d ago

That's the most intelligent comment I've read all day! Well said

SpideySpeakz1589d ago

Two solutions: Get a girlfriend or get a hooker.
Stop lusting over over-exposed females in video games. It makes you look like a neckbeard loser.

Sincerity, a male who doesn't perv after video game characters.

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rextraordinaire1590d ago

Well that's not really what I call a review. More like 3-4 paragraphs of complaining without any real thought process.

Never heard of that website before anyway.

Exoil1590d ago

It's the biggest evening newspaper here in Sweden, and about a third of all the reviews they make is like this one.
The same newspaper scored The Last of Us a 2/5 and it became pretty hot stuff here at N4G.

The sad part is that 3 of the guys that works for Aftonbladets gamesection all come from Super Play, the best gaming magazine we had here in Sweden until they canceled it some years ago.
And when they wrote for that magazine, they didn't write sensational bull like they do now.

cleft51590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Key words their being before they canceled the gaming magazine. It's all about sales, clicks, and yellow journalism nowadays. This is not unique to gaming either, just look at all of the other media outlets in the world and how they cover events. Sadly, even BBC isn't immune to this sort of yellow journalism anymore.

SoulMikeY1590d ago

Dear god, why the hell does anyone care!? You aren't ever forced to play these games. Video games aren't for everybody. Things like food, jobs, school, and cars are for everyone. And those things aren't sexist! What a concept!

You want to play something? Take your fat a** outside and play football or tennis or frisbee.

ifritAlkhemyst1590d ago

I walked into a strip club. I was appalled by the sexist behavior proudly on display there and demanded that the entire enterprise be shut down on moral principle. What I didn't expect was for all the female strippers to run me out of town with pitchforks and torches.

_FantasmA_1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Yeah I hate it when I'm just sitting there and they come and start rubbing on me. Thats gross. I'm just there to drink beer and these perverted girls are dancing naked on me. WTF man!

mamotte1589d ago

I agree with the reviewer.

I like female videogames characters for their brain, the great chit-chat they provide, and the company, not for how they looks, because f you, reality.

-End sarcasm-

dcj05241589d ago

I geuss I'm a oddball. They can look hot but if their not a good character or doesn't help me at all or isn't a awesome villian then
Their exsistance means nothing.