Namco Bandai still has no plans to localize Tales games for PS Vita

Namco Bandai isn’t ready to lend its support to the PS Vita when it comes to Tales localizations.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1926d ago

At least they gave us Xillia and soon giving us ToS chronicles and Xillia 2 next year.

abzdine1926d ago

vita needs a price cut and you'll see how much attention it's gonna get.

tubers1926d ago

It happened in Japan and it went back to similar numbers pre price drop.

Software is where it's at.

A temporary fix is better than none tho.

Plus, the VITA could've done worse w/o the price cut :P

3-4-51926d ago

Price drop will fix problem for 2-3 months.

More games fixes problem for good.

joab7771926d ago

The ps4 may help especially with a bundle. People disagree but if the consumer base is bigger, more developers will spend money to make or port games to it. And no games r better for portable gaming than jrpgs like Persona 4. They r perfect for on the go. The graphics don't take a hit, u can grind or play a bit and save. Also, cross-play would be huge. Sell both for $80-90 or create a program for everyone with a ps4 and vita.

And Tales games r perfect too. Yes, jrpgs r niche but imagine the possibilities if they couls get the vita in ppls hands...mmos, fps...etc. It may not even b the Vita that ultimately changes gaming, but mobile has a huge place in the future and Sony needs to hook ppl now even if its at a loss. Then, maybe the Vita2 becomes HUGE! Sony can't let Apple or Samsung steal the show! And they have the abilitu to offer both console and mobile to hardcore and casual gamers.

ZodTheRipper1926d ago

And some wanted Namco to aquire Atlus lol
Developers & publishers need to understand that hardware sales are driven by software, the Vita situation exists primarily because most publishers act like Namco.
They all leave it to Sony but with the PS4 releasing soon Sony can only do so much. At least Atlus gave us Persona 4, one of the few good 3rd party Vita games.

Canary1925d ago

It doesn't need a price cut, it needs games.

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OmegaSlayer1926d ago

I think some Japanese devs are tards.
It would help a great deal to make the game in Japanese (voice over and text) and English (text only) from the very start.
That would cut costs and make games ready for EU/US distribution.

Canary1925d ago

Well, what's more likely: all Japanese developers are retarded, or you're too stupid to realize that it costs money to translate games?

Aceman181925d ago

it seems these companies make bad decisions left and right. it the localize their games they would see people would buy them.

3-4-51925d ago

Tales games WILL be on Vita once the sales pick up.

At worst, you can play them via the link from PS4.

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fsfsxii1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I bet you have one.
You're just another sheep in the herd.
Anything the media says you'll say the exact same.

Some people are just ignorant

jek71926d ago

i have one but i don't use it a lot.

Loki861926d ago

Dragon's Crown, Tearaway, Walking Dead, Killzone Mercenaries, hopefully GEB2, and PSO2. Yeah so dead /sarcasm.

jino1926d ago

Sorry for my ignorance but what is GEB 2?

keabrown791926d ago

At this point I seriously doubt PSO2 will ever make it here.

dcj05241926d ago

Mine is charging, not dead yet.

Snookies121926d ago

Pretty sure it's still selling, and there are quite a few games in development for it... So uh, not sure what your definition of "dead" is, but it's wrong.

Otoshigamisama1926d ago

I have a vita and it never once collected dust since purchase so dead? I don't think so oh and I'am currently playing DC so no just no.

Aceman181925d ago

lol same here, and im loving DC to boot.

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MonChiChi1926d ago

Only missing out. Series would sell well for vita.

Misaka_x_Touma1926d ago

didn't do well enough in Japan by far

Hicken1926d ago

Even if it had done better, they still probably wouldn't localize it. Hell, how long did it take us to get Xillia?

Misaka_x_Touma1926d ago

so much for a region free system don't get games localize

yet people blaming Nintendo

Hicken1926d ago

What does being region free have to do with anything?

tiffac0081926d ago


Then why the heck did they not localized these games on the DS where it originally came out? Both Tales of Innocence and Tales of Heart did well there.

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NovusTerminus1926d ago


I was hoping to get them without having to import.

fsfsxii1926d ago

Yeah.. well. -_- Well, look at the bright side, we're still getting ToX2 and Symphonia HD next year.
And i'm waiting for the herd of sheeps singing "vita is dead hurrdurr"

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