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Submitted by Broll 917d ago | opinion piece

Does Major Nelson Unbox More Problems for Xbox One?

CCC Says: "The details of the Xbox One have been surprisingly enigmatic considering all of the media hype surrounding it and its competitor, the PlayStation 4. Scraps of information are sought daily by game journalists everywhere–from interpreting game release dates as clues to the console release to speculation on hardware specs and compatibility requirements for the system. Most days turn up little, if any, truly quantifiable information. Today is not one of those days." (Major Nelson, Microsoft, Xbox One)

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nick309  +   917d ago
As an owner of a 360, i gotta say the fact i had to get a charge kit was quite dumb, as its kinda costy, that poses a problem. But the power brick? I just place it behind my shelf on the floor. About the kinect... Also a problem as you also have to pay for a clip/stand for your tv, otherwise it probably wont detect you as good, yea, dumb accessories to buy.
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darthv72  +   917d ago
You put yours on top of your tv? i have thought about doing that. Mine sits on top of the soundbar in front of my tv and actually blends in when looking at it head on.

Looking at it from the side is not as visually appealing but when i play i am in the center anyway so no worries.
nick309  +   917d ago
Yea, i bought a clip for ps eye and kinect for around 20 bucks.
JokesOnYou  +   917d ago
nick309 just get yourself a $10 recharge set from Walmart it will work with X1 or any AA/AAA battery device in your house.

You don't need anything for Kinect to work properly, I've had mine under my TV for awhile now with no problems.

As for this news article he was trying hard to be negative but I read the whole thing and I still don't know what "problems" came from the unboxing....I thought it was pretty dam cool to see the console I want up close, instead of abstract media pics.
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georgeenoob  +   917d ago | Well said
Well, this is what fanboys do. They watch a video as simple as an unboxing of an Xbox and try to point out any little thing that can lead to something negative. Instead of the opposite, like being thankful that a headset actually comes bundled. Gotta love N4G.
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gaffyh  +   917d ago
This unboxing video, although might have shown some issues with the hardware design, felt very honest. So I commend MS for finally releasing a video that didn't hide any information in ambiguity. It was completely open and honest for the first time since the Xbone reveal, they even showed the power brick etc. They deserve some respect for that at the very least.
Man2bFree  +   917d ago
why do we still have to buy AA batteries for controller??????? fuck that, just for that, i will never buy the xbox 1!! ps3 had that shit down back in 06, and we still dealing with batteries! smh...
Freedomland  +   917d ago
You X1 buyers have lots of decisions to make like where to put the Kinect, where to put the power brick, from where and what type of charge kit to buy. Do we need batteries or not.
Man, you guys really need a plan right out of the box.
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Death  +   917d ago | Well said
Believe it or not most Xbox gamers don't get tripped up easily. Things like what directions the batteries face or should I get a play and charge kit are typically easy hurdles to overcome. When my dual shock dies I need to plug it into my ps3 to keep playing. Standing a foot or two in front of my tv kind of sucks while trying to play. Grabbing another battery pack and slapping it in takes about 30 seconds and I still get to play wireless.

Finding a place for the kinect sensor requires planning? I can see why the PSEye sells so well. Who would have guessed PS owners were so easily intimidated?
Freedomland  +   917d ago

Calm down mate, I only mentioned problems which are being discussed.

I know xbox fanboys are really tough guys because how Microsoft misfired in the recent months, only you guys can withstand.

About your comment:
Pseye is not compulsory so you don't have to worry about it.
You can have longer usb cord to charge and play, in my case, my controller is always charged full before I start to play any game and it can easily last 10 to 12 hours of gameplay with very high rumble.
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Death  +   917d ago | Well said
Kudos to you that you can plan ahead to charge your controller but still can't figure out where to put Kinect or if you should pick up a play and charge kit.

No calm needed. A friend of mine showed me awhile ago that you simply match the pluses and minuses up when installing batteries. Makes life much easier knowing that.
Freedomland  +   917d ago

Read my comment carefully it's not about me, it's about X1 buyers.
Read other comments more carefully before my comment, they mentioned these problems I didn't.
I just elaborated a bit.
abzdine  +   917d ago | Well said
@georgeenoob: before you talk about fanboys or trolls or whatever, just take a look at how many bubbles you have and tell me why you did lose them??
What??? You can't answer me? :D
Khajiit86  +   917d ago

I swear I charge my controller once ever two weeks. The dualshock battery lasts forever.
Aghashie  +   917d ago

Ur DualShock3 is dead mid-gameplay cause u failed to charge it regularly. A fully charged DS3 can last 6+ hours w out gameplay interruption and u can plug it and charge it for a few minutes when taking a break for a sandwich, going to the bathroom, attending a phone call, taking a smoking brake, etc. An empty DS3 will take baut 2 hours to fully charge, so, if u have two of them u can charge one while using the other.

No brainer bro...


Well, I got two controllers, a charging station and multiple 10ft standard to mini USB cables. So, I never run out of charge.

Charging Docks are available @ Amazon for less than $20, and u can get 10ft cables for about $5 on the same site.

Now tell me, how much are u spending on batteries trough a whole year?

Anyway... Is ur money. You are free to spend it anyway u want. Good luck buddy.
hazardman  +   917d ago
@ Freedom Land, had to laugh at that my AA Energizer rechargeable say hello 2.5 weeks on one charge. When im not working in winter i get a good week on them!
Ritsujun  +   917d ago
Who let the GG-n00b out?
HonestDragon  +   917d ago

That's what fanboys do, eh? You mean much like what you have done on other articles pertaining to the PS4 and Xbox One? I think the article writer has valid points in his criticisms and praise.

1. Batteries for Controllers: We are in 2013. Sony have had chargeable controllers since the PS3 came out. Nintendo caught up with the Wii U classic controllers and GamePad being chargeable. Years before that, there were other peripherals and electronic devices that could be charged and not need batteries. Why is Microsoft still screwing people over with this only to lead many to buy a play and charge kit?

2. Kinect Sensor: This should undoubtedly have been an option. Why Microsoft is pushing the Kinect again is beyond me. Even though they say it's refined and better, it should have been an option, like the PS Eye camera. Instead, the Kinect just drives up the price.

3. Headset is a Plus: This is pretty good. Considering that Xbox is known for online multiplayer, headsets are a must.

4. HDMI Cable Provided: High definition is the thing now and having one with the system when bought is a good thing.

5. Power Brick is Back: Really? After seeing how many times those things failed for a few of my friends and the hassle of having the room to put it, I don't see how Microsoft haven't learned their lesson from before. The power brick is like a paper weight that doesn't know where to go.
Highlife  +   917d ago
1-2 foot cable really. You can get a super cheap usb extender for less than a pack of batteries. I can sit comfortably on my couch 10 feet away and still have slack. But who doesn't have more than one controller. I always have one charged and just switch then out when done.
sak500  +   917d ago

Wow if the major worries for me to buy X1 will be where to put kinect or do i buy rechargable batts or go for play and charge kit rather than of having no disc sharing with friends or mandatory once every 24 hour online connectivity or like ps4 potential buyers' worrying whether they should buy the pseye or whatever the new camera is called and whether it will be supported by any devs, then i'm glad to go with x1.
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JohnnyBadfinger  +   917d ago
Is there a wired controller available? I prefer wired controllers they are a lot less hassle then rechargeable bullshit. And more reliable the thumb sticks die long before the wire starts faulting
dedicatedtogamers  +   917d ago | Well said
As I said many months ago, Xbox One is the new media whipping boy. PS4 is not perfect, but there aren't glaring flaws with the system or with Sony's approach` to the system, not enough to make people constantly pick on it, at least.

Xbox fans think it's crazy how people can read (what Xbox fans believe is) a good story and somehow "twist" it into a bad thing. Guess what? Same exact thing happened with PS3. Because Sony had built up so much ill will with the gaming community, they suffered years of irrational hate. Even good stories like great review scores for PS3 exclusives or an announcement of a new PS3 game was often met with "okay, this sounds good. But is it $600 good? LOLOLOL"

I guess what goes around comes around.
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darthv72  +   917d ago | Well said
the problem with mocking the ps3 was because for its price and the quality of the initial games there was real doubt as to why someone would pay $600 for a system that had no definitive edge over the competition.

We all know quality comes with experience but the first batch of ps3 games were regarded as high res ps2 games and at that time the 360 games looked visually better on a system that cost less.

the criticism was genuinely warranted. Now these systems are more on par with each other than before. What Ms criticism are about is not so much the system or the specs but their proposed policies that have been reversed.

Their evolving system that changes each day but regardless if the changes are for the positive, people will harp on the 'could have been' as the key source of the negative.

What seems surprising is how silent sony has been in the face of these changes. MS reverses their policy on DRM and so forth and yet we dont hear a peep from sony or any sort of rumbling that they may be looking at reversing any decisions they made. Like the inclusion of the camera or perhaps the removal of the PS+ requirement for online play.

If Ms is backpeddling for the positive then why not sony?
XboxFun  +   917d ago
@ Dedicated

Who was this comment directed too? I think this would be better suited for one of your blogs.

So all this bias you seem to post in almost every Xbox article stems from what happened to the PS3 6 to 7 years ago? You held this grudge for MS for seven long years.

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dc1  +   917d ago

Come on man. You're purposely acting aloof.

You are now equating the MS anti consumer policies with service offerings and optional accessories.

I'm on my phone and would expound further, but can't at this time.

We all know the 360 is your console of choice. There is nothing wrong with that. But let's try to be honest about somethings. You're a good poster ..I just don't want you to go south like foxgod (I still love you foxgod).
tuglu_pati  +   917d ago

And you were expecting anything different from this guy?

It's pretty sad, because he seems to be a pretty intelligent individual but it goes all to waste with all the trolling his doing.
Saddam_hussein  +   917d ago
Damn. That's kinda disturbing bud.
HammadTheBeast  +   917d ago

I'm sure if Xbox One does something that consumers really like, then Sony would follow. So far, nothing.
dark-hollow  +   917d ago
Dedicatedtosony at it again.

What your comment have anything to do with the article or even the comment you're replying to?
dedicatedtogamers  +   917d ago | Well said
@ darthv72

I'm confused by your analogy. PS4 has a not-insignificant edge over the Xbox One in terms of price and hardware power. So, how was the criticism "genuinely warranted" for the PS3 (your words) but not for Xbox One? Just curious. To think that the only issues people have with Xbox One are the now-gone DRM policies is silly. Those were certainly the most outrageous issues, yes, but they were not the only issues, not by a long shot.

I'm fine with MS backpedaling (although they need to also be clear about what their new plan is, which they aren't doing). But it took Sony years to backpedal out of their mess. Microsoft may take years, maybe not, but it seems incredibly naive to give MS the benefit of the doubt less than 2 months after they announced their DRM reversal, especially when Xbox One's DRM was not Microsoft's first attempt at that sort of thing, but rather their fourth (Office 365, GFWL, and a handful of Live-required 360 games came first).

@ XboxFun

No, all of my "bias" does not stem from what happened 7 years ago to PS3. In fact, I was right along with the rest of gamers mocking Sony's arrogance. I didn't get a PS3 until late 2008. What I'm pointing out is a pretty hilarious irony how the Xbox loyalists are using the same exact arguments (bu bu but brand loyalty!) and the same exact accusations (you hate PS3? You must be an Xbox fanboy!) seven years later.

And any "grudge" I have against Microsoft is not from a petty squabble from 7 years ago. I've been using Microsoft products since the days of MS-DOS, and I was an Xbox gamer since launch day for the original Xbox all the way up to 2008 when my 360 RRoD'd.

But fine, if it helps you sleep at night, just put me on your list of "he doesn't like everything Microsoft does, therefore he must be a Playstation fanboy who has never played an Xbox before", okay?

@ dark-hollow

Look at the comments above mine and further down in the comment list. There are plenty of comments on both "teams" saying stuff like 'Major Nelson is a tool' and 'MS hardware sucks' and 'Well, this is what fanboys do. They watch a video as simple as an unboxing of an Xbox and try to point out any little thing that can lead to something negative'

To which I essentially replied "yep, Xbox One is the new whipping boy. Surprised? Same irrational hate-wagon was aimed against PS3 for years".

Not too hard to figure out. And if the best you can say is "hurr hurr dedicatedtosony", you might as well not reply to me, since I've established time and time again that I likely have more experience with Microsoft products than most of the children on this site.
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No_Limit  +   917d ago
@dedicatedtogamers ,

How come you are in every MS posts? I don't see xbox fans like darth72, Foxgod, or Xboxfun in any Sony news section and spreading hate to a console they have no interest in. I see a pattern here.
XboxFun  +   917d ago

There's a flip side to that irony coin because I find it funny that the Sony loyalists are using "360 haz no games" or "You hate Sony, you must be a Xbox Fanboy". You see Dedicated, this sort of ignorance isn't just held up to one side of the playing field and I think you know this.

I also find it funny that you keep harping on and using the same lame excuse of "If I don't like MS I must be a Sony fanboy". You and Dragon use that same lame attempt at justifying your extreme trolling remarks.

What you don't seem to understand is your comment(s) (especially this one) just seem to come out of no where and it's just there to downplay anything related to MS. Your whole comment was just about how Xbox fanboys back in 2006 used to make fun of the PS3.

What does that have to do with anything related to the comment you replied too?

And then you get all hurt and claim people are unjustly labeling you because you apparently played 360 or used MS products many years ago. But hey, I'm no racist because I have black friends right?

By the way what was MS's plan that you don't understand or know? PM me if you want to discuss that.

*sleeps tight*
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dark-hollow  +   917d ago
It's so funny that you won't hesitate at all to call out these "Xbox fanboys" and use the term so frequently against other people but as soon as someone suggest that you're a Sony fanboy you go all butthurt.

What you've established time and time again is your unbelievable ability of mental gymnastics and the blatant hypocrisy. Biggest proof was the ps4 ram news were you went totally defense mode and played it all cool and reasonable while when the news of the xbone using 3 gigs of ram before, you were among the first people to bash it and claim ms doesn't care about gamers.

And your are still so oblivious to why some people are calling you a fanboy?
Spoiler alert: it isn't because you criticize ms, but the fact that you won't give equal treatment between Sony and ms on similar issues. You tore ms a new one regarding the os ram but gave Sony a free pass. If that isn't blind loyality and fanboyism then I don't know what it is.
YNWA96  +   917d ago
Its not about flaws, if it was a perfect system, these loser fanboys would complain its not even more perfect... It will be a great system, home to great games. Simple as that. The internet is a great place for insecure porn addicts to hide on, to act like the man, acquiring all knowledge from google....

Edit, ouch , dedicated, you taking a beating man, and to be honest you have no defence, judging by your past comments its all come back to bite ya good.... Hammad, do not let yourself get dragged into this....
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darthv72  +   917d ago
@dedicated what sony did was wrong in the overall scope of their launch of the ps3. Selling it for $200 more than their competition and the games were effectively no different (quality) than the cheaper system.

the inclusion of the bluray was the differentiator but its inclusion was marred with its own criticism. i recall many articles saying how sony could have released a cheaper ps3 without bluray because the realization of the format was not showing any benefit to the gamer.

that was a main criticism and one that sony went forward with no matter what. When their system wasnt selling at the pace they expected, they started cutting costs. Those decisions to cut cost and spur sales were done after the fact (which is not uncommon).

What Ms is doing is damage control but they are doing it all before the fact (release) and so far they have been making changes for the better. We honestly dont know how their policies worked because we didnt give them a chance to be seen or experienced.

We took what we were told and made assumptions (of the worst possible scenarios) and everyone just went nuts over the possibilities of what the policies could have been. But its easier to hate on things we dont know.

just like the speculation of the ps4eye and how it could have been included in the package. that is a change i would love to see sony make because i genuinely feel that an included device has a greater chance of success than if it is an afterthought.

Bluray had a better shot at success for movies thanks to it being part of the ps3. when it came to using it for games was hit and miss. I would not want to see their 3rd attempt at a camera go down the drain especially when the controller was perfectly designed to take advantage out of the box.

so yeah, my criticism of the ps4 is their decision to not have the camera as part of the package. But at least my criticism is more realistic than the ones the xb1 gets for making changes to improve the platform before release.

haters are going to hate just as skeptics will remain skeptics no matter how much you try to convince them to have an open mind.
dedicatedtogamers  +   917d ago | Well said

I think we've had a conversation like this before. :P

Yes, Microsoft has decided to make some changes prior to the Xbox One launching. As for me, I'm all about brand reputation and the company that stands behind a product. That's just me. Not everyone is like me, but it is my explanation for why I am not nearly as willing to just "let it go" on certain issues. I'm more than happy to let Microsoft earn my trust. But they have to, you know, earn it. If they don't exhibit some of the behavior I'm looking for, then I'm not going to be their customer. But I'm just a drop in the bucket in that regard.

@ XboxFun

I think everyone - not just "Sony loyalists" - are pointing out that "360 haz no gamez", and it gets amplified because that's what the 360 fanbase said about PS3 years ago. Bitter irony. Poetic justice. Take your pick. It's one of those "oh, burn. Karma is a *****" sort of things, if that's why you're wondering why such comments are so prevalent.

But I haven't heard "you hate Sony you must be an MS fanboy" in a while. That's just me, though. I'm sure somewhere, some people are saying that. But I certainly don't follow that logic.

If you don't like me saying bad stuff about Microsoft, take it up with Microsoft. 95% of their negative press is due entirely to their own actions. We're on a gaming site. We're here to talk. If you expect everyone to abide by the "if you can't say something nice..." code of ethics whenever Microsoft is involved, you've come to the wrong place.

It's intellectually dishonest to expect someone to be "balanced" in all things, especially when one company has - objectively - more bad news surrounding it than the competition. I'm not a professional journalist. This isn't "Fair and Balanced" Fox News. I'm a guy on a game forum. And even though I dislike Microsoft, at least I take a moment to explain why, unlike most other users here. I've said plenty of negative things about Sony, just not as many as I've said about Microsoft because Sony hasn't really done much to irritate me or lose my interest lately. It's really that simple.

@ dark-hollow

Excuse me? Where did I ever call someone an Xbox Fanboy? At worst, I use the term "Xbox loyalist" because fanboy is pretty silly, and even then, I'm never directly attacking a user.

I dare you. Find a single post of mine where I say anything. AN-Y-THING. Anything remotely close to your own comment, where your entire post was "hurr hurr dedicatedtoSony is at it again". Please. Link me to any time I call you, XboxFun, Georgenoob, Joy, or any of the other "usual suspects" any kind of disparaging name. I'd be happy to own up to my mistake. Say all you want about my fanboyism or hypocrisy or whatever it is I'm being accused of this week, but I take pride in the fact that I - unlike many here on N4G - never make personal or direct attacks against other users.

Funny that you bring up the RAM thing, because I owned up to that, too.

It surprises me that you'd join in the fanboyish name-calling and then turn around and call me a fanboy and accuse me of getting butthurt? You're typically a pretty balanced poster even though we do disagree from time to time. Oh well. Another N4G user too caught up in the "console warrr"
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PSVita  +   917d ago
death & dedicated

Just exchange numbers already
BallsEye  +   917d ago
I dont get you people. I preffer RECHARGABLE batteries than play and charge kit that I can swap in seconds without a need to connect my controller to the kit. It's way better and I bought my batteries in 2007...THEY STILL WORK.
BattleTorn  +   917d ago
It took my half the generation (and multiple recharge kits - all now dead) to come to this conclusion.

Now I have 8 rechargable AAA, AA batteries.

So my Astro headset, and wireless controllers ALWAYS have a set of batteries ready
#1.3.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
Kurt Russell  +   917d ago
Same same. I went through about 5 play and charge batteries before I wised up and just bought rechargeable batteries.
showtimefolks  +   917d ago
i still remember his Tweet at E# after MGS5 was shown, his Tweet was exclusive to xbox one

than no its not

i have a good laugh about it, not sure if he was serious or not lol
reko  +   917d ago

thats you.
BX81  +   917d ago
Freedomland lives in parents basement. These simple decisions I need a plan for!
CerebralAssassin  +   917d ago
The power brick has been a problem for me either. Ive never had one fail before. Im not sure what this article is talking about. None of my friends have had a bad brick either.
T2  +   910d ago
Hmmm im not gonna say its abig deal but my power brick comes unplugged way too ez even if you just bump it and it is a weird extra thing to fit on shelf of entertainment unit ... Cord is too short to put it on ground
Syntax-Error  +   917d ago
The brick looks just like the old one. Nothing new here
VENOMACR  +   917d ago

Lol you know that "rechargeable" means you can use them multiple times right? So when my controller dies, I grab 2 "rechargeable" batteries and I'm good to go. Where as POS3, I have to plug in a 1ft cord and sit inches away from the tv while my controller charges. Sorry, I don't make a gameplan of when I should charge my controller before playing so make sure it's fully charged.

As for the Kinect, I'm going to hide it in my entertainment unit. I'm not using that piece of crap and if I did, I'll just take it out. How is it that people find anything and everything to complain about?
Aghashie  +   916d ago
Ujum... really?

Listen kid, a 10ft USB cord is around $5 on Amazon. That is cheaper than buying rechargeable batteries. Beside, u can charge and play at the same time.

Can u charge and play at the same time w ur other controller? Exactly, don't think so.

I never said anything bout Kinect, so, don't know what the hell r u talking about.

Good luck.
VENOMACR  +   913d ago
Listen child,

I've had rechargeable batteries for years since I use them in multiple things besides a controller. And yes, I can play and charge because while batteries are charging (takes 30 minutes, much quicker then the PS takes to fully charge) I am still playing. So your theory is shot down right there "kid."

And Kinect wasn't for you.

Best wishes
MizTv   917d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
gamertk421  +   917d ago
This title has zero to do with the article.
RobbyGrob  +   917d ago
I'm still pondering whether it's a joke, or maybe a first-timer. He tried badly to write a criticizing article about the contents of the XB1 box yet fails to address any. If you're gonna tell people your theories on how bad something may be, it's probably best to actually mention something bad about it.

Why are N4G readers constantly bombarded with mind-less nonsense that a third-grader would find absolutely devoid of intellectual content? Have i stumbled upon the landfill of the internet's gaming news? Nobody would ever, ever need to read articles like this. A clinically retarded person could find actual things to complain about with the XB1, yet Joshua Bruce can't. And Broll praises him for doing so.
#3.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Broll  +   917d ago
I don't know why everyone expects this article to be negative, the title doesn't say that he opened up problems, only asks that question. The article is intended to be balanced between good points and bad and if you read the end it is quite positive. Just because people have ran with the title without reading the article entirely is their own fault. It just goes to show the level of trolls that seem to endlessly spawn here.
LAWSON72  +   917d ago
I must say the power brick is a stupid complaint but I wonder what the hell is in that box? A shit load of fans because compared to the better spec'd PS4 that thing is huge and I think the PS4 does not even need a power brick. I am happy to see the headset added to the console which is a small but very effective addition
#4 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Dread  +   917d ago
Sony is a hardware company and Ms is a software company.

This does not suprise me.
LAWSON72  +   917d ago
True, and the hardware made my MS usually sucks. (No I am not hating on the Xbone just the quality, durability and longevity of there physical products)
#4.1.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(18) | Report
karl  +   917d ago
that would make sense if MS made quality software
they kinda suck on both hardware and software..

the box looks cool though
kingmushroom  +   917d ago
I'll take good hardware and naughtydogs games.
cesuf  +   917d ago

Actually your wrong on both accounts. Sony makes hardware and software. Same with ms.
Foxgod  +   917d ago
Ms has been into hardware for a while now, so its safe to say by now, that MS does both soft and hardware.

They even split their divisions a little while ago, into a hardware and software division.
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GodGinrai  +   917d ago
@karl and lawson.

I do a lot more than play games or browse the internet with windows. you dont know what your talking about. tell anybody that works in the creative field that windows sucks and you would get laughed out of the room.And rightly so.
Angeljuice  +   917d ago
Everyone in the creative field that I know (lots, its my job), uses a mac because they hate windows so much.
LAWSON72  +   917d ago
Microsoft does suck when it comes things such as their computer and gaming peripherals because they are garbage and start to break with in the first year. Everything made by them I have owned has had a defect within that period. Also no where in my post do I talk about Windows or windows products like office. Unless for some reason you think MS automatically implies I am talking about windows when it doesnt.
#4.2.2 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
nick309  +   917d ago
Sadly i had more dead ps3s than 360's, had 2 of em failed for unknown reasons and yea it was a core model 360, It lasted until 2011.

Tbh ps2& ps1 are the only consoles i own that are still alive since i bought em,more than 10 years now.
Soldierone  +   917d ago
I have DirecTV with their DVR, and their main box is huge as hell too. Does it have something to do with the DVR?

I'm just imagining having this sitting next to or on my DirecTV box lmao, its going to be like stacking VCR's :D
solidworm  +   917d ago
Lol 2013 and a power brick.
Virus201  +   917d ago
I'd rather have a power brick than none. I wouldn't want my Xbox's hard-drive to end up corrupted because of a random power outage or if I disconnect the power cable from the back of the console.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   917d ago
you shouldn't worry bout that, xbox has the almighty cloud.
solidworm  +   917d ago
2nd place assured.
GraveLord  +   917d ago
Well good thing the hard drive is replaceable! Oh wait.....
GEO9875  +   917d ago
Yeah i also want a 4 tb hard drive of the size of a micro sd card. I mean is 2013 after all
sAVAge_bEaST  +   917d ago
That was the stupidest /illogical comment I have ever read.

Maybe because the competition ,, doesn't use/need a power brick,. and uses a Lithium Ion battery,.. after all it is 2013.
#5.2.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
cesuf  +   917d ago
2013 every gaming laptop made uses power bricks. Must be something good about not dumping all that heat inside the box (including sony laptops).
#5.3 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Feldman9000  +   917d ago
With how efficient these boxes are suppose to be, and thinking that MS learned from its previous mistake, why are giant power bricks still needed? And to the laptop power brick comment above, dude seriously? Compare sizes. And laptops run hotter.
Demster  +   917d ago
you compare a gaming laptop to a console? really dude?
jeffgoldwin  +   917d ago

You do realize laptop parts are very power efficient (usually 120w-180w supplies vs 500w-1000w for desktops) and run much cooler than desktops, right? That's why consoles have very similar parts to them. As in every console, so put your fanboyism aside for a sec, take a deep breath, and take that all in at once.
#5.3.3 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
kneon  +   917d ago
"The Xbox 360 Power Bricks are a major hassle for gamers because they fail constantly."

Is this true? I've never heard of this being a major issue.
nick309  +   917d ago
Same here, my bricks never failed. Only 1 360 that lived 5 years
LAWSON72  +   917d ago
You are a lucky person if it is one of the original arcade/core models (talking about console not power brick
#6.1.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
XboxFun  +   917d ago
It's not, more spin and doom.
GusBricker  +   917d ago
Never had a problem either.

*knocks on wood*
Mike134nl  +   917d ago
Mine neither though its one of those parts that are more likely too fail than others. Damn things are expansive to replace at least for lap-tops, though those are a lot smaller.
GodGinrai  +   917d ago
"The Xbox 360 Power Bricks are a major hassle for gamers because they fail constantly"

Absolute and utter bullshit.. lol

My powerbrick has been sitting under my Tv cabinet for years now.
LoveSpuds  +   917d ago
this is not true and I have 3 of them to prove it. Of course the consoles that came with them are all in a landfill site somewhere after various failures! >8(
CoLD FiRE  +   917d ago
I still have a working power brick from my original Xbox 360 that I bought in 2005! As for the console itself it lasted until 2010 but I killed it when I tried to mod the HDD to make it internal.
Shaaunyb  +   917d ago
Um... Why?
CoLD FiRE  +   917d ago
Here's the thing, I bought an open box 360 for a very cheap price at the time but it didn't have an HDD so I bought 120GB off the shelf HDD and hacked it and stuck it in the HDD case of my old 20GB HDD to use it with my new Xbox.

Now, I'm not exactly known for my patience so instead of ordering a new enclosure I decided to internalize the HDD by following a guide on the internet which required some soldering to the motherboard. Long story short, something went wrong during the process, most likely a short circuit. And it was my first time soldering very precise points.
matrixman92  +   917d ago
one of my friends technically works still, but it sounds like a lawn mower. He has to blast his speakers to hear over the brick, and they are very expensive to replace
T2  +   910d ago
Mine is very toucchy , disconnect if bumped or moved ... So ya theres a prob with my power brick but it works.....
kneon  +   910d ago
That sounds like it's probably a break in one of more of the wires. But that can happen even without a power brick, but it only costs a couple dollars to replace a bad power cord.
AutoCad  +   917d ago
loks sexy af..cant wait to unbox mine
GusBricker  +   917d ago
MS really doesn't want another red ring situation.

Staying with the power brick, plus the internal fan is freakin' HUGE.
PsychOff  +   917d ago
The Xbox 360 had a power brick and internal fans. It still RROD constantly. Why are people acting like it didn't have either?
KwietStorm  +   917d ago
Can't tell if that was sarcasm, a pun, or completely coincidental.
Cyfyxtfg  +   917d ago
omg people just complain to complain now. this is ridiculous. kinect will be fine and the plug and play saves you SOOOO much money. its less expensive then rechargeable batteries too. (i use mine for my turtle beaches anyway) and if u can live with the brick now u can live with it on a new console. And playstation ppl shouldnt even bother commenting since this is for xbox and they wont have these "problems"
Deadpoolio  +   917d ago
Well then since you like your turtle beaches don't forget to buy your $50 360 headset adapter otherwise your 360 headset will not work with the XBO, Which MS confirmed when they confirmed the adapter
KwietStorm  +   917d ago
It's $50??
GodGinrai  +   917d ago
He just pulled that number out of his ass. MS have not confirmed a price on the adaptor but I would not expect it to cost any more than $15 for what it is. And yes I just pulled that number out of my ass too. but based on what it is ( A headset adaptor) dont expect it to cost more than $15. $20 tops.
Cyfyxtfg  +   917d ago
the adapter will be cheap. doesnt matter as long as i dont have to buy a new 300 dollar headset
i3eyond the Circle  +   917d ago
I don't see what the fuss is about....

Unstable electricity or power outages can fry internal PSUs meaning having to get the entire system repaired. I prefer the power brick.

Lithium Ion batteries with no option of changing means indefinitely within its lifespan no matter how good you are at packing and maintenance it will lose charge faster over time...and with Xbox Ones impulse triggers it would eat at it more...and the idea of having to buy a $50+ remote so I can game more than 2 hours away from a cord is no good.

I like the battery or charge and play option it works..
KwietStorm  +   917d ago
I don't see the fuss either, but you say you don't see the fuss, then go on about power outages when you should use a surge protector, and gaming wired so you can charge the controller, like that's a big deal.
#10.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
i3eyond the Circle  +   917d ago
No..maybe you didn't get the point or have even read "the fuss" throughout 80% of these comments on with that said.

Power Brick in my opinion is a better alternative for the off chance of power failure.

Replaceable batteries is the smarter option for the down the road.

My launch Ps3 controllers, laptop batteries,first round of Dual Shock 3s,cell phones all have went to shit after a couple years of use and the noticeable difference of longevity sucks.

Some of things listed above you can replace...but it's expensive.

A charge and play kit lasts as long as built in lithium and can be replaced for only $10 when you need a new one.
LoveSpuds  +   917d ago
I have never heard anything about power supply units failing in PS3 in any quantities so this is like saying you would prefer a power brick for your TV or any other device.

As I have said elsewhere, to get hung up on the power brick is a bit daft but by the same token you cannot tell me that it is better to have one either.

As for the battery in the PS3 controllers, I still have my controller from my launch PS3 and it still works fine (however its still shit as its light as a feather and has no rumble!).
fossilfern  +   917d ago
I agree with the power brick I have never had an issue with them, infact I prefer them than internal PSUs since they are easier to replace if anything happens.
kenmid  +   917d ago
Really guys a power brick, I can think of a lot other problems in this world and people are complaining about a power brick. It's not like the power brick is going to sit on top your tv stand.
GodGinrai  +   917d ago
well..according to some of these lot.... it dangles right in front of you from the ceiling, obscuring your view of the TV and kinects sight of you..

for others, its the sight of the brick..hidden away behind their TVs. It wont matter that they cant see it..they just KNOW its there... or sitting in the corner..powering the kinect that is "staring" at them, telling MS, every time they look at the power brick with disdain..Telling MS how much they hate the power brick ..and that brick?..just imagne it..sitting the corner next to a wall socket..doing nothing..annoying you.

I totally get where there coming from.
Angeljuice  +   917d ago
@the realness

I don't think that the power brick is the problem, it's the fact that Microsoft seems incapable of building a system without one, which seems a little incompetent.

There would be nothing wrong with a motorcycle that dragged its fuel tank behind it on a little trailer, but it may make you ask questions about the ability of the designer.
GodGinrai  +   917d ago
"There would be nothing wrong with a motorcycle that dragged its fuel tank behind it on a little trailer, but it may make you ask questions about the ability of the designer."

I dont think thats a good analogy to be honest. This is a stationary device for a start. Im sure they have their reasons for going with the power brick again. It certainly is not a question of incompetence. remember the first xbox did not have a power brick. perhaps they are playing extra safe, given past events (RROD). Maybe they want to give the CPU and GPU plenty of room to cool. you would have to ask an MS engineer why, and if its its the big deal these bloggers are making it out to be then maybe they should get that across in one of their interviews..or maybe its no big deal at all and thats why journos dont even bother to ask.
christocolus  +   917d ago
I didn't bother reading this article cos it seems for every positive xbox one article there is a negative one. but doesn't N4G review their articles before posting them? It seems anyone can write anything here.
Deltaguy  +   917d ago
every thing is so huge with the xbox one, the ps4 is so much smaller, the playstation eye is smaller and it has no power brick....
FITgamer  +   917d ago
I wonder what the travel case for Xbox One is gonna look like?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   917d ago
Case? It's a two man operation!
FITgamer  +   917d ago
LoveSpuds  +   917d ago
LOL, that was quite funny!
iceman06  +   917d ago
LMAO...couldn't resist the click...glad that I did...for the funnies!!!
fardan85  +   917d ago
GABRIEL1030  +   917d ago
My only complain is the fact that Wireless Controller Requires Batteries, the solution is very simple, 20 bucks more for the charge kit, for the power brick you can put it in the floor, I dont see the problem.
cesuf  +   917d ago
A wireless controller running on batteries, imagine that. Here I thought they ran on fossil fuels or solar powered.
#15.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BattleTorn  +   917d ago
I highly recommend buying rechargeable Energizer batteries. I learned a long time ago how bad the charge-kit batteries are. My friends and I all have several packs that don't hold much of a charge anymore. Instead get 4-6 AAA rechargeables and you can alway have 2 waiting.
Belking  +   917d ago
Nope. Telling you what comes in the box is not a problem, but I can understand why stuff like this can see the light of day here.
Gamer666  +   917d ago
Nothing really big announced in the unpacking. I laughed at how the author talks about the headset being a response to PS4...

Last time I checked, I thought all 360 consoles shipped with a headset? I certainly have a whack of them from X360's I've bought. Why is everyone making a big deal about it now? And saying it is to catch up with PS4...

I know there was articles about what was in the box and there was no headset mentioned, but those articles didn't come from MS communications, they were simply retail rumors.

Glad everyone is picking the X1 apart piece by piece before it ships... It will leave nothing to talk about once it actually ships and we can finally focus on games vs. all this other BS.
dedicatedtogamers  +   917d ago
While I agree with you that it is a bit silly to say Xbox One is "catching up" to PS4 due to the inclusion of a headset, there is a valid reason why some have been saying that.

Originally, Microsoft confirmed that no headset would be included with the Xbox One and that Kinect would be the default voice chat method with optional headset support if you bought your own.
PsychOff  +   917d ago
What is with people acting like the Xbox 360 didn't have a power brick and internal fans? Everyone is assuming there reasoning in over heating prevention? Last time I checked the 360 had the same components and over heated a shit load.

Probably failed more than any other system in history. So why is this power brick you all's saving grace all the sudden?
Foxgod  +   917d ago
They are just stating it would get even hotter if the brick was inside, so they can live with it being outside of the console.

They are not claiming it to be a saving grace, you misinterpret that part.
Jrxbarrett  +   917d ago
Leave us Xbox consumers alone. We will still buy this!!!
DOOMZ  +   917d ago
Makes me want it even more!!!! Hurry up already...
Izzy408  +   917d ago
The only people bitching about the unboxing of the X1 are PS Fanboys. Which is strange because they almost make it seem like they're the ones' who will be buying the X1.
Foxgod  +   917d ago
They are threatened :)
The sony side lost so many exclusives, and such a huge market share during the ps3 days, compared to the ps2 one, that they are looking with fear at the next generation.
threefootwang  +   917d ago


this made me case you didn't notice

BTW I've owned a 360 since launch.

ahaha, *wipes tears*
badkolo  +   917d ago
its true, people only attack so hard when they fear things, they know they lost the ccrown of king this gem and cant only hope it happens this time around, but all the negative lies wont change the fact, the x1 will kill sony this gen, power brick and all.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   917d ago
"The sony side lost so many exclusives"
And than gained much more!
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   917d ago
The X1 and PS4 HDMI ports may be able to support 4k, but I wouldn't think for a second that it'll happen. PC's of MUCH HIGHER specs cannot run most games (that support it) at 4k without some terrible framerates.
badkolo  +   917d ago
actuallyy x1 can run games in 4k, they said so
blackmanone  +   917d ago
Because, you know, it's not like they'd lie about that. :)

Vash is absolutely correct. If x1 or ps4 could get anywhere near 4k it would be an impressive 5fps.
#22.1.1 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   917d ago
It's not that they lied. It's the truth. It can reach 4k, anything can really. It doesn't mean it'll run even satisfactory though. xD

If there are any games that run 4k at 30 or 60fps, mark my words, they'll look like utter shit.
Rachel_Alucard  +   917d ago
Something's wrong, where do the VHS tapes go?
CoLD FiRE  +   917d ago
Isn't that what your butthole was designed for YTPHaruko? Or does it only take Wiimotes and Sony Move?
fsfsxii  +   917d ago
We certainly know who's butthurt...
Geez, the stupidity in this comment section is... mind blowing. I can't believe you people
blackmanone  +   917d ago
This is totally off topic, but in this pic Major Nelson looks too similar to the antagonist on Magic City, Ben Diamond. It's spooky.
#24 (Edited 917d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kewlkat007  +   917d ago
Why am I here? We are talking about Power Bricks...Whatever happened to games..
badkolo  +   917d ago
its all about the power brick, who needs games
jdktech2010  +   917d ago
My power brick never was an issue. I traded in my 360 because I didn't play any games on it sans Halo. While that wont' be a problem so far on the xbox one, I probably won't get one until Titanfall at the earliest and more likely the next Halo comes out. They have some cool games on it but I'm hoping I can wait for a price drop (not sure I have that much patience). I'll get PS4 now because most of my friends are and i'll get the one when there's some games I'm excited for.

On topic, I'm surprised there's a power brick but no big deal and i'm pleasantly surprised there's a headset packed in. The only real downsides (which might have been confirmed but I don't know), is the fact Kinect has to be plugged in because let's face it, I don't trust people and that thing can be hacked (couldn't care less about the NSA) and will they drop major exclusive support like they did for the 360. My guess is yes eventually
PS4isKing_82  +   917d ago
Might have to pick one of these up. I'm glad Microsoft is doing the right thing now. Loving the retail box design also. :D
plmkoh  +   917d ago
I like the Kensington lock.
danny818  +   916d ago
whats that for? lol
plmkoh  +   916d ago
Think bike lock, except it's designed for laptops and the like.
nooneknows  +   917d ago
What ever happens, happens. You'v lost this consumer who's been with Xbox since 2003.

Even though I also own a PS1,PS2 and PS3. I still never gave MS the finger and gave them chances. Sadly, you screwed up.
voodoogts  +   917d ago
Good news. I like how on major nelson is hinting 12gb of gddr5 on his blog and that on the official site they only mention only 8gb but unknown what time of ram and says its subject to change. :)

Maybe more great news come gamescom.
True_Samurai  +   917d ago
Can you give me a link that sounds pretty cool
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