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Submitted by JumpToGamer 916d ago | opinion piece

The Top 5 Things We Want to See in Fallout 4


Back in the Spring I remember sitting next to my good friend in science class and freaking out over something Bethesda had teased on Twitter (and yes before you ask I am kind of a rebel for having my phone out in class). A simple Vine video had my friend and me ecstatic. The creepy vibe, old record player, and ominous tone to the short clip screamed Fallout 4. Sadly, a few days later The Evil Within was revealed and my hope for a Fallout 4 announcement had come and gone.

With E3 gone and QuakeCon just ending it’s difficult to see a Fallout 4 announcement anywhere in the near future, so while our mouths water over anything Fallout related, let’s discuss 5 things that would make Fallout 4 the best video game ever made. (Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

SillyYou  +   916d ago
Definetly good points except #1. Dont need vehicles. The best part about the game is it to walk through the wasteland listening to the radio.
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gaelic_laoch  +   916d ago
I really don't want vehicles!!!!

If the vehicle controls are wacky it can ruin the feel of the game and make you feel detached from the experience!

Plus I love the feeling of being abandoned in the game so being able to travel around too quickly would ruin that feeling, sure there is Quick Travel anyway!
MrTrololo  +   916d ago
If they don't add vehicle at least add the option to sprint. Travelling to one place to another is tedious considering how slow your character moves
SillyYou  +   916d ago
Yes thats important of course.
Oschino1907  +   915d ago
In FO3 they should have had an option to ride Fawkes. He could have easily handled it, he was already basically unstoppable and never slowed down no matter how filled his inventory was. Lol he was so overpowered!
levian  +   915d ago
It's sort of mixed for me. I love having a fast travel option, but I hate fast travelling. You miss so much, but it takes too damn long to travel sometimes.

I think if they added a quest to fix up a motorcycle over the course of the first half of the game or so, I think it could be great. I would certainly use fast travel less, which would be great. Skyrim has horses, why can't fallout have bikes?

Also, those ships the Enclave use - I'd totally love to use it.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   916d ago
Vehicles would be nice but in a world like Fallout gas probably is very rare or you have to pay a horrendous price for it. If they add vehicles they should keep that in mind. A vehicle that has no defects and does not need fuel... before that happens I would happily choose not have vehicles.

I want a Fallout 3 like game in another country and with better graphics and less bugs ^^
Thehyph  +   916d ago
Vehicles were great in previous Fallout games. Seriously, when you first find a car and then it's hinted that you can later fix it up to use... you get on that poop. Also, it ran on micro fusion cells a la laser guns. So yes, very expensive and heavy ammo was used for your vehicle.

I want the game to not be Skyrim with guns. I'm not trolling here. I've played the poop out of Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: BoS, and that terrible ps2/Xbox game Fallout: BoS.
I played Fallout 3 and it was definitely Oblivion with guns. I still haven't put much time into it. Such a shame because Fallout 2 has a very high possibility of being my favourite game if all time.
Pintheshadows  +   916d ago
Good choice. Fallout 2 is excellent. I would say though, give 3 more of a chance. Yes, it is effectively The Elder Scrolls with guns but there is more to it than that.
cootdog123  +   906d ago
You are right Pintheshadows fallout 3 is the shit.
gaelic_laoch  +   916d ago
Get Fallout 4 out of America, was great fun stateside but London, Paris even Belfast would be a nice change!
Pintheshadows  +   916d ago
They wouldn't set it in Belfast as it would be hard to tell the difference between post nuclear war and regular Belfast. Dublin would be better.
levian  +   915d ago
That's why I didn't enjoy New Vegas' setting. It was already a wasteland before a nuclear war, there really isn't much difference until you see a building or something.
MAULxx  +   916d ago
How about no deteriorating weapons?
Yes, something too zoom around the wasteland in would be nice as long as it doesn't have the deteriorating BS.
Volitiel  +   916d ago
Disagree; weapons and vehicles that don't deteriorate from use will take away from what makes Fallout an RPG. I don't want Fallout to become more of an action game like Rage.
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MAULxx  +   915d ago
I'm all for some RPG but how is deteriorating weapons role playing? All you really do is have multiple identical guns & click on one of em. Not really an awesome gameplay mechanic by any means.
Yes, upgrades to weapons but if my character can't maintain a weapon then he probably shouldn't be using one or be out in the wasteland in the first place. Deteriorating vehicles would be terrible. I would scavenge for upgrades up I'm not spending a whole lot of time collecting identical parts just so when the deteriorate I can paste another one.
Volitiel  +   913d ago
Having the deteriorating weapons & armor causes the player to have to plan ahead before venturing out into the wasteland. It constantly affected how I played Fallout 3 & New Vegas with decisions I had to make balancing what I need and what I can carry. These are very common characteristics of many RPG's.

Losing the deteriorating weapons & armor is a big step closer to a Call of Duty/action/FPS game where there is now no planing ahead. I personally would've preferred repairs only possible at workbenches in a safe zone too, but that's me. But having the deteriorating weapons and armor made Fallout 3 & New Vegas feel more realistic and like an RPG IMO.

I would hope for and expect the same maintenance for vehicles too if added to Fallout 4, besides also scavenging for gas. I like how the DayZ mod handles vehicles where you have to find parts and repair them first. Auto repair could easily be a separate skill in Fallout 4.

And I truly hope there is no car combat in Fallout 4 either; it should be simply for quicker transportation. And I feel fast travel (teleporting) to already visited locations should be dropped or limited in some way if vehicles are added.
LightningSamus  +   916d ago
We want less bugs, we all want to play the game without problems.

That's what should be on the list instead of vehicles.
cootdog123  +   906d ago
New Vegas sucked.
chris13gt  +   916d ago
Give it to Obsidian.They make better RPGs,than Bethesda.
MrTrololo  +   916d ago
SlapHappyJesus  +   916d ago
With New Vegas, Obsidian took the framework that was Fallout 3 and fleshed it out. Writing was a definite strength in New Vegas with multiple story paths and moral choices for the player to make.
They fleshed out the SPECIAL system and helped better make skills defining characteristics of your character and not just a means to support the type of play style you wished to follow.

Face it. Where Bethesda's strength is creating a nice looking world to explore, they don't do much else well. The people at Obsidian know how to make more fulfilling roleplaying experiences as a whole.

I'll take a somewhat restricted world filled with interesting choices for the player, fueled by strong writing and the characters that inhabit it, over a cool looking world with the character and depth of a rock and a puddle respectively.
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Kal853  +   915d ago
Not if you had New Vegas on PS3 they don't. It was virtually unplayable until like the 10th patch. And not if the game is KOTOR II, which was awesome, but was so buggy on Nar Shadda it wouldn't let you finish the game half the time.
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whamlollypop7  +   916d ago
The game play needs to be better I don't know how it plays on PC but on my ps3 oh boy it was bad. The world they crafted was amazing but damn.
problemchild84  +   916d ago
I always thought it would be cool to let you pick what race you were.

Instead of everyone playing the Vault Dweller or Courier and getting the same quest line, you could pick super mutant or ghoul and so on, getting to see the world from their perspective.
Jughead3416  +   916d ago
The only way I would welcome vehicles in Fallout is if the vehicle would likely require a big price for traveling in it. Lots of caps, gas being rare and costly, and parts breaking easily. I think traveling on foot is what makes Fallout the game it is. Having vehicles would make it feel like Rage or Borderlands. I like having that dreadful lonely helpless feeling in the game. Vehicles would ruin that a bit because it would give you some sense of hope. Maybe a handmade skateboard or bicycle or something. lol.
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Jughead3416  +   916d ago
Or maybe a motor skooter. You're still exposed to danger, and can't travel as fast as a car.
Cihan  +   916d ago
Gonna be picky and say: a better soundtrack.

The music for Fallout 3 was suitably creepy and dour, but it got boring and depressing after a while. I'd like more variation rather than the same sad tune playing repeatedly.

Can't think of any examples off the top of my head, but I'd definitely appreciate something with attitude.
Thehyph  +   916d ago
Khans of New California. (Raider theme)
YouTube it if you don't know it. Best piece ever put in a Fallout game imo
Cihan  +   916d ago
That's a good track. I just don't like the music when you're in the sewers or plains, and it's just very minimal with an occasional harmonica. It had a vague hint of a wild west style about it, but just very dour. I'd have wanted more atmosphere and less gloom.

I know it's post-apocalypse, but the franchise also has a mean sense of humour too, the soundtrack for Fallout 3 is just too straight-laced.

Just my opinion though.
ShwankyShpanky  +   915d ago
Needs more tracks on the radio. Fallout 3 had like what... five songs that looped?
Mr-SellJack  +   916d ago
Throwing objects having an impact like dead space,darker feel,sprinting,more -details,swimming,sewers,smart er ai,better gfx,more enemies,skinning animals,online coop open world,competitive online with fps only view in the sewers and coop horde mode,tlou like equiping,riding animals,old school buses,flying enclave ship,the enemies having better dialogues and saying ur name,naming ur character felt useless
mastershredder  +   915d ago
I agree that vehicles are needed, but there have been a few times I kinda wished that I had some type of transportation, just to mix it up. I second a little makeshift scooter/dirt bike of some kind. Maybe nuclear powered bikes, that you can ditch at full speed and take out a squad of super mutants. Kaboom! Yeah, not necessary, but there would have to be some kind of mechanical transportation, considering all the other tech that has survived or been created. I mean, common there are robots with tank-style tracks, Vertibirds, robo dogs and after all that business at Big Mountain, there has to be someone in the Fallout universe that has figured out to make a wheel spin again.

I really dug the weapon modding in NV. Heck, I even enjoyed hardcore mode.
Other than adding new locations to the franchise, there is not a whole lot to change up. Making it more stable, graphic and environmental improvements are to be expected in the generation leap.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   915d ago
Fallout 4 just needs to be like Skyrim but with guns.
cootdog123  +   912d ago
I'm hoping they announce the game at the VGA'S in December.

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