Early Zelda Drawings Reveal Squandered Potential

A LiveJournaler by the name of studiojfish has gathered together 23 beautiful early Zelda drawings by Katsuya Terada that ran in Nintendo Power back in the 80's, and they make my heart ACHE.

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PS360WII3899d ago

Those are pretty neat drawings. Looks all Prince Valiant style which is cool

DiabloRising3899d ago

Beautiful. I love Zelda... but lately I've gotten bored with it. Amazing series, but there are no real big changes to it. I too wanted a realistic Zelda, but I found Wind Waker to actually be MORE compelling due to its change of scenery and gorgeous art style. I dont know, a Zelda game like this? I think it would be amazingly gorgeous if they could get the crosshatching art style down to a T. Totally beautiful.

Kugar773899d ago

my grandmother used to love playing zelda on her super nes and has the strategy guide that has these photos so it was nostalgic to see them again after like 12 years

bloodred_dragon3899d ago

This art is so beautiful! I'd love to play a Zelda game with this kind of art style!

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