Xbox 360 Battling: 'Microsoft's next-gen gear has lost its early ascendancy' - Jason Hill

XBOX 360 has just celebrated its second anniversary in Australia and enjoys the strongest library of games and the best online network compared to its "next-generation" console rivals.

Microsoft made the most of being first to market with a next-gen console, but suddenly finds itself on the back foot. Nintendo's Wii has already overtaken the Xbox 360's Australian installed base thanks to rampant sales, and Sony's PS3 weekly sales are now also consistently higher than 360, suggesting Microsoft's console has lost its early momentum.

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Phil Harrison Mklll3899d ago

It's great seeing the xFlop360 fall :P
&all there pathetic xbox slaves dying :D
Bring on the xZUNE480YahooooooooHDi :D

Shaka2K63899d ago

Anyways, microflop is in the tubes right now the biggest issue with the xbug 3rd60 is the lack of good exclusive AAA games for 2008, gears of short 2 looks like crap next to Haze.

Doctor Who3899d ago

its amazing really, microsoft has all that money and they still cant beat the PS3. Funny really

Official General3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Oh my gosh what the f**k???? LOL, look that Halo (Gaylo) avatar thats just totally hilarious and funny!!!! Man how did you do that? Just look at that, two Master Chiefs kissing and hugging? ROTFL LOL, thats just damn crazy man, what a diss, an absolute diss! LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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Hellsvacancy3899d ago

do we need 2 talk about the fall of xbox AGAIN!!!

Bathyj3899d ago

People STILL talk about the Roman Empire and Titanic. Its a big deal to see something so big, sinking before your eyes.

Nice Avatar.

kornbeaner3899d ago

All faulty hardware and other issues aside, the main problem with the Xbox brand is that it hasn't found that X-factor, that little niche that will make other consumers beside just the hardcore purchase one. They might need to assess their marketing and pricing a little. Because $50 a year for the service is great for the hardcore, but for the average consumer that just another bill added to a product that is a luxury to begin with.

Clinton5143899d ago

I don't like mentioning it due to rabbit opinion haters on this site but MS has rabidly approached their saturation point and it's time for them to think up ways to expand beyond their core audience.

LevDog3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

HaHaHaHa banjo kazooie huh? Watch out Ps3.. Please look at those titles.. 2 of em are even worth a damn.. 360 isnt dead.. but it is on life support.. XBL isnt even that much better than PSN.. So you have ahcievments and gamer score.. Besides yourself does any other gamer actually look at it.. UMM No, No other gamer cares what others achievments and gamer score are seriously.. PSN is adding all the features that XBL has and it will be free.. Plus you can vid chat with up to six friends or clan mates at the same time.. something XBL cant do.. No point in paying for XBL seriously

Amanosenpai3899d ago

-X box 360 lost australia, but it still has US (for now ^^)

MOTO-X3899d ago

I like your style there LevDog. I dont even know a person that owns a 360. Love my Ps3 though

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The story is too old to be commented.