Bungie President Harold Ryan Discusses Destiny’s Gargantuan Scope

GamesTM turns to Bungie president Harold Ryan, to discuss exactly what we can expect from Destiny when it arrives in 2014.

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showtimefolks1537d ago

someone after E3 said this is what borderlands should be with improvements, i am very hopeful this lives up to extremely high hopes

also the ps3/xbox360 version will be pretty dumb down, either get it on pc or next gen version.


than people wonder why every article turns into fanboy bullshit, its gamers like you who bring up these specs for no reason what so ever

MikeyDucati11537d ago

Nice read. Mr. Ryan said they brought in 8 to 9 writers to compose an epic story. That's one of the reasons why I love Bungie. They start with an idea and then they create this huge backstory and universe, which invokes so much awe and emotion as you play it. I really appreciate that because I'm a gamer who loves a game with a deep engaging story with no suffering on the gameplay department. When that happens, I'm completely dedicated to the game.

Of all the next gen games, this one has me excited for the next gen.