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Sony has a "crazy announcement" tomorrow, according to God of War writer

There's going to be an announcement from Sony tomorrow - any guesses what it could be? (PS3, PS4, Sony)

Update http://n4g.com/news/1329843

Cory Barlog Returns to Sony Santa Monica Studio

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stonecold3  +   448d ago
the last guardian or the getaway 3 or uncharted 4 ?
SillyYou  +   448d ago
I dont think it's Uncharted 4, too important to not show it on Gamescom.
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pedrof93  +   448d ago
Keep Calm.

The last time we got a new Ratchet and Clank game.

So don't over hype please.

Btw tomorrow is today right ?
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SillyYou  +   448d ago | Well said

A new ratched and clank game is fuc*ing awesome, where is the problem?
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Freak of Nature  +   448d ago
I can see the next Naughty game be it Uncharted 4 or a new IP be shown at the VGA's...

The Last guardian at TGS is my bet.

GG's new IP probably after Killzone gets more of the limelight.

SSM's new IP could be the game?

Media Molecules new IP? With LBP3 being shown by Sumo digital I think MM's new IP could be getting a more in depth look.

A new MediEvil would be most welcome...

The return of Oddworld would also be special.

Or the return of Crash bandicoot?

Well, any of the above would be frosting for me...
inveni0  +   448d ago
As long as it's amazing, I don't care what it is.
The_Con-Sept  +   448d ago
Surprize announcement to be grand theft auto V on Xbox 360 PS3 and PS4... Not x1
pedrof93  +   447d ago

Well if you expect a new God of War for the Ps4.

A R"n"C for the Ps3 isn't exactly what you expect. If you understand what I mean.
SoundGamer  +   447d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if it's about PlayStation All-Stars Island. lol
abzdine  +   447d ago
@pedrof93: what's wrong with Ratchet and Clank? Not because you don't like it that others don't!
i'll be so happy for a PS4 episode of Ratchet & Clank, i love this series as much as any Sony's big series..

I'll stick to my computer today, i hope some great news.. Vita price cut since Gamescom will be PS4 focused? And reveal of PS4/Vita bundle? One can dream but whatever announcement it will be great for gamers.
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FATAL1TY  +   447d ago
God of War 4

Uncharted 4


Demon's Souls 2

GraveLord  +   447d ago
Naughty Dog games have a tendency to be revealed at the VGAs. I don't see that changing.

Cory Barlog is rumored to be working on Mad Max so that's probably what it is.
DuncesOfWur  +   447d ago
It's not a game..it's just cory balrog back to to work.

*Sigh* disappointing
XmarksDaSPOT   447d ago | Spam
ziggurcat  +   447d ago
@ DuncesOfWur

"It's not a game..it's just cory balrog back to to work.

*Sigh* disappointing"

look at the date of the tweet. now look at today's date. notice how it was tweeted today, and that the "tomorrow" referred to in the tweet is actually the 10th?
flankhim  +   447d ago
A new god of war pack for ps4! All the games in one! Lets buy it again!
ohiostatesman  +   441d ago
So the big announcement was just some dude coming back to work at SM? WTF
Septic  +   448d ago
Wow Sony keep on giving. A new Getaway game would be cool but anything from Naughty Dog is bound to be incredible.

Saying that, they should save their announcement for Gamescom. I love it when you have a combo of amazing announcements back to back leaving your mind=blown.
stevehyphen  +   448d ago
History may not be on our side in regards to Naughty Dog and Gamescom, but it may very well happen. Any and all big guns will be pulled out before the consoles launch. The Uncharted 3 team is still hiding in the woodwork.
GribbleGrunger  +   447d ago
It depends on what he means when he says 'crazy'. I'm not getting myself hyped just yet.
Ozmoses  +   447d ago

this is the BIG news!!! Cory Balrog returns to Santa Monica...

this nothing game related
AirJohnston  +   447d ago
Naughty Dog usually announces their games at the VGAs, unfortunately
fermcr  +   448d ago
Please... no new GOW. It needs to rest for some time. Would be good a new IP.
Majin-vegeta  +   448d ago
I love GOW much as the next guy but i agree.Now if were talking about Heavenly sword 2?Im game :p
JoGam  +   447d ago
They better not reveal a game that they can just reveal at Games Con. I hate when Sony shows their hand early when they could have just announced the game at a major event which will make the event even better.
DeadlyFire  +   447d ago
They said Crazy you guys. What could be a crazy jaw dropping wow type of thing to do right before the 2013 holiday season?

PSVita Free with first 100000 PS4 purchases.

GTA V at PS4 launch < that I am doubtful, but hey it could happen. PS3 seems to be the lead development platform unless it was ported to PS3 with help from Sony from the PS4 development kits to the PS3.

Uncharted 4 as PS4 launch title November 2013. :O

PS4 Launches very, very soon. Madness awaits! :)
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NobleTeam360  +   447d ago
Hmmm it's unlikely we see any of that but your enthusiasm is welcome. I'd personally expect a game announcement.
RedSoakedSponge  +   447d ago
im sorry to say, but i think all of those ideas are highly unlikely lol.

PSVita for free?! are you kidding me?! lol
Commandar_Shepard  +   447d ago
You people are insane if you think Sony has a massive AAA launch title in development and they're waiting 2-3 months before the console releases to even announce it.

Keep your hype in check. Gamescom is in less than two weeks. That's where the announcements will be, including the release date.
DeadlyFire  +   447d ago
Okay I was wrong. It was just Cory Barlog promoting Cory Barlog coming back to Sony Santa Monica.

rainslacker  +   447d ago
When I think crazy and Sony, I think of Kevin Butler. Maybe they're bringing him back.:)
kayoss  +   447d ago
It will be a super mario game.
-Superman-  +   447d ago
Usually Gamescom has been always big for Sony and important than E3.
TheSsus  +   447d ago
Agent isn't dead??
-EvoAnubis-  +   447d ago
Rockstar renewed the trademark on it recently, so apparently not. I guess we'll just have to see what happens.
USMC_POLICE  +   447d ago
getaway 3 would be crazy!!
Martywren  +   447d ago
I agree or eight days, or syphon filter.
MWong  +   447d ago
@ stonecold3

Any one of those 3 will do. Please just don't make the Getaway 3 an FPS. Keep it in London too, I loved Black Monday.
Ozmoses  +   447d ago

this is the BIG news!!! Cory Balrog returns to Santa Monica...

nothing game related
ziggurcat  +   447d ago
the tweet here:


was posted *today*.

tomorrow hasn't happened yet.
turgore  +   447d ago
Please be getaway 3.
jonatan221  +   447d ago
@ ziggurcat

No, the tweet was posted on August 8 9:30pm
ziggurcat  +   447d ago
the time stamp clearly says august 9 @ 12:30AM.
Shadonic  +   448d ago
God of war Journey through the DMV!!!!!
WeAreLegion  +   447d ago
Even Kratos has his limits.
THC CELL  +   448d ago
It begins
Saddam_hussein  +   448d ago

Really man?
megaworm25  +   448d ago
i thought you were dead Saddam
Bhuahahaha  +   448d ago
nope he pretty much alive and kicking. he and friends namely kadaffi and bin laden always play poker every friday night at dubai
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   448d ago
Interesting.Confident enough to not even save it for gamescom.

christrules0041  +   448d ago
They have only shown 5 out of there 20 exclusives that launch in the first year. Forsure they have enough to do stuff like this still. Maybe they are planning on doing a trailer and then at Gamescom they will show gameplay.
DeadlyFire  +   447d ago
Well since 12 of them are New IPs. That leaves 3-6 returning franchises, and lots of unknowns. :)
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NobleTeam360  +   447d ago
Can't wait, I want to see some JRPG games get announced.
stevehyphen  +   448d ago
Has the blog ever been the choice method of press release for Sony? The blog quite often features third party dev interviews and indie coverage. I doubt it'll be anything major.
DeadlyFire  +   447d ago
They did say crazy though so it could be something worthwhile from a third party. Possibly PS+ related third party deal.
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slimeybrainboy  +   448d ago
Last of Us multiplayer goes MMO on PS4?
SillyYou  +   448d ago
hh wut?
thechosenone  +   448d ago
Who the hell wouldn't love an MMO of TLoU? O.o That would be simply amazing.
slimeybrainboy  +   448d ago
That's what I thought, I don't know why I got dislikes lol. It'd be like Day-z but awesome, and you could get NPC companions, dogs, set up factions and and build camps. Scavenge for food to keep your group alve, would be so bomb.
RedSoakedSponge  +   447d ago

you got dislikes because its sadly way too unlikely to ever happen lol.
mafiahajeri  +   447d ago
Its not about us not wanting it, its that its such a stupid guess...
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ziggurcat  +   447d ago
no it wouldn't. MMOs are garbage.
mafiahajeri  +   448d ago
Even Krang is like "wtf?"
fsfsxii  +   448d ago
Persona 5
Or that sony bought Atlus.
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ZodTheRipper  +   448d ago
This would be by far the biggest announcement for me ...but I can't really believe in it unfortunately :'(
fsfsxii  +   448d ago
If its really tomorrow than it has to be atlus lol
The auction house was last week
Otoshigamisama  +   448d ago
Believe in Sony :)

TheGrimReaper0011  +   448d ago
Who is the Thor guy?
Otoshigamisama  +   448d ago
Jim Ryan Part of Sony Entertainment
hamzvira  +   447d ago
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wishingW3L  +   448d ago
this only be good for weaboo gamers and he would not be teasing something "huge" if it wasn't something more mainstream like The Last Guardian or something.
fsfsxii  +   448d ago
TLG is sooooo mainstrem -_-
RedSoakedSponge  +   447d ago
you deserve to be banned off this site for calling the last guardian mainstream lol.
Minato-Namikaze  +   447d ago
"Mainstream like The Last Guardian or something."

.......KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!
titletownrelo  +   447d ago
please dont flame me alive N4G community, but why is Atlus such a big deal lately?
Minato-Namikaze  +   447d ago
Persona is the big one, but they help bring over a Ton of lesser known titles to the states Demons souls, and 3dot heros being a few notables.
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Otoshigamisama  +   447d ago
Because atlus is one of the best publishers around they always localize they're games to NA Persona for example, SHin megami tensei if not always there is 90% chance that the game will make it to NA just like @minato wrote
majiebeast  +   448d ago
Custard Trout Cory Balrog was the director of Godofwar 2 calling him a writer is an insult.

He left Sony to join Avalanche on Mad Max then left there to go work for Crystal Dynamics and apparently he has left them aswell he could be back at Santa Monica Studios.
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showtimefolks  +   448d ago
You my man are always very well informed kudos

Since gamescom is all about PS4 could we have some game announcements for ps3 or Vita?

Last guardian but hats too big to announce like this
Getaway reboot please please
Eight days done by ND?

Yakuza 5 and yakuza 1-2 HD collection

They bought Atlus

Shenmue 1-2 HD collection?
CBaoth  +   448d ago
Most of those announcements like the Atlus acquisition, Shenmue and TLG would make more sense and have a far greater impact at TGS.
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rmw2hot  +   448d ago
Syphon Filter 4?
Foxgod  +   448d ago
DLC for God of War IV?
Rhythmattic  +   448d ago
Though you always stealth troll Sony related articles as a MS defendant , This is a time id have to agree with your comment regarding this "twitter" post.
babis1974  +   448d ago
brewskiebob  +   448d ago
A crazy announcement....i don't think it will be a game.the craziest thing i can think of would be a release date....but that may be too crazy
Mr-SellJack  +   448d ago
PS All Stars mobile
Sony bought Atlus(would be my guess)
GOW A online goes free
He helped in backyard wrestling other than mad max and gow,was such an awesome game
Darkfist  +   448d ago
PS All Stars sequel
modesign  +   448d ago
God of war wonder book edition.lol
WeAreLegion  +   447d ago
Haha. I actually really like the Wonderbook.
XRAVE  +   447d ago
TimeSkipLuffy  +   448d ago
PS4 release date is October XDDD
Deadpoolio  +   447d ago
God that would be the greatest announcement
Khajiit86  +   447d ago
Only Sony could make dreams come true.

Could be Sonys slogan if they did that
vigilante_man  +   448d ago
It says on playstation blog so maybe some extra sale or price drop?
DiRtY  +   448d ago
announcements of announcements... gotta love it.
JP1369  +   447d ago
It's become the new normal.
Bathyj  +   448d ago
Naughty Dog is rebooting Siphon Filter
ghostrider32  +   448d ago
Syhon Filter, or bought Crash Bandicoot back, hell a new MediEvil. I wonder.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   447d ago
Though I doubt it,if Sony actually did buy crash back id become a little giddy school girl,jumping around like theres no tomorrow.
AirJohnston  +   447d ago
New MediEvil actually popped in my head earlier, especially after what Mark Cerny said about the PS4 going back to what made people love Playstation in the first place. My bet would go towards a new SMS game though, which would still be awesome, but Crash Bandicoot being bought back or new MediEvil would get me more excited. Or even....Ape Escape? It's been too long
modesign  +   448d ago
LAIR sequel.lol
Jdoki  +   448d ago
I would not say no to that! If lessons were learned from the original it could be an amazing game, there was a lot of potential there. Too much hate for Lair! :)
modesign  +   447d ago
It was a cool concept. Just poor execution
MurerDk  +   448d ago
How about a realese date for the PS4 :-)
mafiahajeri  +   448d ago
Yes they would announce that on the PS blog! /S

Its today. wheres the announcement!?

hope its not this

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johny5  +   448d ago
I'm not going to lie I would prefer at least one God of War game for the PS4 even if it's based on a new character like maybe Kratos had a secret son like a love child and it takes placed years later after GOW3? at least it would be our version of Ryse. you know the superior version...
#21 (Edited 448d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PSVita  +   447d ago
It really wouldn't be GOW without kratos.
johny5  +   447d ago
not exactly... The mythos can continue with a child from him who is even more powerful it would certainly add a more human element to the series by passing the torch from father to son.

The problem with story telling in games is that they usually stick with the main characters for many sequels without trying something new! "see MGS Series" and no offence I love MGS!

if he died in GOW3 as was implied then why not continue the story from a child of his blood line who has to deal with other demi gods like himself since Kratos had killed all pure "greek gods" and find out more about his father along the way. I mean Kratos really screwed around with many women "most prostitutes" who's to say he doesn't have a few children? maybe even one from a god "Aphrodite anyone?" That means he would have a child that is like 80% god how F'n cool is that!

I think what would be very cool is if a child from him started a new era of gods at the end of that game by reproducing with the last demi god and going from Greek mythology to more Roman as all his offspring would have roman names so the series would be more loosely based on Roman mythology plus it would be a good twist on our reality for the reason many gods can be traced back to Greek mythology too!
#21.1.1 (Edited 447d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report
PSVita  +   447d ago
@johny5<<<<love that movie btw

Or: I had already considered all that and Sonys has rebooted KZ and Infamous with new characters but I just can't see a GOW without kratos...if they did go with his kid though I'd have to be Aphrodites' because if it was just a human the kid would only be 1/4 god. I'm not saying I wouldn't want or like a game without him But i hope it has an equally epic story.
#21.1.2 (Edited 447d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
dcj0524  +   447d ago
@johny5 to be fair you also get to play as raiden and Big Boss.
RytGear  +   447d ago
Maybe his brother, Deimos? I think that would be cool but I have noticed a slight lack of any Gods to kill after GOW3... That may be a problem.
johny5  +   447d ago
read my comment I just fixed problem! Remember Aphrodite wasn't killed and a few others too!
PSVita  +   447d ago
His brother died in ghost of Sparta
araman  +   448d ago
It's probably just another really good game being added to PS+ as a freebie.
Agent_hitman  +   448d ago
Twisted metal 2014-2015..
RedSoakedSponge  +   447d ago
i can only hope.

i really loved the last twisted metal game. thought it was really sad how it didnt sell too well :(
tigertron  +   448d ago
Crash Bandicoot please!
Picnic  +   448d ago
A proper Jet Set Radio Future sequel from Sega - exclusive to the PS4 - would steal some of Sunset Overdrive's thunder.
#25 (Edited 448d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
dcj0524  +   447d ago
YES! But the original is on XBOX.
Chaos_Raiden  +   448d ago
1) Massive price drop on PS Vita memory card.

2) New Legend of Dragoon for PS3/PS4/PSV

3) New Chrono game for PS3/PS4/PSV

4) Yakuza 5 English version

5) The Last Guardian

6) Agent
RytGear  +   447d ago
The Last Guardian and Agent are far too big for this, that would get saved for Gamescom, I personally think that they have bought something, like Atlus or Crash Bandicoot. Now THAT would be crazy.
Garuda33  +   448d ago
Sun, Bird, Bull, Lion, Sun... GOW4!
leahcim  +   448d ago
The Last Guardian, and I can rest in peace.
BLAKHOODe  +   447d ago
1) The PS4 is in stores NOW!
2) The PS4 has been delayed.
3) Sony has bought Microsoft and Nintendo.
4) PS5 release date!
PFFT  +   447d ago
LMFAO!!!! You can scratch 3 off. Its highly doubtful Sony can afford either company seeing as how Sonys financial situation is in the shit hole at the moment BUT MS could afford Sony in a heartbeat.
jaelegend  +   447d ago
lol them losing money dont mean there financial situation is in a shit hole lol is Sony bro nintendo is fine to MS is a pit leading to hell but unlimited money on the way there sony buys wat they want when they what they still spending ps2 money
Ritsujun  +   447d ago
Who let the maddog out?
strigoi814  +   447d ago
I think its not gonna be about games...
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