The Rise, Fall & Crash of Sonic the Hedgehog

Oh, Sonic. What's happened to you? It's no small secret that Sega's once-dominant mascot has slipped over the years, with awful games making things worse by the month. But worldwide love is still strong, and each time there's a new platformer announced we shuffle in line like a bunch of nice devoted fanboys and pray, deep down, that this will be the Sonic game that doesn't suck. And gamers are let down every time.

How did it come to this?

That's what Games Radar are here to discuss. From the successful beginning to the most recent "Wolf Sonic" shocker, they will chronicle Sonic's descent from superstar to punchline.

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neogeo3901d ago

The Sonic team is long gone. all the original programmers left Sega years ago.

Varsarus3901d ago

yeah :\, they should be ok, if Sonic Unleashed get's a good score they're on track.