PS4 and Xbox One launch lacking 3rd party Japanese games

Japanese developers are usually at the forefront of any console launch. However, the upcoming launch of PS4 and Xbox One will have zero games coming from any Eastern developer.

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DivineAssault 1717d ago

Yes they are.. However, i know PS4 will get them in due time.. They always do even if it took forever this gen, PS3 got some.. M$ isnt going to sell in japan so i doubt many eastern titles will be made for it

Theyellowflash301717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

How did the PS3 sell compared to the PS2 in Japan?

Sony and Microsoft don't give a crap about Japan, or they would have some games ready.

IcicleTrepan1717d ago

If I were MS, I wouldn't give a crap about Japan either, but Sony should.

guitarded771717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

@ Theyellowflash30

I think Sony gives a crap about Japan... they're kinda located there, and it's one of their biggest markets.

Tokyo Game Show will reveal more games. FFXV and KH3 are some pretty big Eastern games already announced. MGS5 is another 3rd party Japanese 3rd party game... Sure, there may not be a lot at launch (unless announced at TGS), but Japanese play Western games too, and the Eastern games will come. Also, SEGA is said to have a Yakuza announcement incoming.

Man-E-Faces1717d ago

With Sony being a Japanese company it's bizarre to me with their lack of home grown studios/talent, outside of PD and Sony Japan studio why are they not building from within instead of looking to the west constantly for their next AA, AAA budgeted game(ND,SSM,Guerrilla,SuckerPu nch) etc. Give a AA-AAA budget to a Japanese studio and great games like NI NO KUNI can be made, is that too much to ask for.

Theyellowflash301717d ago


FF15 and KH3 are a long ways off. Were talking about the launch titles.

Japan is Sony's weakest market by their sales.

1. USA
2. Europe
3. Japan

- Japanese gamers don't play western games that much. Nobody in Japan is getting hyped for Battlefield 4, Killzone Shadowfall, and Halo.

- The Last of Us launched in Japan and it's not even over 140K

- Tomb Raider sold less than 50K in its debut week.

- Japanese gamers like Japanese games like Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Metal Gear, Animal Crossing, ect....not shooters.

Where is Sony's own Japanese launch titles?

guitarded771717d ago

@ Theyellowflash30

"Japan is Sony's weakest market by their sales."

Japan is a smaller country than the US (130 million compared to 320 million)... also, Europe is a bunch of countries, so if you compare Japan to any individual European nation, Japan is a huge market.

Like I said... wait for TGS. They will announce games there for the Japan market.

Finally, some Western games are big in japan... Like Dokken big!!! CoD sells in Japan, and sells well. I don't think Japanese gamers should be pigeonholed or stereotyped, the same way not every American just plays shooters.

Point is, Sony cares about the Japan market. There will be support from 3rd parties in Japan, and I'm confident that Japanese gamers will see 3rd party support from Eastern developers at the launch of the PlayStation 4. Microsoft on the other hand... I don't know about them. Japan hasn't been a good market for them. They will probably be focused on North America and Europe.

Theyellowflash301717d ago


I don't think Sony has much for TGS. But we will see.

Sony wasn't even in the top five for publisher sales in Japan

Namco Bandai
Square Enix

all beat out a lot. Sony also has no first party titles released this year that have 700K in Japan

Nintendo has 3.

Sony released 1 first party Japanese IP for the Vita in the first half of 2013. Nintendo released 4 for the 3DS in Japan.

- COD sells "ok" in Japan for a Western IP, but its no where near the level of Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, or Final Fantasy. Luigi's Mansion has doubled COD Black Ops 2 sales in Japan alone.

Inception1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )


"- Japanese gamers don't play western games that much. Nobody in Japan is getting hyped for Battlefield 4, Killzone Shadowfall, and Halo.

- The Last of Us launched in Japan and it's not even over 140K"

FYI, The Last of Us total sales in japan right now is about 180k-190k and it's still selling. And 118k in 1st week for The Last of Us sales in japan is preety high by japan standard. Not many japanese game can made that sales in 1st week. Just look at Pikmin 3, who's moareeee popular than The Last of Us and made by Nintendo, only got 90k for 1st week sales in japan. Even Donkey Kong Country Returns for 3DS only got 104k in 1st week. Two highly popular IP from Nintendo got a slight beaten by new IP from Sony in their 1st week sales in japan.

So it's obvious Sony gave a crap for japan. Sony even hired Harrison Ford to promote Uncharted 3 in japan. And look Uncharted 3 sales in japan on 1st week is 124k

That's also why it is not true what you said about japanese gamers doesn't play much of western games. Right now, i'm playin UC 3 & The Last of US mp for weeks, and i'm facing japanese gamers a lot.

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Tito081717d ago

Well, all I can say is to better wait for TGS next month, but hope it becomes good, TGS hasn't been as good as in past gens.

showtimefolks1717d ago

wait for TGS

E3 for mostly american developers
gamescom for European
TGS for Japanese

dale_denton1717d ago

isn't knack made by japan studios?

Tito081715d ago

Yeah, in a cooperation with Mark Cerny serving as game director. I think he came up with the concept behind Knack, which I find it a little interesting.

Ripsta7th1717d ago

"Luigi's Mansion has doubled COD Black Ops 2 sales in Japan alone"- find this really hard to beleive

Arai1716d ago

I wonder if this site ever heard of the Tokyo Game Show...

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Thepharaoh1717d ago

They're coming. Mistwalker still owes Microsoft a favor Sony has plenty of good relation in japan Microsoft opened a new Japanese studio so their bound to make something.Though
I'm sure Sony will pull through in terms of giving the gamers jrpg ,I doubt Microsoft will do anything all that special. Especially since they even stated themselves Japan would be secondary country.

B-radical1717d ago

When did they open a Japanese studio?

christocolus1716d ago

Ms opened the studio some couple of years back,its usually referred to as MGS Osaka. You could google it. Hired a lot of good talent from other studios into it.the studio has multiple teams working inhouse and with other 3rd party japanese devs. Nothing has been heard about their upcoming games though...I expect more announcements at TGS.

slapedurmomsace1717d ago

Eh', Japan is really moving towards the "portable" gaming scene. And really most Japanese developers try to "westernize" their games, so honestly there's been a short supply of Japanese 3rd party games for a while now.

ape0071717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

who else want a resi 2 remake on that insanely good looking deep down Engine???

there's a petition for a resi 2 remake, it's now over 31K votes, i voted

we need a great resi game, either a remake or a worthy successor to the legendary RESI 4

FlameHawk1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Why would you make this article with TGS coming up....
And I've said this before, Japan really doesn't care about consoles, they care about portable gaming.

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