Second Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Well Off Pace At Halfway Point

Precursor Games’ second Kickstarter attempt to fund the development of Shadow of the Eternals, the so-called “spiritual successor” to Eternal Darkness, has now reached the halfway point in its campaign. With just 15 days left on the clock and a mere 30% of its $750,000 goal obtained, the crowdfunding effort is tracking well off pace and is in serious danger of failing for a third time.

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Neonridr1682d ago

Shame, this game has so much potential. I am guessing because it is PC and Wii U first and only optional for PS4 assuming they reach a stretch goal.

Here's hoping Nintendo is watching, and is willing to go out on a limb to help fund this project.

PopRocks3591682d ago

Definitely is a shame. I still hope they find a way to fund it if the Kickstarter fails.

Wedge10821682d ago

I'm kind of hoping that Nintendo will just get Rare to develop a proper Eternal Darkness 2.

Scatpants1682d ago

Rare sucks now, and doesn't Microsoft own them?

BigDuo1682d ago

I guess this project is next-gen vaporware now that the second kickstarter has failed. It's a shame, but it is what it is.

Why would Rare make this game for Nintendo? Microsoft owns Rare.

DarkBlood1682d ago

rare is not even filled with the original people as far as i know so thats not a great idea at all.

XtraTrstrL1682d ago

I was just looking at their Kickstarter earlier today and thinking the same thing. They got most that $200,000 in the first few days. If they could have kept the pace they had for those initial hours, they'd have been funded already. Maybe they aren't spreading the news effectively enough. They also need to start listing the exact stretch goal amounts.

zeroskie1682d ago

Nobody trusts this studio, and there's reason for that.

zeal0us1682d ago

Its more of Denis Dyack than the actual studio is what people don't trust.

Scatpants1682d ago

Looks like all 12 people that own a WiiU didn't contribute.

MartinB1051682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Is there any explanation as to why it's Wii U only? Surely it would make sense to target more successful platforms? Surely they would get more support? I'm not seeing any rational behind the console choice.

Forbidden_Darkness1682d ago

It's also for PC and it was chosen for the Wii U platform because it's a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, which was a Gamecube exclusive. It would also come to PS4 if an unknown stretch goal was met.

BigDuo1682d ago

Assuming Precursor is going to follow the same inventory system concept as in Eternal Darkness, it makes sense to put Shadow of the Eternals on Wii U because the GamePad can be used to display the inventory menu on. It means it won't interrupt the flow of gameplay by having to constantly pause the game in order to access the inventory system so the player can form and cast spells and select weapons.

It would be more intuitive and convenient to do it this way than to just go with even a real-time inventory solution.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1681d ago

Working the Ruins for magic would have been so slick with the WiiU Gamepad.

An HD release of ED must happen!

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