Zero Punctuation reviews No More Heroes

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews No More Heroes.

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PS360WII3901d ago

Glad he liked it. Suda 51 is an odd ball isn't he good thing he likes to make games though ^^

FAT MAN GO BOOM3901d ago

This guy is awesome.... so damn funny....

rucky3901d ago

strikes again. I love Wednesdays so much now thanks to this guy

Charlie26883901d ago

Yahtzee likes Killer 7?

Officially Yahtzee is my hero <3 XD

Oom3901d ago

Yahtzee likes any games that are awesome but he msotly reviews games that suck or that are overhyped.

monkey6023900d ago

i wanted so much to like killer7. it had everything i wanted in a game artistic style, a great concept, a complicated and meaningful story but i just couldnt get into it.

desolationstorm3901d ago

Glad he liked the game, but the NA release is so much better because some of the cutscenes just look better with crazy amounts of blood. Regardless I enjoyed the game and he is completely right half the time Id get one of the super powers there would be no one left alive.

No mention of the wrestling moves which were my favorite part of it.

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