You Do Have Things To Play, Ya Big Baby

Around this time of year the yells from the mountain top are numerous and deafening from gamers about how they don’t have anything to play. Well we at the TheSpawnPoint are going to do you a favor and tell you what to play until you all get your grubby hands on all that luscious next-gen hardware in a couple of months.

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EyePawd1565d ago

Couldn't agree more. Players need to remember that there was a time when we all would be BEGGING for a game to play. Hell, for the first year I had my Genesis, the only title I had was Sonic 2...and it was magical.

I appreciate every game I own and attempt to play as many as possible, even if I don't always finish them. I'm not the type to sell my games, so I always know I can and will come back to them.

I wish more people would appreciate the fact that we as consumers have the ability to play just about anything we want, any time we want. SCIENCE!

kahjah1565d ago

First thanks for reading and commenting!

I'm currently having a conversation with a couple of friends about this, hence the article. I've said "I have nothing to play" but in reality there is my backlog, my phone, games that have been suggested to me, games I've never played and there there is Dark Souls because I'm a punk.

So when people say they "have nothing to play" I think it is more a possible sign that they aren't really looking.

byeGollum1565d ago

I think we as gamers don't want to admit that we're overwhelmed at times. We've got to accept the fact that we can't keep up with the industry as far as the rate of games releases go.

levian1565d ago

I know we have games to play. I personally have at least 20 PS3 games, and around 80 games total between all my older consoles.

But the thing is, I've played and beaten each of my games, multiple times. Fallout 3 and New Vegas? I've beaten each at least 8 or more. Same with Skyrim and Dark souls, Dragon Age, God of War. I've played each game on every difficulty, every class possible, every playstyle.

Its really hard to play these games again and again after you've done literally every thing it has to offer, multiple times. The best I can do is replay a game I haven't replayed in a while. Right now I'm playing New Vegas again, because I haven't played it in half a year or so.

kahjah1565d ago

That's a great point, I wonder how many folks can say that of their collection. Probably not many but it's dope that you can still find enjoyment in the games you've beaten. I personally find it difficult to go back to most games because that element of surprise is gone.

There are games like Journey or MGS4 that I have an emotional connection to that still spark those feeling though. Thanks for reading and commenting.

byeGollum1565d ago

I find it funny when people say, "there's a drought". When they've definitely got a backlog of games they've yet to finish, despite it all, "there's nothing to play".

bjmartynhak1565d ago

Yeah, and beyond the backlog there are the old games that we have only beaten once.

I got late this gen and actually never had the time to replay some great games due to the massive backlog and new releases.

jjb19811565d ago

I still have: borderlands 2, dark souls, bioshock 1& infinite, last of us, metal gear solid 4(which I haven't beaten yet) , demons souls, sleeping dogs, metro last light, the whole ps+ instant game collection, wwe 13, killzone 2, ni no kuni and so on.... Yet I choose to play BF3 multiplayer. I think it's because I am so short on time I feel that playing anything other than a shooter needs a good 2 hour investment at each play session. Sometimes I look at my collection(even my massive steam backlog) and tell myself I have nothing to play.

levian1565d ago

I hear ya. Personally I've played most of those games multiple times. I prefer long games (50-200 hours), but lately with all the games I own that are that length, I have a hard time playing. Maybe its because I've played it multiple times, but sometimes I don't feel like playing Skyrim for another 200 hours. So I just play some multiplayer on The Last of Us, or a could hours here and there on some smaller games.

Maybe when some new big games come out - AC4, The Division, Destiny, MGSV, FFXV - I'll feel like playing them for their full length multiple times. But only because they're new to me. Its the experience of finding and doing something new when you play that draws me in, I think.

kahjah1565d ago

WOW you have some work to do :)

But I totally get what you mean, I've only dug into Dark Souls a little bit but due to lack or decreasing amounts of gaming time I can't dig into it like I want. I too find myself playing more bite sized multiplayer games just to get my fix in. Plus my Vita has helped during my commute .