Top 10 Hip-Hop Video Games - Not Including 'Shaq Fu'

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the seminal rap and hip-hop show "Yo! MTV Raps" MTV Multiplayer put together a top ten list of the best hip-hop video games ever to hit the streets.

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sonarus3903d ago

:( no shaq fu. How many ppl actually played that game?
I did was a HUGE shaq fan when i was little

Dlacy13g3903d ago

The title alone screams quietly...WHO CARES

LaChance3902d ago

yoore banned agin from the gamer zone ?

How long this time?

my record is 2 weeks.

Wildarmsjecht3902d ago

NEVER mention Shaq Fu..I hated myself for playing that game to completion

desolationstorm3902d ago

I had to click on it, and was rewarded with a cancelled game and 50 cent being ranked number 5. are you serious? The fact that PaRappa the Rapper was ranked below it is the saddest thing Ive read today besides Uwe Boll referring to himself as a genious.

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The story is too old to be commented.