Why the Hell Are the Xbox One's Best New Features Behind a Paywall?

You don't buy a Big Mac and pay extra for special sauce. You don't buy an iPhone and pay extra for FaceTime. So why in the hell is Microsoft putting some of its most heavily promoted Xbox One features behind an idiotic Xbox Live Gold paywall? Because it can. But that doesn't mean that it should.

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Mystogan1591d ago

Why the hell do you buy a console to watch Netflix?

pedrof931591d ago

I laugh because they announce the all in ONE, but the whole ALL in ONE is just ALL if you get the XBL gold membership.

So Xbox one is only complete if you get the gold.

Classic Microsoft.

xHeavYx1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Wow, now all of the sudden it's about gaming and not other features? You Xbox lovers change your mind so much.
Plain and simple, MS wants you to pay for every single thing you use. That's why you end up with a more expensive (yet less powerful) console, that doesn't even let you play free-to-play games for free, how sad is that people support a money grabbing company who doesn't care about their consumers?
Before some people start saying "Well, Sony is a company that wants money too", there are ways to get money from your consumers, and MS has chosen all the wrong ways.
How can a company with as much money as MS charge for things that a less rich company gives out for free?
MS is its own worst enemy this generation

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Menech1591d ago


Guess what, you wanna play online with the PS4? you better be ready to buy a subscription too.

And lets be honest here, the play online feature is the only feature that truly matters to most people.

So go ahead and act like Sony is any different in this regard, be both know your full of ____.

"In June, Sony revealed a change to its previous policy which gave all owners of its PlayStation 3 console access to online multiplayer games. With the PlayStation 4, owners will have to pay $50 (£32) a year for a PlayStation Plus account to do the same." taken from the below BBC article.

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xHeavYx1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Seriously? that's the best you got? Yes you need PS+ to play online, but you can still use Netflix, Skype, play free-to-play games, record gameplay and a lot of other stuff without having to pay for PS+.
You also get a console that's more powerful for $100 less (unless you want to use your GAMING console to watch TV)
BY THE WAY, PS+ is a way better value than Gold, since it gives you tons of discounts and free games

Deividas1591d ago

No shit sherlock. Everyone already knows you have to pay for online on the ps4 but at least sony comes right out and says which features are free and which are not. Also dont backtrack on everything they say!

Ps4 has almost every feature the xbox one has yet most of ps features are free and ms is behind a paywall, and even online is only a little over $4....seriously how is this even a serious question pn which one to get? And i was only a 360 user all previous gen

pompombrum1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

For me, putting stuff like this behind gold isn't a problem because I'm a gamer and going to pay for gold anyway but the console is marketed as a must have living room accessory and pretty much almost all the reasons why it should be in our living rooms is behind a pay wall. There are loads of reasons why people wouldn't care about online gaming and I'd speculate that a good proportion of Microsoft's marketing campaign will be aimed at people with zero interest in online gaming yet Microsoft are still going to force them into a subscription for features they will assume are free.

I never realized how bad it was as I've always had gold for my 360 but really, it's pure greed and I hope M$ get a lot of bad press coverage for it as they deserve it.

malokevi1591d ago

"So Xbox one is only complete if you get the gold. "

I would say its pretty obvious that your wasting your money if you don't have a gold membership.

This console is online focused. The online requirement may be gone, but it's still basically a necessity.

I would bet my money that all 1st/3rd party exclusives will require a connection to some degree, and be rendered moot without it.

And... this is the part your not gonna like... that's a good thing.

Mystogan1591d ago

The percentage of people who buy the console and want to watch Netflix but don't have gold is ridiculously low. It doesn't even matter.

This is just something for the PSfanboys to talk about yet 99% of them are going to have PSN+ and a Netflix sub.

ALLWRONG1591d ago

Meanwhile on the PS4! Sony charges to play PS3 games you already own, and shutting down PS3 game servers forcing you to upgrade.

Deividas1591d ago


Thats not the point. They are marketing this as an all in one box that even non gamers should consider buying because of the value and features. So if someone was to buy this for their living room to use all these features to watch netflix or something they can, but wait a minute, they have to pay to use a feature they are already paying for? Ummm this cleary shows they just want everyones money now and not just core gamers.

xHeavYx1591d ago

Congratulations, your comment wins as the lamest comment of the year (still waiting to hear from Georgeenoob though)
What you are saying is pure bull, servers closing? Which server has recently closed because of the PS4?
Which 360 games will you play for free on the One?

darthv721591d ago

Having been a gold member since the original xbox i dont see an issue with them stuffing my subscription with more features.

People want to complain about these thing being behind a already a paid member so to me these are added bonuses.

the paid service has grown exponentially since the days of it being only to play online. the ones complaining are likely ones who were never gold members to begin with. its okay to have that pov but once you become a paid member of something you want to have that feeling of being catered to first and foremost otherwise why continue to pay.

someone who isnt a gold member will complain about paying but someone who is already a gold member...they see it as adding more bang for the buck.

abzdine1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

MS are so classy!
ONE more reason to hold back from this scum practice.
And the reason why everything is behind a paywall is because they want everyone to be always online so DRMcan make its way slowly back post release.

@ALLWRONG: you are all wrong!! this really shows that you have no idea what PS+ is about, and next time please keep away.

Death1591d ago

Just so we are all clear here,

1. If you want to enjoy Netflix, Skype and play online with the XboxOne, you have to pay for a subscription.

2. If you want to enjoy Netflix, Skype and play online with the PS4, you have to pay for a subscription.

Does it really matter what is and isn't behind the paywall if both require you to pay to play online? This isn't even about options since it isn't ala carte. If I don't want Netflix, skype or anything besides online play i pay no matter what. All non-gaming features of the PS4 are free, but to play games online you pay. That punishes the people that bought the system purely for games. That is no better than Microsoft punishing people who bought their console to only watch Netflix.

xHeavYx1591d ago

You can twist it as much as you'd like, at the end of the day, you are being screwed by MS for online and offline features behind a paywall

blennerville1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

LOL iPhone, you pay extra for lots of things with Apple which are free else where

Microsoft is the same

cybervike1591d ago

You don't need PS+ to watch Netflix. And why should you? I've always hated that on the 360. If I decide I want to let PS+ or Live run out I shouldn't have something like Netflix stop working. Period.

Codey471591d ago


The difference is PS+ is an essential purchase at this moment in time because of the Instant Game Collection and 1GB of cloud storage for each system you own (PS3, PS Vita and PS4).
Sony Consumers won't need a subscription for Cross Game Chat nor free to play games released over the PSN

But Microsoft apparently feel the need to charge for the DVR feature and even Skype(which initially is a subscription less programme...That's until MS got their grubby little mitts on it)
There's no wonder why the PS3 is the number 1 device for viewing Netflix...they don't charge you to watch a service that you've already paid for. There's also a reason why Microsoft's version of Unreal Tournament 3 didn't have MODS capability


Microsoft don't like giving anything away for free.

Death1591d ago

How many don't have a smart tv by now? I can watch netflix from any of my tv's without a game console. If you are connected and enjoy playing online, you have all these features with your subscription anyway. You are also avoiding the question of gamers that bought their system for games only. Why are they getting punished on the PS4? As a gamer I would rather play for free if given the choice and accessing all the extra content as a premium with a fee.

I subscribe to both so I don't personally care,but if you are going to take the stand that Microsoft puts the premiums behind a paywall, you really should take into consideration PS4 gamers will have to pay for online gaming with all the extras being free. You can make the arguement either way or "twist" things, but at the end of the day anyone that wants to enjoy online gaming and the extra features each console offers, they will pay.

mcstorm1591d ago

@Death Wow finally someone who looked at this from both sides. This site is becoming a massive my did is better than your dad site and people spend all day going on about the same things and carry on to defend one side of the other. People need to face it both the PS4 and Xbox One you have to pay a subscription to get the full use out of them no matter if one gives you less than the other without a subscription. If paying a subscription is an issue for you stay on a Wii or PS3 or get your self a WiiU as everything is still free to use on its platform but at the end of the day anyone who buys the xbox one or PS4 and the Wiiu are not getting them to watch lovefilm or Netflix the are getting it to play games they want for that console and because if has Netflix or lovefilm app on they will also use it to use this app but this is not the reason why they buy the console in the 1st place.

malokevi1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"Ummm this cleary shows they just want everyones money now and not just core gamers. "

A corporation... wanting money?

What in gods name are you going on about? Corporations exist solely to shove free stuff at you... not to offer you devices/services for money. that's just silly!

*eyes roll around so much that they fall out of my head and onto the floor, out the door, down the street, to Florida, up a metal staircase, onto a spaceship, which then plummets into the sun*

DragonKnight1591d ago

I love how more than a few people here don't understand the difference between the Xbox One and the PS4's paywall.

Xbox One paywall has even services that require their own subscription to be behind the Xbox One paywall. Wanna watch Netflix on Xbox One? Then you have to pay the $8 fee for the month on Netflix, and the $5 fee for the month on Xbox Live Gold. That's $13 for one month of just watching Netflix on Xbox One.

PS4 paywall doesn't do that. Any 3rd party app that requires a subscription isn't locked behind the PS+ paywall. That means if you want to watch Netflix on the PS4 you're only paying the $8 subscription fee for Netflix.

The next hilarious argument is "well if you're a real gamer you'll have Xbox Live Gold anyway" as though to say that real gamers never have to worry about expenses piling up, or maybe they aren't much of an online gamer. Which then leads to "why would someone who doesn't game online much even buy an Xbox One?" Exactly. But also, because they like the games that don't require online.

Conversely, none of that is a problem on the PS4 because free-to-play games don't require PS+ memberships, asynchronous multiplayer doesn't require PS+ memberships, online features in single player games don't require PS+ memberships. So all around, PS4 is a console for the various different types of gamers while Xbox One is for the semi to well to do Western gamer that only cares about online gaming and maybe has no concept of value or principles.

In summation, the Xbox One will double dip in charges for virtually every feature, and the PS4 won't.

And on the subject that ALLWRONG brought up, the Xbox One is currently NEVER going to have ANY form of BC whatsoever, and Sony has never stated they are going to charge people to play PS3 games they already own. But which would gamers rather have; a system with literally no BC, or a system with a BC program you MIGHT have to pay for?

Death1591d ago

Sony charges you to play your PSP UMD's that you own if you want to play them on your PSP Go. They also removed B/C from the PS3 and resold you your PS2 games digitally if you wanted to play them on the PS3. Why would you even think there is a remote chance the PS4 will allow you to download PS3 games for free?

xHeavYx1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@Death you are so lame dude, let me remind you that there are a ton of original Xbox games that were not compatible with the 360 games

HiddenMission1591d ago


That's not true at all you straight up lied kid!

Netflix, Skype and video sharing are not behind the PS+ pay wall which is the opposite of XBLG.

Yeah it does matter because for gamers who rarely ever play online or have a smaller budget it is an issue...only a MS defender can ignore this!

I personally have PS+ and will continue to have it with the PS4 but it has nothing to do with online play being behind a pay wall it's because of the perks.

What I mean by perks is all the free and discounted products I've gotten. Examples of AAA titles given away for free Hitman Absolution, Journey and Crysis are just a few. I've been a PS+ member since day one and I've saved hundreds of dollars on games each year...can you say the same???

XB1_PS41591d ago

He says, "You don't buy an iPhone and pay extra for FaceTime."

Yeah you do, it's called your phone bill. If you buy an iPhone without service, it's a brick.

No_Limit1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


"Death you are so lame dude, let me remind you that there are a ton of original Xbox games that were not compatible with the 360 games "

Xbox Games compatible with X360

I think that is like 95% plus of all Xbox games that are compatible with the X360, where are the Tons of games that are not compatible that you are claiming?

HiddenMission1591d ago


You just don't get it do you not every gamer wants to play online and it's just that simple!

Not everyone has a smart's a horrible economy right now if you havent' noticed 7.5% of the population is unemployed so not every person can afford the cool stuff in life.

Not everyone has a tablet...hell not everyone even has PC or internet in their homes yet you just assume that everyone does!

You make a lot of childish assumptions!

Yeah I'm a little worked up and it's because of your ignorant propaganda that you're trying to spread.

Reality is you pay for electricity in your house, pay for the console, pay for internet, pay for your game, pay for netflix and then are told hey if you actually want to use all that shit you already paid for then you have to pay another company just to access the stuff you already paid for.

GTFO bro!

Codey471591d ago

Not everyone has a smart TV because...a certain device has provided me with those "SMART" capabilities moons before the SMART TV was ever conceived.

darthv721591d ago

@dragon, while you make a compelling argument you are missing one key piece. You cant simply turn off your PS+ sub if you want to watch netflix or play a F2P game. If you are a paid member of PS+ it ticks away each day until the sub is up.

So please take that into consideration when making such a rational thought of the things that arent behind paywalls but still relate to those who are PS+ members.

Now show me a single person who ONLY takes advantage of the free things on the PS4 and i will show you a person who will NEVER play multiplayer in KZ Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, or ANY PS4 game that requires the PS+ service to play multiplayer.

That person would be better off not getting a PS4 to begin with considering the overall majority of the reason for getting it would be completely wasted. that being online multiplayer in sony 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games.

The F2P ones are no comparison to the number of retail games that would offer a more compelling online community. if you think a user could survive on only just made a great point in favor of them sticking to the PC instead.

DragonKnight1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@Death: "Sony charges you to play your PSP UMD's that you own if you want to play them on your PSP Go."

We can all agree that the PSP Go situation is abhorrent and pathetic. But that's not confirmation of anything. That's you reaching for the "precedent" straw.

"They also removed B/C from the PS3 and resold you your PS2 games digitally if you wanted to play them on the PS3."

That's funny because my 2 launch 60GB PS3's were fully backwards compatible. I also remember people whining about the price of the PS3 and enough people saying BC is irrelevant. PS2 BC in the PS3 was costly, people were griping about the price, Sony removed it. You don't get to have your cake and eat it to, one day all of you who are going to try and argue about BC are going to have to pick a side. It's either important for the entire life of the console, or it's not important at all. In the case of the latter, stop griping. Only one Playstation console ever had full BC for its whole life, and that's the PS2. No Xbox console had FULL BC for it's entire life at all, and few Nintendo consoles did either unless you bought an attachment. Give up the BC argument.

"Why would you even think there is a remote chance the PS4 will allow you to download PS3 games for free?"

Point out where I said that please.

@darth: "You cant simply turn off your PS+ sub if you want to watch netflix or play a F2P game. If you are a paid member of PS+ it ticks away each day until the sub is up."

Why would you turn off what you don't even have to have on? You don't have to have PS+ for Netflix at all. So regardless of the service ticking away, that service is irrelevant to Netflix usage on the PS4.

"Now show me a single person who ONLY takes advantage of the free things on the PS4 and i will show you a person who will NEVER play multiplayer in KZ Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, or ANY PS4 game that requires the PS+ service to play multiplayer."

Your argument is based on your own sensibilities and cannot be factually accurate or inaccurate because no 2 people are the same. There could easily be a PS4 gamer who plays only the single player or free-to-play games that come out. It can and likely will happen.

"That person would be better off not getting a PS4 to begin with considering the overall majority of the reason for getting it would be completely wasted. that being online multiplayer in sony 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games."

Again, your own sensibilities. You can't say that the major reason for getting the PS4 is online mulitplayer. That's YOUR reason for getting it. That's not EVERYONE's reason for getting it.

Johnsonparts231591d ago

@sofresh412 thats the worst argument I've ever heard. You buy a cell phone to use it as a phone, duh. You buy a gaming console to game. But when they come out and say "hey we can do other things, Netflix, DVR, etc." and then only one company charges extra for those things it's shady and really doesn't make sense.

Death1591d ago

So you are saying if you are unemployed or money is tight, watching Netflix on your new PS4 is the better solution since it's not behind a paywall.

Yeah, if that is the case and your limited means are best spent on a new game console it makes perfect sense.

If you are anything like the vast majority of early adopters, everything you said is irrelevant. How many "hardcore" gamers or early adopters fit the profile you painted? If you can't afford the internet, what are you doing on Netflix and skype? If you can't come up with $50 a year for a subscription, what do you even use your console for?

You can play this what if game all day. The reality is most people that are on this site have a console, internet access and $50 for Plus or Live. Arguing what services gets you more is a moot point since subscribers to both get the same thing. Those that don't play online are a completely different topic and most likely not the ones waiting in line on launch day for a new console.

AngelicIceDiamond1591d ago

The thing is MS hasn't released a complete plan on what will be paid and what's not. The netflix and Hulu is all speculation to be behind a paywall.

Skype communications is behind gold. Smartmatch is obviously behind gold because mp is behind the subscription. So of course it comes with it.

Unless MS is about to announce some standard MP for free or something.

Either way this article of assumptions and half truths of rumbles of speculation.

We only know certain services will be behind gold.

xHeavYx1591d ago

You are either on denial or you did not read the article, I'll just leave this link for you

mewhy321591d ago

The reason is because micro$oft will milk the sheep that follow them, even after the DRM thing, and the NSA thing. The sheep will praise micro$oft no matter what they do. That's why.

fr0sty1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Microsoft has gone from banning you from using half of your game (multiplayer) unless you pay for it to banning you from using half of your console unless you pay for it. Sony jumped on the multiplayer paywall bandwagon as well, but at least the rest of the service remains free. You can still watch netflix, surf the net, and even play free to play games free.

I was hoping microsoft's foot-shooting was over, as it was turning from funny to tragic, but they've picked it back up again.

darthv721591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


"There could easily be a PS4 gamer who plays only the single player or free-to-play games that come out. It can and likely will happen."

Are we to assume that, as outspoken you are towards the situation, you will be one of these people???

If not then you should not even be making the argument that does not apply to you. which is why i can speak for myself and my own sensibility.

Let someone come forth who isnt going to be paying for PS+ and the benefits that come with it be the one to say the things you speak of. I will give them respect for standing by their morals.

DragonKnight1591d ago

@Death: Nice try trying to twist the situation to be pro-paywall, but at the end of the day it comes down to this.

On one console, free or third party subscription services are locked behind a $5 a month additional subscription. On the other, they aren't. That's what it all boils down to. And when a person is considering the costs, whether those costs be monthly or yearly, of supporting one console over the other that person will see that one console offers more features NOT locked behind a pay wall than the other. Whether you want to make sarcastic remarks or not, there are people out there who won't see the value in paying an additional $5 a month to access services they can get on a competitor's product which is cheaper and not trying to gouge the costumer for every single penny they are worth.

There is absolutely no justification in locking free-to-play games, or Netflix, behind an Xbox Live Gold subscription and whether or not you feel that any "real" gamer would have a subscription anyway is completely irrelevant. In any other industry, if something like this was attempted it would either be completely illegal or fought against by the consumer.

If sticking with the argument of "I'm paying for Live for the online play, and the other stuff is just added features" justify the idea of those features not working if Live, for any reason, goes down while the services themselves are still perfectly fine. You can't because there is none. If you pay for Netflix, you expect it to work because you paid for it. You essentially are in agreement, or are playing Devil's Advocate, for a situation in which a person pays for their internet, pays for Netflix, and then has to pay for Live in order to use both despite Microsoft providing neither and having a partnership with Netflix in which they likely get some kind of payment. It's ridiculous.

@darth: Actually I am primarily a single player gamer. The only online I normally play is Dark Souls type stuff, so yeah I can speak about that.

ZombieKiller1591d ago

Why is it that every time a butthurt MS fan gets some new policy or crappy feqture , they throw that $50 a year speech about Sony in our faces?
That argument is absolutely pointless. I voulentarily pay for PS+....I'm human. If I want something, I buy it. Sorry, but I make enough money to afford the things I want which is why I work.
Just because MS policies suck this time around doesn't change the fact that people are going for the ps4 a bit more because MS is showing their true colors. Its almost like damage control.

Bottom line, I'm buying both because I'm a fan of games. Thanks to the Xbox BS, I'll wait until everyone else buys then approach with caution.

The ps4 did nothing except welcome all fans with open arms. Yeah $50 a year but not only are they giving us free games but everyone will have the same free games online to play together. All your friends will have the same games....To me, that's worth the $50 a year as it is.
To me this has even MORE value. Obviously you ALL know COD has gotten crappy throughout the years, but still year after countless year, it brings my friends and all the casuals back together. Well the "casuals" that buy a system for COD, are going to see those free games. More people to play with!
Not to mention maybe these free games (Since they are free) will bring a bit more attention away from COD thus making gaming in general not so much of a joke.
By joke, I mean COD being the center of attention in the industry. Not that its a bad game, but it needs more development time. Go away for a year or something.
I want more people to game instead of play COD and to me, Sony seems to be along that right track.

tokugawa1591d ago

@ heavy and dragonknight. congratulations, all your time and effort has finally convinced me to cancel my xbo pre-order and just stick with my ps4... not

give it a rest ffs. the people that have already ordered an xbox dont give a fu#k. same as those with a ps4 on pre-order.

spouting the same nonsense day in day out doesn't change anything ffs

CerebralAssassin1591d ago

You people are retarded. Its all about money. That will never change. If they can get more incentives to sign up for gold then why wouldnt they do that? And for all the people that want to disagree with menechs original post is retarded because its just a fact. He didnt throw any opinion in that post. Just facts WITH source. Sony fan boys have taken the stage...

DragonKnight1591d ago

@tokugawa: So no one is allowed to have an opinion in your world right? You need to take a chill pill. The amount of ffs in your comment suggest heightened blood pressure and a short fuse. This is likely attributed to a lack of funds due to spending $100 more for an Xbox One.

Luckily, there is a cure.


miyamoto1591d ago

because the X men continually support getting screwed again and again.

Sony would rather get my respect first and foremost then my money second.
Respect is earned by giving respect to people.

Kryptix1591d ago

The reason why Microsoft puts almost everything behind a paywall is because they have learned that 360 users like paying for a subscription just to access a subscription. What do they do when they acquire this knowledge? They become more greedy, make the Xbox One all in one, lock everything behind a paywall, then get every type of consumer, casual or not, to pay $60 to access a feature that can easily be given free to Silver members. While PS Plus is only there for online multiplayer and everything else can be accessed by non payers. Even voice chat will be accessible. Free to play games on the PS4 is accessible. Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, internet browser, Youtube, all of the apps used by many is accessible with no subscription. Let's be honest here folks, if you buy an Xbox One, Microsoft also wants $60 out of your pocket or you got a bare bones system with no access to any of the features. Truth...

XabiDaChosenOne1591d ago

@death actually one the PS4 you have to pay A subscription to access Netflix, the Xbox one requires TWO subscriptions to use Netflix lmao!

XboxFun1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

All this back and forth is moot because the truth is that 99.8% of the PS4 players will be paying for PS+.

So it doesn't really matter where Netflix is located, whether it's behind or in front of the paywall because no matter what you WILL be paying that extra fee.

Now a lot of you can spin it all you want but none of you here are going to buy a 400 dollar system just watch Netflix on.

MrBeatdown1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


Gotta love how you pass off BS as fact to downplay the features available to non-subscribers.

80 million 360s have been sold. Microsoft says 46 million people have accounts. And only about half of those are Gold accounts.

Three quarters of 360 users don't play online. Yet you act like everyone who buys a PS4 will pay to be online.

Please, explain why you think only 25% of 360 users pay for Live, yet 99.8% of PS4 users will pay for Plus.

I'll get popcorn.

XboxFun1591d ago

@ Beatdown

Will you pay for PS+? And more than half of the users here will pay for + too.

Please explain why you would buy a console at 400 and change to watch Netflix. I expect full spin with keywords like "options" or "f2p" in your comeback.

I'll grab the garlic butter for the popcorn.

Kryptix1591d ago

Whatever makes you feel better or you're probably Marty from the movie Back to the Future and you're here to warn us all of the Playstation Plus success in the future. 99.8% of Playstation players will have a subscription? I guess in the future, everyone knows of the great value PS Plus gives with all the free games it comes with.

MrBeatdown1591d ago


"Will you pay for PS+? And more than half of the users here will pay for + too."

Wow. You're only confident enough to say "over 50%"? That's an awfully steep decline from your "99.8%" of all PS4 owners statistic. Please, explain the math behind what I'm sure are entirely accurate and well-researched facts you are stating.

"Please explain why you would buy a console at 400 and change to watch Netflix. I expect full spin with keywords like "options" or "f2p" in your comeback."

While I'm flattered that my personal opinion is of such value to you, I'm just one man. Perhaps you're better off asking Microsoft why 60 million of their Xbox customers don't have Gold subscriptions if you're that interested.

That might help you figure out why you look so foolish and desperate when you make ridiculous, completely unsubstantiated claims that go against factual data about the purchasing habits of millions of people.

Kryptix1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Don't bother using facts and real data with XboxFun. It's been proven time and time again that blind Xbox fanboys can't comprehend numbers and logic. He already said 99.8% PS4 users will be getting a subscription anyway but you gave him factual data that not everyone pays for subscriptions. There's also the percentage that there's gamers that are only interested in single player and some only access Netflix or Youtube on their console. The only defense XboxFun can now say is that a lot of those extra sales are from RROD and 360 rebuys so the numbers of current Xbox 360 owners equal to the subscriptions. But in a different argument he will say that RROD boosting sales is not entirely true. It's just typical Xbox fanboy mentality, making up things to back up their statement. But when it's against facts and reported numbers, they got nothing to say or they panic and really think something made up for a reply.

XboxFun1591d ago

@ Beatdown

So I guess you have no idea how to answer my question. Instead you desperately try to insult and make lame jokes. Very classic on this site.

I guess I can also assume from you dodging my question that you will be paying for +. Making everything outside of the paywall (as I already said)moot.

Well here, let me ask you again.

Why would you spend $400 and some change for a shiny new PS4 console to just watch Netflix?

Let me ask you some further questions...

Isn't the main draw of both new consoles and the games for it going to be the multiplayer experience? Wasn't that the main draw of the PS3? it certainly was not Hulu, Netflix or any other app.

To get the full experience of great titles like Killzone 4, Destiny, Deep Down, CoD, BF4 you are going pay for PS+.

I do find it funny that all you could do was harp on my obvious sarcastic remark of 99.8%. That's all you had for me was it. If it makes you any less hard I'll retract that and saaaay's that number?

Anyways and as usual I won't get answers. You and that Kryptix guy (which I won't even respond too since his remarks are beyond retarded) have enough bubbles to play circle jerk, party down and chest bump each other while completely ignoring the question I asked you.

Good luck with that.

MrBeatdown1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


I like how you criticize me for not answering your idiotic question about what I'm doing, as if what I do is in any way representative of what the vast majority (the 99.8%, the 67.8%, or whatever outrageously high number you want to pretend it will be) will do.

If it "makes you any less hard" (because apparently, things of this nature conjur up the thought of a stiffy in your mind) I'll let you know I have Plus, and will have it for a good long while.

As for your the rest of your idiotic questions...

Q: "Isn't the main draw of both new consoles and the games for it going to be the multiplayer experience?"

A: No.

Q: "Wasn't that the main draw of the PS3? it certainly was not Hulu, Netflix or any other app."

A: No.

Hopefully those answers pointing out the obvious were of help to you in your struggle to understand the subscription market. I noticed you left out a similar question about the 360 (shocking!), a console that's greatest strength was online play, and should therefor have the highest subscription to console attach rate.

But I'll answer that too...

Q: Wasn't that the main draw of the 360?

A: No. When you're tallying up the results from this little survey you are conducting, you can multiply that by 60,000,000; the number of people who have a 360, but don't pay for Live.

Online wasn't the selling point for the overwhelming majority of 360 owners, and the same likely holds true for PS3. You might have to apply some common sense to understand that. Good luck.

Now, since you are such a big fan of Q&A sessions, and you've blown all your bubbles in a desperate little dance around reality, let me ask (and as an added bonus, answer on your behalf!) questions about these random stats you make up to justify your BS...

Q: Why do you act like the PS4 subscription attach rate will be any different from the 360's?

A: It's because that way, you can pretend that features available (or in the One's case, not available) for free, and the millions and millions who would value their free status, are irrelevant and unimportant.

Q: Why do you pretend that features available for free are irrelevant and unimportant?

A: Because you're a Xbox fanboy, dedicated to pretending and convincing everyone that the obvious shortcomings of your precious little Xbox One aren't real, and apply equally to PS4 as well.

Q: Why did you blow two bubbles, avoiding all this, and instead, trying to turn this into a discussion of my personal opinions and subscription purchasing habits?

A: Because the truth hurts.

You're welcome.

Ritsujun1591d ago

Xb00ts have been in denial since 2006. =/

Gaming1011591d ago

Microsoft makes money on hidden fees, this is the revenue model they used for every console, it's nothing new, and if you think it's new then their plan worked, you ignored all the smaller hidden costs that easily accumulate over time.

Kryptix1591d ago

I like how you only use Netflix like that's the only app behind a paywall. There's also Youtube, the web browser, Hulu, sports apps, and hundreds of other apps that will be coming out next gen. Easily accessible and put on your TV by your console, which I'm pretty sure a lot people will buy for just like buying a new phone for the apps. There's also people that are not into multiplayer at all. Your statement of people will not be buying a new console just for Netflix is really retarded. Well, they're not buying a new console just for the multiplayer. Will Witcher 3 require a subscription? No. Will Watchdogs require a subscription? No. Great games that can be enjoyed without a subscription on next gen consoles. 33% not subscribing still is a large number of people still enjoying single player games. On the PS4 those 33% will be able to enjoy other features on the console. You're only mad cause you have to go with what Microsoft says all the time cause you're an idiotic selfish Xbot. lol Just cause you pay doesn't mean everyone has to and the PS4 gives you an option. Online multiplayer or not, at least for the ones not paying they'll get to enjoy everything else. Butthurt? Yes you are.

maniacmayhem1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I'm going to have to agree with Death, MCStorm and I guess what XboxFun was trying to get across.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One require subscriptions to play the online portion of their games. Once you drop that cash money it is pretty pointless to argue who offers what outside of the pay wall.

Regardless you will be paying for online AND your subscriptions to the services offered on each console.

Now a better argument would have been if one of the console's online fee included access to the many applications already.

Azmatik1591d ago

@death and the couple other guys.

I had to comment on this, you two must be the most arrogant children ive ever met no wonder why they say PSN is more mature gamers listening to you guys saying things like "everyone should have a smart tv" lmao i dont have one and probly wont have one for another 2 years and saying "who would buy a console without playing online" i actually would im a mature gamer who likes simply relaxing and playing a simple singleplayer game at times you guys are just so rediculous its unreal honestly what if i dont want ps+ theyre not gona force it on me to turn on my console! Unlike microsoft. And saying "if your so broke you cant afford ps+ then why would you buy a $399 console anyways" that is so rediculous! Seriously man do you hear urself? Ppl save money like i do for a next-gen console but moneys still tight for me that i cant just biy whatever i want make sense? Got a problems with that? I am straight up one of the broke playstation gamers that wont be geting ps+ on launch but will be buying the console and will ENJOY THE HELL OUTA IT!

gcolley1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

| don't feed the trolls |

insomnium21590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

WOW Beatdown and Dragon are kicking ass and taking names. Bubbles for you both. It's unbelievable the lengths some people go to see something they like in a positive way. In this case the spinning has to be so bad I almost feel a little seasick from it.


Really now? After Beatdowns debate with xboxfun you actually come in here and say something like that? i always knew you were an xbox fanboy but after that comment there is no doubt in anyone's mind about it being true or not. A true eyeopener to anyone on the fence that one was.

60 million offline gamers on xbox360. Did you read that? 60 million OFFline gamers! Explain that. Do not PM me. I want you to do it out in the open. I'll block you if you Pm me (I'm not sure wether i blocked you earlier already for unbelievable comments like this one right here).

Aaah! It's so peacefull not having to read malokevi's and mcstorm's comments. I should've pushed that ignore-button a long time ago.

alb18991590d ago

You guys are sush a pussy! You cry for everything! You have to go to a mirror and ask your self what is happening to me, because i never have seen a product that everything it does, no matter how small it consider bad.
You don work, you don't go to school, you don't have kids, a girlfriend.......your time is all you got and is spent just in demonstrated that hard worked tech is a falure.
If you don't like it then buy other not that hard!
Come on.....say with me........if I don't like the X1 then I will buy another console and will led others buy what they want.
Feel better?
If don't, then go to a doctor, seriously!
I will buy day one the X1 no matter what you try to proof and I hope I can get too the ps4 by February .
For me they both are a very capable machines and is not true that one is more powerful than the other because for me power is not just numbers, is about tools that you give to developers so they can innovate, not just to do the same things with better graphics.
But that is my opinion......YOU CAN DO.......WTF.....YOU WANNA DO!!!
I know......english is my third leguage I try.

awi59511590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Im so glad im going to sit this console generation out. Pc gaming all the way for me this gen. I have so many games i need to play on my backlog from greenman and steam sales. It kills me i dont have time to play them all but i still buy a deal when it comes onsale.

saber000051590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

@sofresh412 Your an idiot.... Facetime can be used by just using wireless and not through your data plan. You have no idea what your talking about. Stop bending or making things up to benefit your argument. Because how it looks right now, you're freaking out b/c the PS4 is better. Your argument is invalid and just plain stupid. Keep talking fanboy.

ThanatosDMC1590d ago

Netflix on PC now forces you to install MS's Silverlight. F*ck MS!

maniacmayhem1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )


You are less than a waste of time to even acknowledge on this site and I have fathered you so many times that I should send child support to your mum.

I don't care about who does what for the 360 because that wasn't the point of what the others up top were saying.

Let me repeat this for you, I personally don't care who pays for live or who doesn't. My point and I'm sure it was for the others too is that if you pay for PS+ then worrying where the applications are is pointless.

That is all I have to say about this pointless topic.

Now do us both a favor and put me on ignore and block. And just so we're clear, the many PM's I have received have been sent from YOU first. And for the last time, you child, because I know I have repeatedly told you this, I enjoy my xbox 360, I enjoy my PS3 but I am a Nintendo fanboy.

I mean does the avatar not give this away?

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dedicatedtogamers1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Clearly, some people use it. But what's better: pay for Netflix and then pay for Xbox Live just to use it? Or just use it on PS3/PS4 regardless of any subscriptions you have? And it's not like Netflix is the ONLY feature crammed behind the paywall. Even "free to play" games aren't truly free on the Xbox brand. Live Gold is required.

The worst part is that so many people forgave and forgot after the Xbox 180. "Oh! Microsoft listened to the fans. All is forgiven. They're, like, totally the best gaming company ever now". And yet, we still get crap like this. It's almost's almost like Microsoft is still the same company that it was 3 months ago. *gasp* Who could've foreseen that?