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Crytek Studios new release for the Xbox One launch line up Ryse:Son of Rome had everyone talking at E3 with some brutal combat action and gory graphics.

Bringing Ancient Roman warfare to the new generation – in style.

Ryse was defiantly the best looking game for the Xbox One but the fast combat heavy gameplay impressed with anyone who got to play the game.

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FrigidDARKNESS1750d ago

The e3 demo was early pre alpha that had limited AI on NPC. The playable demo at Gamescom will be beta level with improve graphics and fighting skills.

aceitman1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

well looking at the preorder charts in usa , its no where to be found ,
so just wondering if this has any effect on what this article is saying. and there is xboxone games but not ryse or forza 5 . not even in the amazons most wished for list

SlavisH21750d ago

game pre-orders mean nothing. It has gta at 500k+ that game will sell more launch day then preorders. I never preorder. I don't see the point for a game. Ryse is day 1 for me

FrigidDARKNESS1750d ago

It's a possibility folks were turned off by the game play.

golding891750d ago

Yea dude. wait till xbox one comes out to make those judgments.. Time will tell and will show everyone.

aceitman1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

@ golding like I was saying (so just wondering if this has any effect on what this article is saying) wondering is the part. so maybe someone can tell me if it does or if it doesn't make a difference. i am not making a judgement. but i was curios if it did make a difference with it not showing up on preorders.

4Sh0w1750d ago

Bring it, cant wait to play this game!

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golding891750d ago

This game will no doubt be a system seller for the xbox one. Along with Titanfall..

thetruthx11750d ago

The button prompts weren't a problem when I saw the game at E3 and they still aren't in my opinion.

I'm getting this game on day one for the graphics, the potential of the storyline, and the gameplay

Automatic791750d ago

Day One Purchase for me. I like the Roman era and this could be a potential future franchise.

PFFT1750d ago

Man i want to see more of the Colosseum Multiplayer. Hopefully you can use Chariots with bladed wheels so you can gut people with them.

Supermax1750d ago

Dev already said there are no qte in final build that was for e3 only.lets stop talking about qte thank you.

Belking1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Ryse is day 1. It's one of the best looking launch games and it's set in Rome and violent. It's a win for xbox-one owners.
I hope it does well enough for a sequel.

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