Official: Upgrade Xbox 360 games to Xbox One version for $10 at GameStop

It’s finally official. GameStop announced on Aug. 8 that customers will be able to trade-in select Xbox 360 titles and upgrade to the Xbox One version for an affordable price – though this offer is only available for select titles.

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georgeenoob1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

So if I get a 360 version of Ghosts and get an X1 later on, I can switch my 360 version of Ghosts to X1 for only $10. That's a very brilliant and convenient strategy.


What makes you say that? It states Ghosts right there in the article.

Hicken1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

That's probably not happening for Ghosts. Don't get your hopes up.

Edit: I sit corrected. Though, to be fair, I was basing it on the assumption that this was definitively a Microsoft promotion, not a GameStop one. Which would require a deal with Activision that the latter likely wouldn't make.

In any case, I was wrong.

MizTv1776d ago

It's a good deal
But I can wait 20 days or so for it to drop on nextgen

lastofgen1776d ago

So, you pretty much only read the title and not the content of the article...

JokesOnYou1776d ago

"That's probably not happening for Ghosts. Don't get your hopes up."

"If this deal sounds intriguing to you, the following titles are eligible for the Xbox 360 to Xbox One upgrade offer:"

•Call of Duty: Ghosts
•Madden NFL 25
•FIFA 14
•Battlefield 4
•Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

-Hicken, That's what happens when you can't wait to blindly say something negative in a xbox thread.

XboxFun1776d ago

"I sit corrected. Though, to be fair, I was basing it on the assumption that this was definitively a Microsoft promotion, not a GameStop one. Which would require a deal with Activision that the latter likely wouldn't make."

let me fix this for you Hicken...

"I was blind. Though to be fair, I was quick to jump into a Xbox article even though I am a raging sony fanboy just to negatively leave a comment regarding MS or anything MS related."

Hicken1776d ago

Whatever you guys say. It wasn't blind, but between the cash cow tactics of a company like Activision, and the fact that it said "select titles," it's pretty reasonable to expect Call of Duty wouldn't have been one of the titles included.

That aside, when was the last time ANY of you MS fanboys ever recanted an incorrect statement? Never?

Hell, you all still think the DRM was cool. You're all still defending everything MS has said and done, from the PRISM scandal to "get a 360 if you don't have internet."

Oh, well. That's what I get for actually being civil and admitting where I was wrong. I know not to do it again.

maniacmayhem1776d ago

"That aside, when was the last time ANY of you MS fanboys ever recanted an incorrect statement? Never?"

Instead of just bowing out gracefully and leaving well enough alone you go into this psycho rage?

Ask yourself when was the last time you have EVER acted civil with anyone else on this site.

That would be the better question.

Hicken1776d ago

Calling out fanboys when they're being hypocritical is "psycho rage" now? lol, okay.

My comment history is actually pretty full of me being civil, even when people say stupid and completely untrue things that don't deserve any level of civility.

But I suppose any such instances simply don't exist when you're looking, huh?

maniacmayhem1776d ago

You really want to go there Hicken?

This is just the first page of your comments and all you are doing is attacking anyone you think in your head is a so called "troll".

Calling them stupid, saying you hate their comments, or that they're brainwashed. This is what you call being civil?

JokesOnYou1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Well check this out Hicken:

JokesOnYou 59d ago

Wow, that's great news for potential ps4 owners...I for one thought there was no way in hell ps4 wouldn't have some kind of drm...I stand corrected, congrats sony.

-Theres more where I give sony props and criticize micro, but you know what, even though I thought sony would implement some form of drm check my history and you won't see me in every ps4 thread ranting about what sony will or won't do, before or after their announcement at E3, in fact I rarely visit any ps related thread because its not my main console of choice and I don't feel the need to invade every thread to give my 2 cents why I prefer X1, but I can and I have given plenty credit where credit is due to sony, at the same time you may call me a "MS fanboy" but if following what you like and giving reasons WHY I prefer xbox make me a"MS fanboy then so be it. I'd much prefer to have civil conversation/debate with you, but you make it hard when you constantly look to bash everything about the xbox brand.

darthv721775d ago

this is a pretty good promotion. the games are all 3rd party so i would imagine GS will do something similar for ps3 to ps4 games.

Maybe even the same games....? Its an incentive to trade up and for only $10 per title.

on a side note, a couple of xmas ago i bought my kids rock band (when it was so hot at the time) but the version i wanted (PS3) was not available. It was the full band kit not just the game and when xmas rolled around and the kids went to play it, it didnt work right on my ps3.

i have a Bc Ps3 so it seemed logical it would work but it didnt. so rather than play it on the ps2, i took the game (only) back to GS and they allowed me to trade up to the PS3 version for $10. They gave me a new copy (not a previously owned one) and my kids were happy.

Gamestop isnt all evil all the time. But some of their pricing is questionable.

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theWB271776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Because Hicken will lament anything having to do with the X1. If it cured cancer then he'd point out it takes 3 hours instead of a half hour.

But that's mainly how most X1 downers matter what Micro announces about the X1...there'll be someone who puts it down or say Sony invented, I mean used it first.

No...many on this aren't willing to give all concerning the X1. They left a sour taste and you don't like them anymore...good to know no other game company has ever made a mistake. Good thing Micro has pretty much gave in to every customer demand yet people still complain.

They haven't done anything worse than releasing an overpriced machine and then stripping it in order to get the price down. PS3 did that...yet it's ok?

cyguration1776d ago

Nah, many of us are willing to give XB1 props where it deserves it, but Microsoft has left a sour taste on my hobby and I don't much like them anymore.

Tito081776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Dude, don't you forget price was a reason why PS3 sales weren't as good as Sony hoped, and also why a lot of people bought the 360 instead, even industry veterans were against Sony for their inconvenient business decisions, so don't make it seem like as if MS only gets bashed.

BTW, MS basically took the DRM, but price still remains the same, while Sony took down BC, stripped the USB ports from 4 to 2, this is what you call GET THE PRICE DOWN. Also if you look at both PS3 & 360, which console functions more without an online subscription, of course it's the PS3, even if 360 has some amazing features for the cost of $60 a year, this is already repeating with PS4 vs X1, MS is now the one with the overpriced console, and still with locked features unless you pay for Live, while you have to pay for PS+ on PS4 to play online multiplayer, but here's the trick, the keyword is "Online Multiplayer."

Unlike some people, I give both Sony & MS credit at the things they did right, only Nintendo I don't give props at this moment.

HammadTheBeast1776d ago

PS3 was expensive, no going around it. But, I don't see much stripping down, no more than Xbox downgrading to a 4 gb hard drive to lower costs or rushing 360 out with a 53% failure rate in order to compete and boost sales.

theWB271776d ago

How many ports were taken out? Completely removed backwards compatibility which was a HUGE feature alot of people like to think should be in next gen consoles. Flash card reader, eliminated USB ports and then other things like Linux support and the Other OS feature.

Xbox360 didn't downgrade to a 4gb model. It's optional unlike walking into a store and buying a brand new PS3 with the same features from the launch version. You're still able to do that with the 360.

The failure rate has nothing to do with this since it cost Microsoft more than it cost us. But if you think stripping the 360 of the RROD is a bad be it.

darthv721775d ago

lol @hammad thinking the 4gb 360 was a downgrade. that was actually an upgrade from the 512mb arcade version which itself was an upgrade to the ZERO mb core.

Ms always had their premium and it too went through the upgrade process from 20 to 60 to 120 on up. there hasnt been a downgrade on any 360 models. they have been doing upgrades since the first one was put out.

sony on the other hand............

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StoutBEER1776d ago

Battlefield 4???! Yes holy shit!! Would of had to wait two weeks to play on Xbox One or so and now all i gotta do is spend ten extra bucks!!!??? Not bad at all!

Stsonic1776d ago

For exactly how long will this promotion be available you have to ask. 1, 2 weeks?

Deathdeliverer1776d ago

So you have to buy the game, i.e COD ghost, on 360 WHILE you have a power up rewards card within 30 days of its release date, then you have till the end of the year to trade it in for the X1 version with a coupon and 10 additional dollars. My question is WHY THE HELL would you buy any of those games on 360 when the X1 version comes out at the same time? Give or take some days. Final Fantasy 14 ARR comes out for PS3 and all though the PS4 has no solid release date yet, there is no way in hell im going to buy it 2 times (PS3 then PS4) for any amount other than even swap. I guess its for those guys that cannot wait. Besides, you will have to start the games completely over. (Not FF, im talking about the games offered for this deal) Can't start a season on Madden, Gotta rush through Black Flag so you wont have to repeat that boring escort mission, Only play COD multiplayer till the XOne vers. comes out. I just don't see the logical benefit. Someone help.

LoveOfTheGame1775d ago

Logical Benefit = Madden 25.

I argued with my friends that we should just wait till the next gen version is out but they don't want to wait three months. Now I can buy the 360 version then upgrade three months later.

Also this is perfect for someone not getting their next gen console till christmas. That way they can still enjoy their favorite games without have to pay $120 + tax.

KontryBoy7061775d ago

that means you paid $70 instead of $60

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spike1776d ago

I can't wait to buy the same game twice.

Deividas1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Thats exactly what I was thinking. Why the hell would people do that unless someone seriously cant wait like a couple weeks for their new console to arrive? (weeks depends on when XOne comes out) Not a bad deal but its still an extra $10 to spend, plus tax.

Khajiit861776d ago

Yeah I would rather wait and have my first experience of BF4 on next gen.

romancer1776d ago

You call buying a next-gen game for $10 "buying the same game twice" ?

It's closer to buying two games for the price of one,

jronj1776d ago

I'm not anti Xbone or anything but I don't really see the point in this.
Ghosts is a launch title so why would you buy it for the 360 if you are going to get the new system?

MattyF1776d ago

The best example is: You buy Madden this month and then decide you want the Xbox One version. You could trade-in Madden for $50 and get it on Xbox One for $10 instead of waiting 2+ months.

Bigpappy1776d ago

How about youngsters in college who may have to wait until Christmas cause mom isn't able to buy it until then? There are lots of good reasons why this would be helpful.

1776d ago
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox1776d ago

another way of them fleecing you.

Automatic791776d ago

I was planning on picking up Assassins Creed 4 on Xbox 360 first then picking up the rest of the titles that release along with Xbox One on day one. Now I have another title that I can add to the collection. The transition to Xbox One is going to seamless. Especially with xbox live.

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