X-Play: Haze Preview

X-Play gets an early look at the highly anticipated shooter 'Haze'.

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sonarus3902d ago

Wow. Game actually looks pretty good.

Blademask3902d ago

May be fun which is great, but I wanna see where all the hard work was spent. Where did all the polish go to? Perhaps controls?

Is the game on a large scale? is that wy the graphics look so 'meh' if so, I think thats fine.

But if its on a normal scale, it looks like they spent all this time to remake the Unreal Engine.

resistance1003902d ago

HAZE doesn't use the Unreal Engine, it uses an In-house engine created by Free Radical

Violater3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Unreal what???.... anyway

The only reason Haze is perceived to be generic and bland is bc of it's current exclusivity.
When it was first shown everyone loved it....... enter PS3 exclusive Haze is crap ,generic bla bla bla.
The game is no more generic than shooting aliens or a world war game and people need to learn to just get off the console loving and give credit where it is due.
Will buy day 1

kewlkat0073902d ago

it all started with "free radical" had talked smack about halo being for kids or something and everyone thought this game looked like halo in some fashion with the helmets and such.

"Free Radical: Halo 3 is child's play"

Then there was, was it really Exclusive or timed, which FR had played with that for a while until a couple of months ago, the revealed nothing is being worked on for the 360.

I don't recall anyone really hyping this game to tell you the truth, especially with the delays and such which turned a lot of gamers off.

Anyhow finally this game is coming we'll all play and see what it does different then your normal shooter.

resistance1003902d ago

Had it on pre-order since last October, and not going to cancel that anytime soon. Day 1 purchase for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.