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Summer 2013 has seen some of the Worst Games Ever

From GamesReviews:

"While most people are still jumping up and down after playing The Last of Us, I've had the pleasure of spending much of the last few months playing some of the worst games ever made. I really wish I was stretching things, even a little bit, but if you've been paying attention, this summer really has been terrible for gamers." (3DS, Dark, Fast & Furious: Showdown, Game & Wario, Painkiller Hell & Damnation, PC, PS3, Ride to Hell: Retribution, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Xof  +   473d ago

Summer 2013 has some of the best games ever.

Divinity: Dragon Commander
Shadowrun Returns
Total War: Rome II
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Pikmin 3
Dynasty Warriors 8
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly re-release
Earthbound re-release
Dragon's Crown
Tales of Xillia

Hell, The Last of Us ain't even on my list. This is only a bad time for games if your a goddamn casual gamer who only gives a crap about Call of Duty and other trite garbage.
Jagsrock  +   473d ago
exactly! People just love to focus on the negatives though.
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MikeyDucati1  +   473d ago
I found no interest in the list you compiled though. IMO, it sucks. And no, I don't play Call of Duty or Battlefield. That list just sucks.
Xof  +   473d ago
If you don't like Strategy games, action games, horror games, or RPGs... or shooters... Christ, what else is there?
Hicken  +   473d ago
Whether you're interested or not is irrelevant. The games he listed are of high quality, representing excellent titles on all platforms.
Kryptix  +   473d ago
He's probably not a gamer, that or Halo needs to be in the list for him to deem it acceptable. lol
MikeyDucati1  +   473d ago

You listed genres to prove your point. I stated I don't like the game he listed...what are you saying? Be a little bit more intelligent than that.

Yea I'm not a gamer because I don't like that "I'm a lonely lil boy list". Yea ok
fsfsxii  +   473d ago
You probably favor halo over all these
MikeyDucati1  +   473d ago
I favor alot of titles, even Halo. Your comment is purely subjective though. What are you talking about? Do you understand what you implied? You are implying because I feel his list sucks, I must be a fan of Halo, which is a common shooter game. And because it's a shooter, a person would have no sense of what makes a good game because all he does is play shooters.

LOL that is some stupid nonsense you just typed and its purely subjective. You kids really need to go back to school and exercise your minds. If you want to debate against someone for a comment, at least have the mental intelligence to properly debate against someone instead of uttering stupidity that you acquired from other stupid folks who have commented like you have in the past.
Kryptix  +   473d ago
So according to you, anyone that likes any of these games that Xof listed is a "lonely lil boy," like you quote it. Now you're just making yourself more stupid. I applaud, you have reached a new level of stupidity never reached on N4G before.
Here is your reward:
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CrossingEden  +   473d ago
Um, none of those games are in the "best game game ever" category, they are just games that were released, AND, relevance, this article is about the games that came out this summer that were bad, meaning you completely missed the point -_-
fsfsxii  +   473d ago
Awful article
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Harpers_Ferry  +   473d ago
You can pick out the terrible releases for any time of the year and make it look like an awful period for gaming.

Even so, if these are the worst games the author has ever played, he should consider himself lucky. Hell, half of these probably wouldn't even make the top 5 worst games of this generation.
MikeyDucati1  +   473d ago
Yea, he just picked out the bad games of the summer. What's the problem with that? You guys just can't take any ounce of criticism without crying foul.
Jagsrock  +   473d ago
it's not even criticism though it's just a lazy article. As stated above there are always games like this and pretty much none of these were even projected to be any good in the first place. He's just stating the obvious.
MikeyDucati1  +   473d ago
How is it not criticism? He's speaking negatively of those games...of course it's criticism. Because you expected those games to not be any good, doesn't mean that invalidate his article as being "criticism". That doesn't even make sense.

He's stating the obvious to some. Unbelievable to you and others, there was probably someone out there interested in Fast and Furious game. There is a minority out there, ya know. I guess yall forgot about that when yall signed up for the cool kids club.
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Jagsrock  +   473d ago
pretty sure that minority is never going to see this guys article no offense.
fsfsxii  +   473d ago
2011 was a bad year, here is why:
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