PS4 and Xbox One: Where Do We Stand Now?

IGN - IGN brings you up to speed on everything you need to know about the two next-gen Goliaths.

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xHeavYx1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

And MS doing all the changes they need to be as similar to the PS4 as possible before launch

georgeenoob1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

PS4 leading the way? With what, polls and speculated pre-order analysis? Xbox has the better launch and 2014 line-up, leaving you fanboys desperately waiting for Gamescom. And games is just one of the many advantages Xbox has over PS4.


The title reads where do we stand now.

Edit again:

NOW, MS has a better CONFIRMED 2014 line-up. That's why I stated PS fans are left waiting for Gamescom. Did you forget what article I'm replying to?

xHeavYx1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

How do you know? Can you see the future?
@Above, NOW is 2013, you are talking about 2014, you can't even make comments without contradicting yourself

EDIT: My bad, I forget that I shouldn't ask you questions (especially the ones that require common sense) because you only have 1 bubble

Muerte24941955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

dude no way. Microsoft has locked most features behind the "xbox Live Gold" paywall.
*Game DVR
*Internet Explorer
*One Guide (TV Guid, really)
*Twitch Streaming (720p/30FPS) only
*NFL Pass
*Party Chat

While on PS4...things not behind paywall are
*Game DVR
*Web Surfing
*Ustream streaming (native resolution/framerate)
*Subscription based MMO
*Party Chat

I hope you're not counting TitanFall because that's not a launch titles. Ryse is an on rail QTE who's gameplay is being heavily criticized right now. Killer Instinct is ok. Dead Rising 3 could be the winner here. You're only guaranteed 1 title (XBL Gold required) for Xbox One. You're guaranteed at least 9 games with PS4 (ps+ required) at launch.

XisThatKid1955d ago

@ georgenoob

This is a good non bias and neutral site. It is indeed very close call to prove your point....


Skips1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


"leaving you fanboys desperately waiting for Gamescom."

Sorta like how MS fans were on their knees begging for people to wait for E3 for the past 4 years???

Until ONE E3 out of like 4 garbage conferences, they finally delivered (Somewhat)???

I'm sorry, but when Sony bring out the big guns from their studios (studios who are actually worth mentioning and aren't garbage or mediocre devs who've worked on nothing but Kinect/motion games)...

You trying to compare exclusives will be downright hilarious. lol

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dedicatedtogamers1955d ago

Microsoft seems to have no vision for the Xbox One, and if they do have a vision, it's along the lines of TvTvsportsTv and NFL exclusive partnerships and "powah of the cloud".

I understand not everyone enjoys the Playstation brand, but you gotta admit, at least Sony is aiming directly at gamers with their system. Xbox One? Not really.


Thing is, this is all perception. Can you honestly look at the xbox ones exclusive lineup and say that they are not focused on games? What is wrong with presenting people the best of both worlds, for me it creates more value for my system, with all of the things that it can do.

dedicatedtogamers1955d ago


Is it all perception? Maybe it's a good memory. I have enough sense to look into the past and see that - sure - Microsoft supported their own consoles quite well for the first couple of years and then after that, support was handed off to 3rd party devs.

It's rather ironic that you bring up the Xbox One's launch lineup: many of the games were scalped from the 360 (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, Killer Instinct) to pad out the Xbox One's launch library. Are you going to be preaching about the "value" of your system when Microsoft decides to leave the Xbox One a wasteland in its latter years in favor of making games for their NEXT system instead of supporting their system long-term like Sony does?

hazardman1955d ago

I wouldnt quite say they have no vision. They have no one competent enough to explain it to us gamers.

Automatic791954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )


Having a system that does it all is a fantastic way to expand on us gamers who want to take a break from gaming and watch sports or a movie. You telling MelMan above that MS does not support Xbox 360 is plain wrong look at how they have expanded Xbox live. We also got this year Gears of War Judgment, State of Decay, Some shared pc games, Original Fable remade, plants v Zombies modern warfare coming soon, Titanfall coming soon, World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition, Summer of Arcades, Max and the Curse of the Brotherhood and don't forget Ascend new gods, Hand of Kul, Lococycle all coming soon. They may not have the big blockbusters but there is no denying there is a ton of games for all types of gamers.

maniacmayhem1947d ago

I just needed to come back to this because I have always said that this was Sony's intention all along. Sony fed you a line about "system for the gamers" and most of you bought it hook, line and sinker.

How can you still honestly think that MS has no vision when they are doing exactly what Sony is trying to do now. At least MS was up front with their vision at their reveal. Sony played you all the while they're intentions was just as focused on TV as Apple or Google.

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Ezz20131955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

why "No" ?!

it's his choice to buy what he want

before you call me xbox fanboy
i'm only buying ps4 BTW because it have all the advantages and no disadvantages
and said many times why i will never buy xbox

DigitalRaptor1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

@ Ezz, I understand the whole personal preference kind of thing, but you of all people should know why "No" applies.

This video makes things crystal clear.

And I know what I'm going to hear. Cries of fanboyism etc, etc. I know it hurts, but unless you have valid responses to the points made, I don't want to hear it.

One very, VERY questionable thing is as follows: how come Microsoft can update the GPU and how come they can continue working on the OS, software and more, but they CANNOT turn off the DRM before launch, and your console requires a day one Internet-required patch? A patch.

This video discusses it well, with some very valid points:

I think common sense should tell you why. What appears to be so, is Microsoft are insuring that DRM placement for a time where they feel it will benefit them. There's plenty of other reasons to say "No" if this one is too "tinfoil hat" for you.

Ezz20131955d ago

i pretty much agree with every thing you just said
and your last part do bring valid points

sobotz1955d ago

Day One edition for me. Those printed-logo Day One are gonna increase the value of the console 3-5 years later

Heisenburger1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

That would be like selling your bowling trophy.

The only reason it has value is because it's YOUR trophy.

Only a pathetic person would buy a trophy they didn't earn.


Why would someone buy your "teh day one" edition? There is *no logic behind that.


cl19831955d ago

It leaves us with two great consoles, and everyone trying to come up with funds for their games.

Dlacy13g1955d ago

Now that is an excellent statement. +bub

Deividas1955d ago

Haha exactly! I have already paid for my ps4 in full at gamestop and have been saving for games, have $190 so far saved up for just games and have a few months to go, pretty pumped

Whitey2k1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Ps4 for me all the way! Its not that I dont like xbox its grew up playing on sonys console since 1995

Funantic11955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I'm loving the X1 so far. It has great exclusives for me. I like everything included like the Kinect, headset, 4K HDMI cord, even the power brick with built-in surge protector. It's really a great value.

HammadTheBeast1955d ago

Wait... you actually like the power brick?

Funantic11955d ago

If it's a surge protector that'll save my console from lightning damage. It happens. You can't rely on cheap surge protectors. They're basically just extension cords.

hazardman1955d ago

Honest ? Really.... Does the xbox one power brick really have surge protection? I dont mind the power brick but surge protection is great if thats the case.

SniperControl1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Your listing a 4k HDMI cord as a feature?

Lol, it's just a HDMI 1.4 standard lead, I have been using 1.4 on my AV setup at home for over a year now.

You make it sound like a MS is packaging high end leads with the X1.

DigitalRaptor1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

How is most of the XB1's features and capabilities being locked behind an Xbox Live Gold paywall great value?

Reason 4, 12 minutes in, exposes that: This is the kind of stuff that the mainstream media just don't have the balls to talk about or even question it.

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