Cerny: PS4 to Match PS3's Seven-Year Cycle

Not only will the PS4 have a long life, but it'll also stand as the most powerful console on the market.

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Imonaboat11928d ago

I could have sworn i read somewhere that the generation will be smaller

ABizzel11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )


It is, but these companies can't come out ant tell you it is or it could affect sales. The technology in the PS4 and XB1 is great, but it's not as expensive or forward thinking as the tech in the PS360 during their time, so this gen is going to be on par with the more traditional console life cycles.

5 - 7 years. Expect announcements and rumors to pop up in 2018 of the next consoles, with an official announcement for 2019, and a release in 2019 no later than 2020. Starting 2014 the PS4 and XB1 will likely be low end PC GUP's (the 700 series and 9000 series should be out in full and their low end cards should be on par with the 7990 and 7850 which are basically the XB1 and PS4). 2015 should bring in the UHD cards which should allow 2k gaming on low end cards and games maxing out 4k @ 60fps with high end cards. So sooner than later the PS5 and XB2 are going to have to jump on board this tech which is why 2018 - 2019 seems best for a new console from them. Nintendo will likely launch in 2017.

That doesn't mean the PS4 won't be supported after the new console is announced, and you can tell by looking at history Sony keeps it word. God of War 2 came out for the PS2 with the PS3 already on shelves and was considered the best PS2 game. The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Puppeteer, Rain, and GT6 are all coming out to PS3 even though the PS4 has been announced since February and GT6 is likely coming out after the PS4 has launched.

shivvy241928d ago

I expect it to last the same as this gen , my guess :/

dcj05241928d ago

Woah. I was expecting it to be at least mid-range by 2016.

ABizzel11928d ago

Disagree all you want, but I guarantee this will be a shorter generation. Now the PS5 / XB2 will probably be longer since internet speeds and cloud computing will be faster and established technologies world wide.

This gen is going to be 6 years long 7 at most. Not the 7 - 8 we had this time.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1928d ago

You called the 7990 low end ahaha that's the most powerful gpu on the market, I think you were thinking of the 7790 which is low end, 7850 is mid range. By the time 9000-8000 series gpu release the 7790 will be low low end and the 7850 will be low end. But the gpus in the console aren't a off the shelf GPU they are custom chips with a wide range of customizations thats why you get devs calling the consoles high end pc's..

ABizzel11928d ago


LMAO, Now I see why I got the disagrees. That was a typo I meant to say 7790.

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dedicatedtogamers1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Sony is the only company with a reputation (and a history to prove it) for supporting their consoles long-term.

Nintendo is notorious for dropping support after 4 years (followed by 2 years of so-so support). SEGA - when they still made consoles - did a horrible job of supporting their hardware after the Genesis. Microsoft has also done a pretty poor job supporting its Xbox and Xbox 360 in its latter years and mostly just left it up to 3rd party devs to keep the system alive.

If you aim to have long-term support, you buy Playstation no questions asked. It has always been that way, and it'll probably be that way for a while longer.

3-4-51927d ago

This past gen/current gen, was the longest ever in the history of gaming.

Most companies don't get to make 4-8 games per gen/console.

With the ability to makes games faster, I could see us getting a TON of games in year 2-4. Those will be the prime years.

shivvy241928d ago

Seriously I would love to have a 1 hr convo with cerny ! Hell I wouldnt mind him reading me a fairytale before I go to sleep !

RytGear1928d ago

There is something about his voice that is just so relaxing! He should do audiobooks I think.

dcj05241928d ago

He can read digital manuals lol.

FlunkinMonkey1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I have no doubt in my mind... The PS2 and the PS3 have had a superb life cycle. This has just been proved with arguably the game of this generation with The Last of Us being released so late into the PS3's life cycle.

PS4 will be no different.

beepbopadoobop1928d ago

There's something about sony that just lets you know they are dedicated to gamers when you sit down and start playing one of their consoles, its hard to describe, its like when you drive a BMW, even the every day cars feel like they have been designed by someone who loves the experiece of driving, in the same way Sony seems to love the experience of gaming! (Yes I know $$$ is a huge incentive, but with no enthusiasm for what they do I doubt they would be the gaming company they are today)

xReDeMpTiOnx1928d ago

Looks 6 years into future and drools over what is out on ps4

shivvy241928d ago

The prequel to the last of us known as " the first of us " ! We get to play as as apes

xReDeMpTiOnx1928d ago

Bet ND could make it a masterpiece :P

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