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Submitted by pat_11_5 842d ago | opinion piece

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s emphasis on breasts is ridiculous

It seems like Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will place an unnecessary emphasis on Lightning's breasts. (Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

wishingW3L  +   842d ago
you pretty much know the game will suck when they are using that as a selling point instead of the gameplay and story. And not to mention the games keep getting smaller and smaller. FF13 was a couple of linear maps with I think 8 (?) playable characters. FF13-2 is just a bunch of disjointed maps with some branches and only 2 playable characters. FF13-3 has a freaking time limit and only 1 playable character... I don't know what the hell is this but FF is not anymore.

But Toriyama seems to do that with every female character, just compare Yuna from FFX and what he did to her for FFX-2:

FFX Yuna: http://images4.wikia.nocook...

FFX-2 Yuna: http://alchemy5mage.files.w...
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colonel179  +   842d ago
Agreed! I definitely don't like Toriyama's work and he is only doing more damage to Square Enix. Hipefully FFXV is good (actually it needs to be great) because otherwise the company will be in a free fall to irrelevancy.
Godmars290  +   842d ago
Somehow Square got it into their head that games based around telling a story didn't need an actual story in which to tell. That at the very least it doesn't need to be involving. That they could get by on dropping poorly defined characters in poorly defined situations and not explain anything.
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chikane  +   842d ago

So you wanted Yuna to stay a little cry baby in ff x-2 like in x .. personally i see nothing wrong with Yuna in x-2
kalkano  +   842d ago
How was she a crybaby?
Godmars290  +   842d ago
She should have been someone who raised to the necessity of a collapsed social/religious system whose central figure has fallen but the general mechanics, which is controlled by the undead, is still very much intact.

Instead she was a vapid, gallivanting playgirl who just happened upon a plot to destroy the world.
dcj0524  +   842d ago
Its ridiculous but afrer 25 long hours XIII actually becomes enjoyable. Lighting's boobs aren't really something to shout and scream about. The story line and gameplay actually looks good.
pat_11_5  +   842d ago
My thoughts exactly. The series has totally gone downhill..
Lovable  +   842d ago
Can't wait for this game.
cleft5  +   842d ago
I agree with you. And they aren't putting an emphasize on Lightning's increased breast size at all. Every other idiot out there is doing that. They where asked about Lightning's increased breast sized and they answered the question. It's a silly topic to discuss so of course they where laughing when discussing it, that sort of stuff isn't something you talk about in open discussion without having a laugh.

From what I have seen, they are trying new things and taking steps in good directions. I will wait until the game actually comes out before I decide that it is terrible or good, but so far I am excited for it.
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Lovable  +   842d ago
From what I've seen on the demo, it looks like a solid game. Another one added to my collection.
BlackBeardGames  +   842d ago
But come on guise sqeueenix said it will surpass sales of skyrim.......
thelaughingwiseman  +   842d ago
It's hard to fathom but FF13 has had a large fan base. The only people complaining about it are a vocal minority. But you can't deny the sales of this series. FF13 has sold 6+ million copies, FF13-2 has sold 3 million copies
kalkano  +   842d ago
It's been beat to death, but 13 sold on the name "Final Fantasy". Then people played it, and the brand name was damaged. It's no coincidence that 13-2 sold half that of the original. And, even a lot of people that bought 13-2, did so with trepidation.

Expect 13-3's sales to be even lower.
josephayal  +   842d ago
i need my turn based battle system not breasts
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JonnyBigBoss  +   842d ago
Oh, you want an open world and a great story? Eh... how about we just show you these boobies?
thelaughingwiseman  +   842d ago
It's much better then emphasizing on fish moving away from your FPS face
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TIBACCA  +   842d ago
What's sad is when YOU can think of tweaks that could've saved XIII's "press-one-button" battle system.

Just think: swapping control between characters on the fly, queuing up moves for a massive combo (a la Phantasy Star macros?) either as a solo action or a party/limit break super move...
leahcim  +   842d ago
Totally agree.
helghast102  +   842d ago
You're ridiculous for caring so much you need to rant on it.
magus  +   842d ago
Is this her last story? I hope the next game involves a new cast of people. Bring back Kefka !!!
rezzah  +   842d ago
Who knows, maybe there will be a 13-4. This time lightning's boobs will be twice as large.

And with each following installment her breast will become larger.
SegaSaturn669  +   842d ago
When I think of games like Secret of Mana and am reminded of how far this great company has fallen ...SMH
jc48573  +   842d ago
maybe the bust increase was unnecessary. but you are in denial if breasts shouldn't jiggle.
greyhaven33  +   842d ago
Hicken  +   842d ago
The worst part of all this: it's not Square Enix that's making it a selling point.

It was like five lines in one interview, and suddenly that's the focal point of the game. I guess it has nothing to do with all the media latching onto that and repeating it on a regular basis, huh?

No, that can't be it.

That aside, I remember when boobs DID jiggle in FF. If there was a scene in the PS1 era where breasts could move, they did(I recall jiggling for Tifa, Rinoa, and even Garnet). In X, Lulu's breasts were subject to swaying at the end of every battle.

And then it vanished.

Now that it's returned, it's a big deal and suddenly a selling point?

I think people should actually pay more attention to exactly what's being promoted by whom before making stupid claims.
rezzah  +   842d ago
Boobs do jiggle in real life, it is logical to see them sway when the body is moving (it varies with intensity of movement). This is reality.

What isn't reality, what represents fantasy, is the breast size increase. This is the selling point, the increase, not the sway. Women don't wake up one day and suddenly their breast increases permanently without biological/logical reason.

I really dislike that this occurs in games, the increase in breast size, and I don't hold it to SE as being the worst for doing it. It has been done many times before. Capcom did it in DMC4 with both Lady and Trish (one of my favorite series).

To me it takes away from the idea of women being sexy without the need for being voluptuous. It add to a form of thinking, such as female super models can only be skinny.
Hicken  +   842d ago
Maybe, but the point is still that it's not a selling point. That's a fabrication by the media. Square-Enix isn't promoting it. They were asked about it in an interview.

"Looks like Lighting's boobs got bigger."
"Yep, they did. There's also jiggle."

And now that's the only thing anybody wants to talk about.

The problem seems to be more on the media's end than FF's.
rezzah  +   842d ago
Looking back at it I agree, the media is the one promoting the jiggling of Lightning's breast to be a selling point.

They simply responded to the questions asked, and the reason stated for the increase was just because they wanted to increase it (underline reasoning?).
Apoca1ypse  +   842d ago
Wait this was just a confirmation by a question asked by an interviewer on wether or not lightnings boobs are bigger. It's the same one multiple different sites and journalists are using against the company to me this is not square using it as a selling point but of journalists over exagerrating all other concerns.
EximiusNebula  +   842d ago
This article's rant about breasts is ridiculous.
plmkoh  +   842d ago
Yes just ignore the fact that game has 30+hrs of gameplay, a story, multiple characters and new features. It must be about breast because the devs spent 2 minutes out of 1 hour talking about it.
Jag-T1000  +   842d ago
I want some before and after pictures.

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