Treyarch Posted Up Mysterious Call of Duty Origins Photo

Treyarch, team behind Black Ops has posted an image of Origins. Check it out!

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The_Sneauxman1717d ago

wow.. this reminds me of Resistance Fall of Man. Congrats Treyarch, Congrats

TrevorPhillips1717d ago

I thought I was the only one that thought so too. The cover of the game right

Khajiit861716d ago

At least they will copy something besides COD4 for once

3-4-51716d ago

Please re-make COD 3 and let us play that online in nice new HD graphics.

It's about time we went back to WW2. Such a much more balanced and skillful era for shooters.

You can't just rely on tech in those games.

Salooh1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I don't think they will go to that atmosphere even with the zombies. COD will stay COD . Even though the art is a little different in BO then Mw , it still feel the same crap call of duty they make not the awesome COD4/WaW/Mw2..

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BattleReach1716d ago

Just DLC for Black Ops 2. Misleading title.

sync901716d ago

Treyarch are garbage devs. Greedy and untalented!

Mikeyy1716d ago

and most of us would 100% agree with you, untill MW3 happened, Now its clear Infinity Ward is the "B" team.

I have very low hopes for Ghosts.

sync901716d ago

both dev's suck ass! fact!

Hufandpuf1716d ago

at least they are better than IW at this point. And I don't even like COD, but I'll show them the respect they deserve for making a hugely popular and bestselling game.

sync901716d ago

im showing Treyarch zero respect! GARBAGE!

robotgargoyle1716d ago

I felt like the Black Ops series had an interesting campaign as far as COD goes. Black ops 2 is my favorite because of local multiplayer options ( 4 player split, and ai bots to thicken the matches). Great game when family visits.

My friend hates Treyarch too. He says the online mp sucks compared to CODs done by Infinity Ward.

Mikeyy1716d ago

Single player wise, Black ops 1 and 2 have the best campaigns, end of story.

MP wise, MW2 was probably the best, followed by Black Ops 1. MW3 was a disaster and the start of the Lag compensation nightmares, that plagued the games entire lifespan, my KD/R plummeted to like a 1, I could only trade kills because I just died instantly when the enemy rounded the corner.

Black Ops 2 again has Lag compensation issues, but this time they are on and off, you will have a bad few matches, then a great few matches. The biggest problem everybody has with BO2 is that its really "hard" and thats because the matchmaking is now Skill based, you are always playing against enemies in you skill range, so It can get frustrating.

sync901716d ago

you forgot to mention the op shotguns, pistols that are stronger than primary guns. the one hit kill snipers and the hilariously bad lag comp. one word sums them up....GARBAGE!

robotgargoyle1716d ago

I know that I'm in the minority when it comes to local v.s. online. The online space is by-and-far more robust with options and many games don't even support it anymore. It makes sense when devs are trying to optimize a game, rendering two-four screens i assume taxes your system exponentially.

Moving on to next gen, I fear local play will become even rarer or non-existent.
I hope it doesn't disappear entirely.

Having 12 player Halo deathmatch on Xmas eve with family n friends!

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