Weekly Horoscope for Gamers

We all love reading those bogus horoscope predictions in the paper, so the psychics at The Exploding Barrel have gazed into the stars and revealed your gaming future. You'll be amazed at what's in store for you in the very first horoscope just for gamers!

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Tempist3539d ago

Heh, so glad I don't have a 360. I'm safe!

donalbane3539d ago

Wow, way to take a neutral, fun-loving post and turn it into a wedge for fanboyism.

StormSoldier3539d ago

Havnet been playing halo for 3 months so idk dont even got the game or system lol.

killtheaquitted3539d ago

I'm glad that I dont have wacky japanese por.n on my PC

bloodred_dragon3539d ago

These horoschopes are crazier than the rest. I don't even have a credit card. :\