Video Response of Uwe Boll Blasting back at major Hollywood Powers and his pro-Boll Petition

Controversial Director Uwe Boll lashes back at the petition to make him stop making films with a petition of his own as well as an angry video response.

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Fishy Fingers3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Cant wait to get home and watch this :)

Oh, and "Controversial Director", never seen Crap substituted with Controversial before....

Garethvk3899d ago

Remember everyone of his movies has made money after DVD and foreign sales. While they may not be great films, I have seen far worse come out from Hollywood at times.

Tempist3899d ago

That's mainly because they don't cost that much to produce in the first place. Not saying you have to throw millions at a movie to make it successful, but there's a fair bit of thoughtfulness and quality that has to go into production.

P.S. The Transformers story was ruined by Bay and it's making boat loads of money. It's just not money from the big fans of original transformers.

Fishy Fingers3899d ago

His movies do "well" because of their source material. Simple as that.

Tempist3899d ago

To be fair, Postal will probably end up being a great movie. But to be realistic, every movie prior has been terrible in contrast to the game it's based on.

I think he's mad that 1 million people are confirmed to be mad at him. Terrible damage control however.

Yi-Long3899d ago

... that clip, the dialogue, the cinematography, the acting, etc etc... it's all better than anything else Uwe Boll has ever made!!!


desolationstorm3898d ago

Yeah Postal does seem like it could have its moments, I just find it funny that the stop uwe boll is over 100k while the keep going isnt past 200 yet

NIN643898d ago

This video compliments all the trash talk towards the man. He is a Genius(retard).

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The story is too old to be commented.