Sibling Rivalry | The Last of Us vs Bioshock Infinite

Our Sibling Rivalry series allows for two writers to give intelligent commentary on various entertainment mediums. This time around, we compare two top prospects for game of the year.

The next generation of consoles is right around the corner, but we still have a steady supply of top quality games. Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us have entranced gamers in beautiful crafted but dangerous worlds. Which leaves the largest impression? Profex from matches up against's Richard Bailey.

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rbailey1746d ago

This was a great piece on comparing both BioShock infinite and the Last of Us. I do however give the edge to BioShock only because of the immersive world, compelling characters and storyline, and climatic ending. Both games will easily be the most memorable titles of 2013.

jones881746d ago

I enjoyed both but I give the edge to The Last of Us. I actually enjoyed Bioshock Infinite more, not just because of gameplay and story and such, but because of the environment. I feel like 2K really let their imagination fly with this game. Sometimes I would just stand there in the city of Columbia and take in the scenery of the floating city. Heck I even have the Bioshock Infinite art book on my Amazon wish list. Not to take anything away from TLoU at all though. Naughty Dog did a fantastic job with their artistic direction to. So much research went into the design of the infected. If I remember correctly they studied some plant life to come up with that design, but in the end Bioshock Infinite is a tad bit stretched out so my vote goes to The Last of Us.

Profexxion1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Granted the ending of Bioshock was a more amped up reveal, but I feel that TLoU had a more emotional ending. The journey you take with Ellie and Joel is solidified within those final moments.