Worth a Replay, With a Side of Guilt

Sumthing writes:
I’ve been feeling guilty lately. Relatively speaking, it’s a low level of guilt, but it lingers. It stings. It hangs in the misty corners of my mind.
There’s a stack of games in front of me, looking at me. The stack includes Mirror’s Edge, El Shaddai, Enslaved, Bayonetta, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I want to play each of these games; I’ve started two of them and enjoyed them both.
But then, someone said, “Hey, have you played the ‘Tiny Tina’ DLC in Borderlands 2?”, and I said, “Not yet,” and they’re all like, “The music is great, plus Tiny Tina, so WIN!”, and I’m like, “TOTALLY.”
So, I started a new Borderlands 2 character, because hey, I wanted to try the Mechromancer.
I didn’t have to, though. I already knew I liked BL2. I finished it with Zer0, and I loved it. I loved many, many things about it. I could’ve picked up where I left off and played “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep” with Zer0.

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