Batman Arkham Origins - 4 Unannounced Assassins Revealed?

During the Copperhead trailer for Batman Arkham Origins, a frame might possibly show all 8 assassins of the game.

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ABizzel11718d ago

Arkham City came to PC, so I want a Next-gen version PC / PS4 / XB1. Although PS360U only will suffice.

GusHasGas1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I think that Rocksteady is actually working on a sequel to Arkham City that will be on next gen consoles. Kevin Conroy leaked on Twittter a while back that he wouldn't be voicing Batman in AO but in a different, new Arkham game instead. The tweet has been removed from Twitter which is just more proof that what he said was true.

CyrusLemont1718d ago

Yes! There was also a convention where he started speaking about Rocksteady's version inadvertently because someone from the crowd said it had been announced (The guy was talking about Origins of course but only said a new Batman game). The best part is that Conroy said they've pretty much wrapped up the voice acting after 10 months and that it's a huge cast of voice actors and the game is phenomenal. Nothing more though sadly :( at least we know a sequel to Arkham City is coming though! Can't wait to see dem next gen Batman visuals, I wonder if it'll be twice as big as Origins haha.

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GusHasGas1718d ago

My guess on who the 4 remaining assassins are:

Lady Shiva
David Cain
Great White Shark

Other possibilities:

Talia al Ghul
Mr. Freeze
Killer Croc
KG Beast

Bruce_Wayne1718d ago

I think Lady Shiva is definitely one of them along with Scarecrow.

AirJohnston1718d ago

Lady Shiva should most definitely be in here.

Catalyst6191718d ago

Scarecrow isn't in it.
Mr.Freeze isn't even around yet.
Killer croc isnt.
Talia definitely isnt cause her and the League of Shadows don't kill for money.
Sportsmaster is possible.
Chesire is as well.
KGBeast is possible.
Catwoman isn't an assassin.

GusHasGas1718d ago

Technically, Bane isn't an assassin, making Catwoman a possibility.

oIITSBIIo1718d ago

Catwoman is a thief I don't think she can be an Assassin .